Dubrovnik, ドゥブロブニク
I'm a tourist now in Dubrovnik. I think the number of tourists here is bigger than the population of local here. Those tourist look very rich. They might be on a cruise ship.

The old town is pretty. Now I understood that they were called the pearl of Adria sea.


Many alleyways. Fun to walk.

Tourists keep coming in and out.

Buildings of baroque, Romanesque, and Renaissance.

Many places I have been so far were influenced by ottoman empire, so this place looks fresh to me.
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The pearl of Adria sea, アドリア海の真珠
Kenan and I separated and went on our own way after sharing experiences for 4 days. He is going to Montenegro, and I'm going to Croatia. I hope we get to meet again some time in the future.

In that day, I had border crossing for 3 times. It's because there were very small part of Bosnia left along the coast of Adria sea. Its stretch was only 10km long. Those crossing were very smooth. I didn't even need to get any stamps.

Since I left Bulgaria, I reached to the ocean again, Adria sea.

Adria sea was blue and very clear.

In this day, I found a really nice camp spot where I could pitch my tent in front of the sea and swim. For bad thing, I left my swimming pants here....What stupid I was...

Next day, I arrived to Dubrovnik after cycling 50km from my nice camp spot. Dubrovnik is one of the most famous resort in Adria sea, so a lot of tourist buses run and passed by me. Also there were huge cruise boats docked. How big they are.

There were so many tourists as i expected. However, Dubrovnik was still beautiful. I remembered Moyazaki movie, Witch's mail delivery service; sorry I don't know how it's titled in English. This place was the image of where Kiki lived.

The price of accommodation in Dubrovnik was super expensive I've ever experienced. It seems I got to expensive part of Europe. Cheap Hostel cost at least €20, and normal room called Sobe was about €45. I don't like hostel and to stay at Sobe is expensive. Then I chose camping. There was a auto camp, Kpari, 8km south of Old town. It cost €8 and is connected the city buses running every 30min witch cost €2 for one way. I think this is the best option for budget travelers.
ドゥブロブニクの宿もこれまでのレベルをはるかに超える程高い。どうやら高いヨーロッパに突入したようです。Hostelで€20~。沢山ある民主的な宿Sobeは平均€45。ホステル嫌いだし、民宿高いしという理由で今回はドゥブロブニクから南に8km程にあるキャンプ場Kupari Auto camp、€8に泊まった。バスも30分ごとくらいにあって片道約€2。多分この辺りでは最安でしょう。

I will spend couple of days here and leave to Italy by a ferry.
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