Got a Uzbekistan Visa, ウズベキスタンビザGET
Got the visa for Uzbekistan visa which I expected to get end of this week. The term on visa was 8 of Aug till 10th of Sep. I thought I could stay 34 days but the guy told me only 30 days between those days.

先週火曜日に申請し、今週にはできると言われていたウズベキスタンビザ。今日月曜日に取りに行ったら出来上がってました。ラッキー。期間は8/6~9/10。ん?34日? 窓口の叔父さんに34日も滞在できるのか!って聞いたら、この中で30日だとさ。そんなうまい話はないよね。

By the way, I could change the term at the counter. At first, a guy asked me the term of visiting to make sure when I want to go. If I told him to change, he could. Because I saw a English guy changed.


Got the visa and saw enough beautiful kazakhstan women, I'm really to go now.


A bazar nearby my hotel where I frequently went. Ate a lot of fruits.

A bazar that is supposed to be the biggest in central Asia. I went there yesterday but couldn't see all. Too big to see all in one day.

The room I stay for a week.
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Life in Almaty, アルマティ生活
It's been 4days in Almaty. I like this place because people are nice to tourists and town is clean.

This is a big city in central Asia , so here is many shopping centers where good looking Russian women go.


My guide book and some web showed me the cost of live here would be expensive but it was not really. It's because now Ten is very strong; almost double from a few years ago. Now 100 Kazakhstan Tenge is about 200 yen.


As long as I can stay at decent cheep guest house, cost of the day should be about 3000T.


Example 例
Accommodation 安宿 1000 ~ 3000
Samsa サムサ 60 ~ 100
Kebab ケバブ 300 ~ 450
Restaurant レストラン 450~700
Orange オレンジ 200~350/kg
Apricot アプリコット 300~400/kg
Tramトラム 50
Internet インターネット 100~150/h

By the way, my guest house is close to Sailan bus station. It costs me 1500T/day. It doesn't come with shower but I can wash my hair on a washstand. I like this place because stuff is nice and quiet.


Impossible to find this place without asking people.

The restaurant I frequently go

Internet house nearby

The reason I stay in this town is to get a visa for Uzbekistan. I visited the embassy on last Tuesday, 5th, and they told me to come back on next week between 11th and 14th; They don't care detail of picking up time.


Embassy, 領事館

Central market, a lot of vegetable.

Enough trees to give us nice shade.

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An episode taking my heart, 心を奪われたエピソード
Today, my heart was totally taken by Kazakh.


This is an episode when I visited Uzbekistan embassy.


I took my bike to there and parked it outside where some people waiting while I was applying my visa.


When I finished and went out, it seemed rained.


When I back to my bike, this is...


Somebody put a little parasitic bag in my saddle.


I wanted to say in Russian "Let me hug you !!! "


What a nice person who did this.


Love youuuuuu!!!!

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I ♡ Kazakhstan
I am now in Almaty.

えぇ~ アルマトゥに到達しております。

On my way here, I often met nice people. I wondered it was just lucky or it's pretty normal in Kazakhstan. I think Kazakh are very very nice people.

ここまで、神がかり的?に良い人と出会うのは偶然?それともカザフ人は良い人が多い? 多分、カザフ人は良い人が多いんでしょう。

Second day since the border, I was just pedaling without making sure the destination as usual. From 100km of the village where I stayed last night, I reached a village called Kokpel. Of cause this village seemed to be too small to find a guesthouse. However, i found one. I asked local people a place of sleep for tonight then they let me stay their home.. Very nice.


How nice Kazakh are. This family had 5kids. I felt a bit sorry for that they gave me space for me, so I gave them a few appreciation.


This village is in middle of nowhere. Only you can see was grassland and mountains which I thought very beautiful. They had a water from mountain. This water was very cold and nice.


For next day, I had been encountering nice people.
The neighbor of where I stayed invited me a breakfast so I had some bread and milk tea with them. A car driver gave me a big bread. A truck driver treated me a dinner.....


I love Kazakhstan!!!!!!

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the first day of central Asia, 中央アジア幕開け
Day for out of China and also for going into Kazakhstan. My visa was bailed until today, so I was really hopping nothing happened, like gate is closed...


Well, the gate wad opened. Yeah!!


When I got to the gate for China side, there were already many people waiting. Then in few min, I was surrounded by exchangers. Of cause I need some Kazakhstan Tenge so changed some. 1050 yuen →20000T. 100T ≠ $0.6

中国側のイミグレゲートに着くと既に人集り。間髪いれずに両替人に囲まれ、あっという間にテンゲをゲット。1050元→2万tg。こんなもんしょ。100円 ≠ 200T

10:30am, the gate was opened. I pushed through my bike into a building. Then went through all process without problem. I was very nervous to be asked about visa deadline because i didn't leave any extra time. But no problem..Yes!!


To the Kazakhstan immigration, we needed to take a bus because all people were not allowed to cross the buffer zone by walking or bike. The cost of this bus was 70 yuen which I thought stupid because the distance was just 5km....


When we reached the immigration, I saw officers wearing a huge hats and militants who looked Russian. Those brought my feeling that i came to Kazakhstan.


The process of immigration was very smooth so took me only 10min to go out. However, there were more gates next 5km.


Then finally, I started cycling central Asia. Yeah!!!!


Well, my first inspiration is that people in here were super nice. I think it's because I came from China? Drivers, people walking and kids, all were welcoming me. I felt super super nice!!! Every time I asked something people tried their best I think.


It's really nice start for me..


From the border to Almaty, there were mostly grassland. I often saw nomads chasing livestock.


There were many Japanese cars, Mercedes, Audy and Russian old cars running. Also many donkey caring trailer goes on the road. They were very cute.



I usually don't make sure the destination of the day. This time also I didn't. About 100km from the border, I reached a town called Таскарасу.

いつも走りながら行き先を決めてる自分。カザフスタン初日の今日も、何処まで走るか決めていないまま、国境から100キロくらい走った Таскарасу ダスカラスという小さな村に到着。

Nomads came talked to me so we were having conversation. Then they told me that I might be able to stay at a cafe in this village. I went there. People in cafe were very nice so they let me stay in this night.

遊牧民少年に呼び止められて道端で話していると、「そこのレストランで泊まらせてくれるかもよ」っというありがたいお言葉。レストランへ行くとアッサリオッケー。ちなみに宿じゃなく、オーナー所有の空き家?ジム? しかもタダで良いよだって。

I met a lot of nice people in first day of Kazakhstan. I was 120% satisfied.


Well, I am now going to Almaty, a major city of Kazakhstan where 1.3million people live.

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