今回の詳細, Breaking down of Bike trip in Hokkaido.
Back to Saitama Now, It's little bit of chilly here so surprising me

Breakdown detail of this time

走行距離, Total distance:2113km
走行日数, Term:23日(7/30 - 8/21)

食費, Expense of food :29,645円
交通費, Expense of Transportation:38,740円
    青森行き高速バス,キラキラバス, 5,500円
エアチケット,ANA (新千歳―羽田), 20,650円
その他必要日, Others :8,985円

総費用, Total :77,370円

今回のルート, Cycling map

より大きな地図で Cycling Map Since 2008 を表示

It's only about a month left by the time for big world bike trip. Will prepare lest of days, but only things I need to do is to purchase the air ticket and travel insurance.

Photo Gallery
Bike trip in Hokkaido, 2011 summer

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終わり,The End
Now, am in Chitose city which I am planning to be a goal of this tour. After Shiretoko peninsula, it's been raining or cloudy unfortunately. However, had some opportunity to meet cyclists, it turns out good end.

Went to the cape Erimo. Ride on the road with watching Tugal Channel.

無料のライダーハウス, Free riders house.

千歳空港, Chitose Air port.

Was supposed to stay over night in Chtose Air pot, but found that it will be closed at 11pm, so decided to stay here, a rider house that we can stay by 1000yen cheep.

My air schedule is 10am, but since need to pack my bike into a bag which takes little while, I need to wake up early....
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もう秋です。Getting fall.
The fall raining, an autumnal rain, just started here since yesterday. Getting colder and colder in day by day. Need to have a jacket these days.

Since Shiretoko Peninsula, been gotten raining. I'm so frustrated by that my tent got wet.
Passed through Shiretoko wet land and am now 50km north of Erimo Promontory.



It's gonna be not nice weather, so am little bit frustrated.

On the way to here, I saw a lot of pile of debris. Think those are from north part of area that Tunami swiped a lot of stuff. Can't imagine how much those debris spread along the coast.

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世界遺産とケツの皮, World heritage, Shiretoko, and mu bud skin damaged.
Tried riding 150km in one day. Actually, I needed to do that to hike on Mt. Rausu. According to weather forces, will be sunny tomorrow but rainy on day after tomorrow.

知床連山, 一番右が羅臼岳. Mountains in Shiretoko peninsula. The biggest on the right is Mt. Rausu.

で、何とか向かい風強い中、昨日 世界遺産知床に到着。ビジターセンターで情報収集。どうやらウトロ登山口がベタらしく、向かった。しかし、テントをはれるって聞いてたのに、はる場所が見つけられなくてウロウロすること10分。奇跡的に登山口に山小屋発見。温泉も付いて、ひなびた感じで良い感じなので、2000円/泊で手をうちました。
I did it against strong head wind. Anyway, I got to a world heritage area, Shiretoko, yesterday. Visited the visitor center to correct some info about hike. They said better to start from a trail head located Utoro city side, so I went there. But, there were no camp site that they told me. Walked around and found the little hostel nearby the trail head. I decided to stay there because it costs only 2000yen.

Then, in this early morning, about 5 am, started hiking. I hiked with a guy i met this hostel last night.
It's sunny and nice trail, so we took only 3.5 h besides the info says 5 h up. Enjoy nice view and surprised how close to the Northern Territory disputed against Russia, Hoppouryoudo.
On the way down, took 3h, its about 7.5h total included resting time.

北方領土。The island still disputed against Russia.





下山後は、山小屋の無料温泉にて身体を癒す。Free hot spring at cabin.

そこまでは良かったけど、ここからまたチャリで峠越えはキツかった~ 。だいたい2時間は登ったかな。一番キツかったのは、ケツ。昨日の150kmで多分皮がむけた(^^;;今のサドル大っ嫌い。
That good day until hiking done. It was so tuff to bike to the pass from trail head. Took 2h to reach to it. Seems my bud skin got peeled off little bit by yesterday's long ride....I hate my saddle so much
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楽しいオコッペ, Fun in Okoppe
Stayed interesting place last night that is in Okoppe Town located 100km south from Lake Kuccyaro.

何せ宿泊施設が古い電車。中に畳がしいてあって、だれでも無料で泊まれる。サイクリストとかバイカーが集う場所になってて、3名のバイカーと一緒になった。みんなで夕方らか酒のんで楽しかったな~ これが旅の醍醐味だよね。
They made a hostel out of old train. There are Tatami mats on the floor.so people can lay down. Heard that this place is pretty famous for cyclist and motor cyclists to stay at. Met 3 motor cyclists, and drunk with them which was fun. This is the best part of traveling.

