Driving me crazy, あたまがおかしくなりそう
It took me 7 days, including a day off at Ghanzi, to reach to the Namibia border.


There was no exchange guys at the border, so I had to change the money at a shop. The rate was really bad. It was ripping off.
I bought a takeout lunch at a restaurant. The same menu that costed $2 in Botswana was about $5. Things became even more expensive in Namibia.


Still the scenery doesn't change. It's driving me mad. I haven't made descent conversation with anyone for last few days.
I was about becoming crazy, when I met a English cyclist, Charlie.


He was also in a long haul. He crossed Central Asia in the same timing when I was there. He went through east Africa from Turkey and reached to Cape Town already. Now, he was on the way back to England via west Africa.
Sadly, his bicycle was stolen in cape and made a new with some parts from second hand bicycles.


All the best in his challenge for west Africa.
I wished I could cycle with him but he was on opposite direction. We just had a lunch together, and then I left. It is the time for me to be alone again.


For Namibia, the cycling tour seemed not easy. There were all fenced off along the road. It was very difficult to find a place to camp. I had to cross the fence in couple of time. It is for keeping animals inside, I understand, but It was very annoying.
Moreover, there were no space for cyclists on the road, same bushy scenery, very long distance to a next village, head wind etc.... I almost start hating this country.
I want to finish as soon as possible.

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Re: がんばりなさい
おー これまた久々! 子供はどうだい? 私も家庭が欲しいこの頃です。
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