Blue sky in Batumi, 快晴の中パドゥミ
It had been cloudy or raining for long so nice to see a blue sky here. Along the black sea, the temperature is much warmer than inland. I was surprised that there were banana-trees in a yards.

久々に見る雲一つない青空。気持ちいぃ~ 黒海沿岸はすごく暖かくて、庭先にバナナの木なんかが植わっててビックリ。あぁ~暖かいって何て良いんだろ。

From here, ferris go to Ukraine, Russia and Turkey.

There were a nice bike pass along the coast.

I found that the mountains I passed through got snow. I was lucky that I could go though that area just right before snow dumped.

From tomorrow, I will be in Turkey!!
さぁ 明日からトルコだーー
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Nice Georgian グルジア人いいね~
Southern Georgia was unexpectedly very nice place to cycle. Mountains were not high but the contrast of mountains, old temples and villages were very nice.


The best thing was that people were very nice and welcoming. I had been invited for 2 nights in 4 nights.

I couldn't find a spot to camp until just right before sun-set. Then this family rescued me. Their village, Bodzauri was pretty relaxing.
野宿スポットが見付からず、真っ暗になる寸前に招いて頂いた家族。このBodzauri っていう山の中にある集落、すごくのどかで癒されます。

A boy of this house, Nicor, he suddenly asked me "do you have anybody you like". Then we talked about why he asked me about it. He said he had a girl he really like in his class with 6 people. I hope he told her what he think.

At a temple, Zarzma, monks invited me to have a lunch. I could have a lot of meal even wine. What a nice temple!!

The last pass in Asia.

A castle wall.

Vardzia, this has been built during 12th century. There were 5 million people living here before, but I doubted.
Vardzia 遺跡。12世紀の修道院跡。かつては5万人も人が住んでいたらしいが、そんなでかいか?

A train crossing a river.

In Batumi, I stayed at a family I met the passed for a night. In some reason, I moved to a guest house now. Turkey is coming soon, only 14km from here.
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My birthday and Shitty Georgia's shitty hotel, 誕生日とグルジアのクソ宿
It was my 31st birthday. I was expecting something fun, but nothing happened. However, I crossed a border of Georgia.


Last year, I stayed at a police office in Sumatra, and next day, 30th birthday, I got invited to stay at a local family. It was pretty nice experience.
去年はスマトラの警察署で夜を明かして、翌日は親切な人の家でホームステイしたっけ~ あぁ懐かしい。スマトラ暑かったなぁ~

Since I left Yerevan, it's been raining and cold. Seems here already winter.. I hate to get my tent wet and bike muddy...
一転、グルジアはもう冬ですね。イェレバンを出発した3日前から雨ですね。寒い~ テント濡れるの嫌だ~ 自転車ドロドロ~

Picking up quite frustration, so I decided to stay at a hotel in Akhalkalaki. I asked couple of people and found a cheapest economy hotel which cost me $10. However, a woman working here was not nice, and she asked me $3 for cold shower. There was no inside toilet only outhouse... This was unforgettable shitty birthday...
何か最低(ーー;) ふてくされて見付けたAkhalkalakiにある安宿は $10も払ったのに、従業員のオバさんは親切じゃないし、シャワー$3 とかふざけた事言われるし、トイレ外のボットンだし。。。なんか散々。ある意味記憶に残る誕生日になったかな(ーー;)

The border I crossed. This border was really small, but processing was quite smooth so took only 20min to get all done.

To be honest, I wanted to go up north west of Georgia, a mountains area. However, it's too late to go because it would be very very cold there. This time, I need to give up. Instead , I am going to by the black sea as soon as possible...
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