the last day of Australia , オーストラリア最終日
I could get all I wanted to get in Melbourne. I got tires already from my friend fortunately. For the others, I purchased some I really needed right now.


I had been having leaking problem on MSR stove. I investigated seriously and found that its screw thread of the bulb had been damaged. I think I used too much power to close the bulb.
It cost me $72 that I could get about $45 in Japan. However, I was unsure that I would be able to find same one in Istanbul so just bought it. That's okay, I got good money from winery.
I cooked kangaroo carry for the dinner with Nicholas' family , my host right now yesterday. We had Sake also. Those were nice combination.


From tomorrow, I will take off to Istanbul and be arriving on Wed, 24th via Kuala Lumpur. I'm very exited to see Europe and be able to keep making line I had been making from Bali.
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Prepare to take off, 出発準備へ
I arrived to Melbourne. As I expected, the traffic on the Highway was nightmarish. However, the space for cyclists was as wide as 3m, so it was not scary to ride. Also, I found several bike passes to city center so could get to here pretty easily.


In this time, I am staying at a room that Mr.Nicholas owns. I found him in the website, Warmshower, it's like couch surfing for only cyclists. It was very helpful for me because I really didn't want to stay at a messy, dirty and noisy Australia's backpackers.

The view from roof top of his home. Very nice.

My flight schedule is 23rd. Until then, I will enjoy the atmosphere of a big city. I hope I can manage myself not to buy things that I don't need since there are so many nice stuff in this city.

I didn't know nice to visit to this market.

Kangaroo meat, I will fix a kangaroo carry tomorrow.
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Great Ocean Road, グレートオーシャンロード
The way to Apollo Bay on Great Ocean Road.

There were unexpectedly some upping down, so I needed to work harder than I thought. There were many limestone tower looking rocks stood in the ocean. The contrast of white rock and cloud, blue sky and greenish ocean were very beautiful.

Although it was supposed to be an offseason, there were still many tourists. Especially, the number of Chinese surprises me. If the place where i was was unknown, I would think it was in China.

After half of great ocean road. The road goes along the beachside. There were supposed to be Koala spotting, but I couldn't find any unfortunately..

Torquay is the town located at the end of Great Ocean Road. This town is only 100km away from Melbourne. I had a reunion with Australian friend, Matt. This reunion was another thing that I had been looking forward to on this trip.

I met him in May, 2012 after Japan had a big earth quake. We worked in same NGO for disaster recovery process and were same group. At that time, the town, Ishinomaki, was totally devastated. We had been covered by sludge everyday for cleaning. He is one of few foreign people who shared same experience with us. Now, he came back to Australia and studying architecture. Looked he was always busy for studying and surfing.
When we took a bike ride around town, I found that he had a same kind of Tire that I was supposed to buy. Surprisingly, he gave it to me. It was so lucky for me.
As appreciation, I changed his crank-set and restored rear deraillure and shifter.

I had a really good time in Torquay and headed to Meruborune.
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ビクトリア州境, State border of Victoria
570km from Clare, finally crossed the Victoria border. This is about the half way.

The first big town, Portland. It was cloudy and sometime showered. This weather was like Portland, America. There was a pot where many logs and wood chips were piled up. The destination of many log trucks that run on same road must have been here.

I found a very sweet spot there. It was public free shower. How nice it was after been cycling for a week without shower. I hope I can find same system in Europe.

In Victoria, seems there were more kangaroos than south Australia. I have been seeing them almost everyday. They were sometime looked like people looking at me. Very sweet animal. They are good to eat as well!!

After Wornambool, famous tourist road, Great Ocean Road finally get started. To be honest, I had been tired of cycling inland. My route was actually along coast line but it mostly went a bit inland, so scenery had been almost always same. Many part of Great Ocean Road is along coast, so I hope I start enjoying again.
Wornambool を過ぎるといよいよグレートオーシャンロード。これまでは沿岸部といえどやや内陸を走っていたから、単調な景色で正直飽き飽きしていた。はてどんなんであろうか。
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Secret recipe, 秘伝料理
After passed the hills called Adelaide hills, east Adelaide, the flat plain was appeared on my way.

