Day2 in Sahara, サハラ2日目
I was very tired in the morning but needed to move on.
Today is for 107km to El Ouatia.

この日 El Ouatia までの107km。今日も荒野を駆け抜けます。

To Tan Tan, a big city between was 80km from the cafe I stayed last night. I have been helped by strong north wind so made it to Tan Tan by just right after the noon. El Ouatia was 24km from there.
大きな町 TanTanまでは昨日のカフェから80km。寝不足で身体が大分重かったけれど、強い北風に助けられて昼過ぎには到着した。ここから24km先にEl Ouatiaという町がある。

より大きな地図で Cycling West Africa 1 を表示
I didn't plan to stay at Tan Tan because I wanted to get to Sidi-Akhfennir, a town I will stay tomorrow with 100km cycling. If I stopped in Tan Tan, the distance for tomorrow would become 120km; I tend to avoid over 100km cycling in one day if possible. I had an option of camping whenever I want but chose for staying a hotel because I was not sure if there would be any hiding spot for camping on my way. It's risky.
TanTanに泊まらなかったのは、明日の走行距離を考えての事。El Ouatiaの次の町はSidi-Akhfennirという町で91km離れていて、TanTanからだと120km近く走らないといけなくなる。途中で野宿という手もあるけれど、この荒野の中で隠れられる場所があるのか不安だったので安全策を選んだ。

I arrived to El Ouatia in the late afternoon. I smelled a fishing harbor. There were some hotels. I checked in Hotel Marin, a cheapest option I found. They had a cafe next to, and it looked quite busy.
夕方にEl Ouatiaに到着。漁港があるようで漁港の匂いがする。ホテルは沢山あって1番安いHotel Marinにチェックイン。カフェが併設されてて若者でにぎわっていた。

In morocco, getting into cafe is very stressful. There were "always" many men and they "always" looked at me. Then I "always" heard "Shinua" means Chinese in Arabic. Some time I tried to explain that I was from Japan. However, many Moroccan seriously think Japan is a part of China. That "always" makes me tired. In this case, just ignoring is the best way to avoid irritation.

Fish fried for dinner. Having a good meal made me forgot a stressful moment.
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