Also, was invited to drink with by Mr. Matumura who owns a local super market.

ま~ こんな感じで順調に南進中。体重も6キロ減でございます。昨日、2週間ぶりに風呂に入った時にビックリしたわ。大学の頃の体型に戻ったわ!
Anyway, so far, peddling well. Lost 6kg since at the beginning. Went to public bath and found it. Was so surprised. This weight is the same as when I was university student.

From the beginning, am trying to figure out which items I need to take or not to take to the world bike tour. Getting clear about it.

Couple of important items to change.
1. Saddle
2. Stem

②は旭川で済んだけど、①のサドルは帰ったらだな。今はSella Italia の結構良いやつ付けてるけど、ケツが痛くてかなわん。なれると思ったけど無理だな。ターゲットはブルックスの皮サドル。
I changed the stem in Asahikawa on the way, but my saddle is not yet. Actually, changed to Sella Italia one before this trip, but it doesn't work well. So painful for my bud.. Once I go back to my home, will buy probably Brooks one.

2週間ぶりに風呂に入った~ 正に昇天
It's been 2 weeks out of hot tub bath.

今サロマ湖, now@Lake Saloma

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強烈な向かい風、南進, heading south in Heavy head wind
Now, am in Lake Kuccyaro. Hiking and trekking at Mt. Rishiri and Rebun Island caused my legs stiff so its tuff day for me to peddle today. Also, got heavy head wind all day. Tiring....

Stopped by the cape Soya which is north end of Japan so saw many cyclist who seem college students.

このまま順調に下れば、知床に4日後。羅臼岳登山したいな~ しちゃおうかな~
If bike down to the south without any problem, can get Siretoko peninsula, which is one of the national heritage in 4 days. Hunnn, really want to take a hike Mt. Rausu....
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涼しい~, so cool and nice
Still in Wakkanai area because I've been visiting Rishiri island and Rebun island. Was supposed to skip this part but since I got to Wakkanai couple days earlier than I expected. Also, really wanted to take a hike in Mt. Rishiri which is called flower mountain.
Here is just 26℃ besides Tokyo area is now about 36℃ these day.

First day, went to Rishiri island and biked around it. There is a bike trail about 20km which is very nice. Also, normal road was less traffic compare to main land of Hokkaido, Hokkaido island is much better than Tokyo area.

Day second, took a hike at Mt. Rishiri. It was cloudy down below but top half of it was sunny. This mountain is pretty short; 1710m, but can see a lot of flowers that grow on only high elevation. Because of that it is high latitude and humidity, many mountain flowers can be grown. So beautiful to see a lot of flower on top of cloud.it's like a one sean of "Rapyuta", one of famous Miyazaki movie.


Day 3, visited Rebun island. Unfortunately, its cloudy, but I heard that it's normal whether for this island. More humidity creates best condition for mountain flowers so more flower can be seen in unusual place like side of the road. Ate local food called, Chan cahan Yaki

From tomorrow, will start to go south.
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ま~すぐな道, long way straight
Got to Wakkanai city which is located north end of Hokkaido. After started riding on the coast, saw many cyclist who looks school students. I am staying the camp ground that is only one in here, so see many tourist by bike.

Passed by 45 degree of north latitude.

Such view before Wakkanai; came through Sarobetu national park

Drinking local milk

Surprised Wakkanai is pretty much urbanized.

丁度、稚内港祭りが開かれていて、知り合ったUK Cyclist と行って、 久々にガッツリ飲み食い。
Wakkanai festival was going on, so went with cyclists from UK. Had a lot of food and drink.

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暑い極寒の地, hot place in the coldest place.
Camping out in Holokanai town which is the coldest place in Japan during winter, can be -40℃, however it's too warm for me, I think it's about 28℃ now.

This town is located about 80 km from Asahikawa, and people in here mainly work for firming Soba plants that makes Soba noodle. This town produces the biggest amount of it in Japan.

Time for my cloth to be washed.

My normal dinner, noodle, rice, can of something, and soop.
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Last night, when I started to cook, I found that my cooking stove couldn't be pumped up. Seems the laver on the top of pump became too soft.


That night, went to the store for buying my dinner. However, buying food for each meals can make a lot of expense, so I must get my stove fixed.


The closest city nearby was Asahikawa, so I decided to head to here; actually, was supposed to go north west. By the way, checked item availability before heading.


On the way, stopped by Sun flower hill. Wish come back with my girlfriend.

In Asahikawa, got item which worked properly. Also bought the stem for my bike because my shorter stem kept my arms soared.

It is today's most exciting time; eating Asahikawa Ramen, one of famous ramen noodle in Japan.

It will boost my legs from tomorrow.
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