Second time crossing river by boat, 30km south from Murray Bridge.
オーストラリア2回目の渡し船。Murray Bridge 南30kmにて。

Seems the wind direction is from south normally which is not good for me. I have been cycling against the wind everyday... Normally, I prefer not to push much agains the wind. However, in this time, I need to make distance since I have my fright schedule.

Coorong National Park.

There were many birds. It's like a paradise of birds. Some birds are coming from Japan.

Australia Pelican. It reminds me a japanese popular logistic company that has logo for Pelican.

Very White Salt lake

From here, there were not much scenery changed. I had just kept pedaling. The most exciting things during a day these days were cooking own meals and coca-cola I buy some times.

I have been eating a soup with pumpkin these days. I put a lot of garlic, so my soup is a high energy sauce. Many cyclists don't cook, but I prefer to cook even though after cycling all day. It's because cooking is fun part of travel.
Now I will unveil my soup recipe. This is very easy and always find those material around the world, except i changed meat depend on country. Hope it helps some.

What you need, 準備するもの
Potatoes, ジャガイモ 中 × 2
Onions, 玉ねぎ小 × 1
Carrots, 人参小 × 1
Pumpkin, カボチャ × 1/5
Lentil, ヒラ豆 100g
Garlic, ニンニク × 1/2
Bacons, ベーコン 150g
Chicken soup cube, 鶏ガラスープの素 × 1 cube
Pasta, パスタ × 100g~
Water, 水 × 700ml

1. Put lentils in a pot with water to soak.

2. Cut potatoes, onions, carrots and pumpkin in 1cm and dump those in a same pot.

3. Boil with high heat in 10min. Meanwhile, cut beacons and garlic in size you like and then dump those into same pot. Put chicken cube as well.

4. Cook 20min in low heat. Some additional water might be needed.
20分程 弱火でコトコト、水が減ったらお好みで多して下さい。

5. Well done. This is very hot so carefully. Oh, don't eat all. You cannot eat all anyway. Leave 1/3 of soup.

6. Add uncooked pasta into the soup left over and close the top. In the next morning, you will be able to have pumpkin soup pasta.

※ if you travel in warm condition, can meat such as spam might be better.

This is a men's food, so the process is a bit rough. However, you need just a pot and to wash at the end, in the morning, only once. Also, don't need to have a lot of water; 1.5ℓwill be enough to finish all process. Hope you try sometime.
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New beginning, 新たな始まり
In the day for leaving, I woke up as usual. My friend, Ned, was sleeping on the couch in the living-room. Looked he stayed up late for drinking with others. He was not my house mate but was like my house mate.

I started preparing to take off and banged around in my house. Looked I made my house mates up. Sorry. They were supposed to be a day off today. Although I lived with them briefly, I had a lot of good time with them. I felf sad to leave here. They, left sully, Ned in the middle, Coffey on the right, were my best friends of Australian ever!!. At the end, we exchanged hugs. Since they were giant, I was almost died by choking...joke mate


I left my house with my friends' car escorted. They were so nice until the end. I hope I can see them near future. Good bye mate!!

These are guys I worked with during vintage. I took this photo during soccer practice in a day before I left. Many of them were very young, 22, 23, 24. Nice guys.

I have only about 2 weeks to the fright to Istanbul. My destination now is Melbourne. Bye bye Clare Valley.
さあ、イスタンブール行のフライトまで2週間のみ。いざメルボルンに向けて出発! さらばクレアバレー
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行動開始, Moving forward
Since Tasmania tour, its been 2 months. I realized after cycling 30km around trip to my friend's home that I was totally out of shape now.


My bicycle hadn't been also maintained yet because I was too busy to look after. However, I got a package of what I needed in this week, from Japan. It was just good timing. I changed pully set and bottom bracket. Photo is before and after of pully set. What a shape it became.

On the other hand, my broken shifter hasn't been restored yet, and my tent still has a lot of problems. I'm thinking to buy a new tent since I got extra money in Australia. If anyone who knows good bland for tents I can find within Europe, please let me know.

