Last Day of Central Asia, 中央アジア最後の日
Turkmenistan is 1.3 times bigger than Japan, but mostly covered by desert called Gara Gum. This is desert but there were grass and small bushes on sands. The view didn't change much.


Like the way to Bukhara from Dushanbe, I got a wind from North West which really helped me to cycle. I cycled average 20km/h everyday.

Bike ride in desert is not really enjoyable but there were some I can enjoy. One is beautiful sun-set and sun-rise. Second is beautiful stars. Third is really sweet watermelons. I thought that the watermelon here is better than other central Asia's melon.

A guy selling melons. His cloth was like watermelon.


Nice to have a dinner with full of stars on the sky.


Then, finally I cycled all the way on the desert. It took me 4.5 days.


This was also my last day of central Asia. I stayed this part for 3.5 month total. Until the end of central asia, i didn't change what I thought at the beginning; people in this part of world was very nice. Also, until the end, I didn't enjoy food.... Overall, I had a lot of good experience without serious problems. I enjoyed a lot...

It's getting fall. The daylight became shorter and shorter. There were clouds on the sky that I haven't seen long time. It's almost 1year anniversary and also reaches 20000km.
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Entry into Turkmenistan, トルクメニスタン入国
Got inside before 8am; actually the border opens 8am. I think it was because I was tourist. In the Uzbek custom, I didn't get my baggages checked like before. Even they didn't ask me registration forms that they were supposed to ask all tourists. Then I moved to Turkmen custom, they didn't check anything as well. So I didn't have any troubles so got cross the border successfully.


I have a 5 days transit visa. The distance to the border of Iran is about 470km. The most of the way is all desert. I need to check my water carefully.

At first impression of Turkmenistan was that there were a lot of Toyota running. I thought that the life here was easier than other central Asia countries. Actually, they have rich natural resource like gas and oil. They have propane gas for free.
まず走ってすぐに気付くのが、トヨタ車が他の中央アジア諸国より多い。やはり天然ガスで潤ってのか、生活はやや裕福なのか? 実際ガス代はタダらしい。

The first big town, Turkmena Bat. As I do every time when I got into new country, I went to a bazar to find a sticker. There were many people came to ask where I was from.


I have some souvenirs like pin-batch and flag for free. People just gave to me. Seemed they were so excited to see a random Japanese cyclist.

I got a sticker eventually and also prepare for next few days riding. Now ready to cross the desert !!
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