The Cape of Good Hope, 喜望峰
At 8am, on 1st of May, The Cape of Good Hope

Total: 944days and 48600km (30,300 miles)

総走行距離 48600km

The mark of the cape of good hope had been stayed there quietly.


There were only sound of waves crashing on the rocks and the wind from south east at the cape.


The stones laid on the ground were polished by many many people walking on everyday.
However, it was so quiet in the early morning. Quiet enough to think of the end.
How many cyclists had finished their journey in this point.


However, to be honest, at this point, I didn't feel I crossed the finish line. It was just like part of my journey.


After visiting the cape point, I came down to the parking place where I left my bicycle. I felt I really didn't want to cycle back to the Cape Town. It might be the point I felt the end of journey.


I started cycling back to Cape Town. It was like cooling off proses for my long distance journey. This cycle, from the cape point to Cape Town, was feeling a bit different from normal routine cycle; I didn't need to think about the camping spot, food stocks, water etc....
It was totally free of stress.


It was the end.

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Well done my friend, send more stories about your trip. Enjoy Cape Town. Regards - Renier from Windhoek
[2014/05/01 02:54]| URL | Renier Taljaard #-[ Edit] |
[2014/05/01 07:01]| URL | 航 #-[ Edit] |
Re: Mr
Hi, Renier
Thank you. I'm now in Cape Town and staying at my friend's house. Nice soft bed and washing my dirty cloth. I still don't get that I don't have to cycle from now.
[2014/05/01 23:12]| URL | けんた #-[ Edit] |
Re: おめでとぉぉぉぉぉ!!
千代の富士。今なら氏の気持ちが解ります。そっちも引き続き頑張って! 私は一足先にカタギになります
[2014/05/01 23:15]| URL | けんた #-[ Edit] |

[2014/05/04 20:11]| URL | じか旅サイクリスト #-[ Edit] |
[2014/05/05 02:56]| URL | ショー #-[ Edit] |
[2014/05/05 03:29]| URL | けんた #-[ Edit] |

Well done. I hope you write a book about your experiences. "My Itche Feet"
[2014/05/05 08:05]| URL | Renier Taljaard #-[ Edit] |

I have been following your blog and am completely blown away. We knew you were bound to do something amazing with your life and you have proven us right. Tony is quite jealous of your adventures and all you have seen. ;) You are such an inspiration. Congratulations! When one journey ends, another one is just beginning.
[2014/05/05 08:39]| URL | Tony & Brianna Cacchione #-[ Edit] |
Hi, Renier
Haha, eventually, but not now. I don't just write about "My itchy Feet" haha, I want to move next step and write about a successful guy who has cycled 48000km in past hey.
[2014/05/05 11:23]| URL | けんた #-[ Edit] |
Hey, Bri and Tonny
How fast the time flows. How are you!!
I am jealous you. You have now such a sweet family hey. That's i need when I go back. I don't think I do such adventure though. My next challenge, not like journey, will be based in Japan. Does tony still have my first adventure bicycle?
[2014/05/05 11:32]| URL | けんた #-[ Edit] |
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