In the same package from Japan, I got a really useful item. It is called "Flashair". This is SD card with Wi-Fi function. By storing this SD card in my camera, I will be able to transfer photos from my camera to my IPhone directly, without any transaction on a PC. This is amazing thing for me. It's because I normally needed to use PC at library or Internet cafe to upload my photos on my blog. Then I used my iPhone to upload main body. It was a quite work every time I upload my blog. Flashair made a revolution on my blog uploading. This is definitely recommended for any travelers who don't want to carry laptop but want to upload photos that they took by their camera.
今回同じタイミングで日本から凄く便利な物を手に入れた。その名も"Flashair" これはWi-Fi機能があるSDカード。これを使う事で、カメラで撮った写真をIPhone で拾ってブログをアップできる。これまで自分は写真を図書館のPCとかでアップ、ブログ本文はIPhoneで書いてアップしていた。正直かなりの手前。それもこれもラップトップを持ってないから。でも今回Flashairをゲットして、劇的に手間が減る。旅にラップトップを持って行きたくない、けど良いカメラで撮った写真を使いたいって人に是非オススメです。

It was a bit long introduction. Anyway, I wanted to say that I decided to start cycling from this weekend. Destination is Melbourne. It will be 2 weeks trip in 1100km. My flight to Kuala Lumpur from Melbourne is 23rd, and from Kuala Lumpur to Istanbul is 24th. In this time, I payed almost $900. It's about 1.5 times as much as I paid for on the way to Australia from Turkey. Looks time going towered high-season.
余談が長くなったが、そんなわけで明日から走り始める事に決めた。目的地はメルボルン。1100kmを2週間かけてゆっくり走る予定。23日にメルボルンからクアラルンプール、24日にクアラルンプールからイスタンブールへのフライトチケットを買った。なかなか高くて合計9万くらい掛かった。来た時の1.5倍くらい。やっぱ時期だから? でも春の東欧走れると思えば安いもんか。

My route to Melbourne, ちなみにメルボルンまでの予定ルート。

View Adelaide to Melborune estimate route in a larger map

Highlight will be "Great Ocean Road". It might be cold, but will be nothing compared to cycling Turkey during winter which I did last December.
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New update, Accomplished wine-job, ワインの仕事完遂
My blog hadn't been updated for long time. It's because I had been busy for working since this job was started.
Now, our harvest was over after 7 weeks hard work. I was a bit disappointed because I thought it would be longer, but looks they had less harvest in this year.
However, I could save enough money through this job; almost $10000, $7000 + $3000 tax deduction(I need to claim this tax back later. Will see how much I can get back). It was accomplished by my good effort.

I was always exhausted after work, especially when we had 12 hours shift for 4 weeks. That reminded me when I was a business person of Japan; working at office over 12 hours everyday. However, in this time, it was more fiscal work, so my tiredness had been different in good way.

What I had been doing?? This might be a question. My job was not grape picking. I was working at wine factory where wines were crashed, fermented and filtered; anything before bottling.
今更だけど、まぁ~ こんなクタクタになるまでどんな事をやっていたかというと、ワイン生産のお手伝い。良くオーストラリアでワーホリワーカーがやっているピッキングじゃなくて、そのピッキングされた葡萄を潰して、大きなタンクで発酵させ、それをある程度のレベルまで濾過し、ボトリングされる手前までの一連の仕事。

Sun-rise at Factory, 朝焼け工場

My coworkers, 仲間達

The machine I had been assigned. 自分の担当したマシーン。

This machine filters wines; lees , carbon and etc...

Worker's hand, 働き者の手

One time, I was on local newspaper article. It said "International world cyclist, Kenta Yamaguchi, helping harvest"

I could manage finding a room in town for staying. It cost $95/week. They were my house mates and worked same place. Nice Aussie guys. I more like Aussie after meeting them. Good mates!!
家は何とかクレアの街中で見付ける事が出来た。ルームシェアして週95ドル。なかなか良い場所だった。ハウスメイト達のオージー。みんな同じ職場。良い連中だったな~ 彼等のおかげで、オーストラリア人がより好きになった。

In this year, harvest was not as good as last year; less quantity. I heard that it was because more raining during summer. However, people were saying that quality was really good.
Since I had been doing all for wines, I felt I got many knowledge of winemaking. Hope I can make some conversation out of my experience once I went back home in Japan.

Anyway, this is my story of last 2 months. Looks it is time for me to be back on the road!!! I'm so excited.
まぁ~ こんな感じで、2月・3月は忙しく過ごしてました。そしてこれから出発準備。自転車旅再開です。
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Harvest season got started, 収穫期始まりました
Started winery job. Clare, a town in SA, is situated in a world famous wine valley, Clare Valley.

いよいよ仕事が始まりました。今いるのは南オーストラリア州のクレア。オーストラリア人にClare Valley と言えばだいたいわかるオーストラリア有数のワイン生産地。

My winery is Kirrihill Wine. What I do is almost any duty in factory; transferring liquid inside of tank to new tanks, connecting pipes, etc.. I thought I would be doing picking job but seems won't do at all..

自分が働いているのはKirrihill Wine。 何をしてるかというと、ワインやグレープジュースが入ったタンクやパイプが入り組んだ工場内で、タンクからタンクへ中身を移したり、パイプをつないだり、タンク内の掃除、クオリティテスト、工場内の仕事は何でもやります。ピッキングするかと思ってたけど、ピッキングは全くしないみたい。

In this job, workers except I am, are experienced workers. I sometime have difficulty to understand their words because they frequently use technical words. Australian use weird words anyway..

Many of us are from oversea; America, Spain, Portugal, etc. I am a only Asian. Work place is pretty nice even though its busy. I'm happy with that.

From next week, we start around 11h shift till mid of April. Hope I can pick up some savings.

They said that in this season, the crop amount is a bit less but the quality is really good. It's very interesting to learn about wines. I had normally beers when I was in Japan but might change to wine after this job.
今シーズンは収穫量は平年並みか以下、クオリティは平年以上に良いそうです。ワイナリーで働くと、ワインの事がいろいろ勉強できて面白い。。 日本にいる時なんてビールばっかり飲んでたけど、これからはワイン通になろうかな。

Anyway, the harvest has been started. Won't be able to update my blog as much as before because not much subjects and times..
I hope I refresh my mind during my stay here and start to cycle from spring.
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Finished Tasmania Tour, タスマニア島完走
Crossed the finish line in Hobart, タスマニア島ツアー、ホバートでゴールと相成りました。

Distance, 距離:1500km
Days, 日数: 34days
Expense, 費用: $500, excluding cost of air, 航空チケット含まず
Animals I saw, 見れた動物: Tasmania Devil(タスマニアデビル), Wombat(ウォンバット), Platypus(カモノハシ), Eagle(オオタカ), Pokypine(ハリネズミ), Wallaby(ワラビー)等

Took me over a month because I cycled slowly. It was very nice experience cycling in Tasmania's nature for whole month. Especially, forests in west and inland and endemic species were one of treasure in the world.
I thought this island was suitable for cycling because there were not huge passes, not many traffic and manner of drivers is pretty good.
If I have a chance to come here again, I would like to try kayaking or canoeing. It's because I found that rivers here were so beautiful.
However, for hiking, I was a bit over-expecting. I couldn't enjoy a lot. I think it's because there were no many flowers which I like to see while I'm walking.
I think, for hiking, New Zealand is better place to go.
Overall, I enjoyed a lot. Seeing unfamiliar plants and species was one of greatest experience in my life.

For about next my plan, I will start working at a winery in Clare, a small town 100km north of Adelaide. My contract will be up to 12 weeks, 3 month, so this 3 month will be the longest stop for me.

Then, from spring, I will go back to Istanbul and start cycling Europe. My estimate route is Bulgaria - Macedonia - Albania - Montenegro - Bosnia-Herzegovina - Croatia - Hungary - Austria - Germany - Swiss land - Italy - France - England.

This will be my first visit to Europe, so please let me know if anyone knows really nice places to visit.
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