The country of smile, Thailand, 微笑みの国タイ
Seems it's true that Thailand is the country of smile. People mostly smile when they make an eye contact.
It's very nice while riding bike.


After cycling 5 days from Penang, I arrived to Krabi, a beach resort in south of Thailand.


Hnn, what shoul do for tomorrow...

Saw mant "Tuku Tuku" in Trang, a town 120km south east of here. I thought those are only in Bangkok.


I met a guy,Ed from the U.K. who started his motor cycle tour from kuala lumpur. He brought his Honda 90 super cub from the U.K. and going back to his country.


In Night market in Krabi, a sushi store with a paper lantern of Takoyaki.


A market in the morning, 朝市

Sew many waterfalls on the way here. ここにくるまでの道のり、滝が沢山

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The last night of Malaysia, マレーシア最後の夜
What I want to see in the last night of Malaysia was a beautiful Mosque. In here, a town "Alor Star", there is one of the most beautiful mosque; people says, in Malaysia.


Since I wont go through muslim countries by central Asia, I wanted to see this.


I got here at 4pm. Took a shower and looked around here. About before sun set, went to the mosque.


The sun was just about right next to the mosque, it was one of best view in my list of Malaysia. Couldn't stop taking picture. Hope I can update some photo taken by my first camera in my web photo album soon.


At last.....a bit serious.
In Malaysia, people in different race live peacefully, and they strongly proud of living in here. This is what some country still fighting need.


I still don't really figure out what things make this country such way. For my guessing, many cultures came into this county historically since this area was one of the main transition point where many ships from different countries stopped. For instance, England was used to colonize this country, and Indians came long ago to trade. I think people are very good at how to manage themselves in new cultures.


On the other hand, there are still big gap between rich and poor. Seems a policy "Bumiputera", a government policy that pushes up middle class, don't work properly. When I have a conversation with a local local, he says that that policy works only few wealthy people and the money still goes to only rich people. Because of that people didn't have much resources to know the real; TV or News paper which most of them run by government.


Now they got Internet and there are not strong restriction. People get smarter and more power to say what they need.


Malaysian are very smart, and this country grows fast, so near future they might become a reader of south east Asia.


Cycling in Malaysia was pretty interesting.


What waiting for me in next country, Thailand....

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Applying 2 month visa for Thailand, タイ2ヶ月ビザ申請
After looking around this town during weekend, went to the embassy of Thailand which was about 5 km away from Georgetown.


The embassy was quite small and not busy at all.

I wanted to get a 2 month double entry, but they had only 2 month and 3 month single for us.


Filling out a form and gave it to an officer at 9am, then picked up my passport with the visa by 3pm. It's quicker than I thought. Cost 110RM

アプライフォームに記入し、係官へ9時に提出。 15時には出来上がり。思ってた以上に早い。費用は3000円くらい。

From tomorrow, I will head to Thailand, and it will take only 2 days to get the border.

A beach in Penang island. It's not interesting place. Since I know the ocean in Okinawa. it's not fascinating.

Every morning, in many places you can see street markets.

During night, so many food carts came out along streets. All of them are really good. 夜になると屋台がそこらじゅうから道沿いに湧き出てくる。みんな美味しい。check a photo album to see more. アルバムに写真を沢山のっけてます。
I consider Penang as Kuidaore which means the town of eating. 個人的に、ペナンは食い倒れの街

The breakfast I alway eat. A guy moves very fast to make a chap chay. 毎日のように食べてる朝飯。すごいスピードで一枚のチャプチャイを作ってる。

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World Heritage, George Town, Penang 世界遺産ジョージタウン
It was not interesting place for me to be in Cameron Highland, so I spent only a night there and took off.


Since then, I took freeway No.1 for 3 days. Now, am in Georgetown which is only 3 days away by bike from the border of Thailand.


The reason I stopped here is to get 2 month visa for Thailand. Will apply for it on next Monday and take off on Tuesday.


The japanese traveler i shared time in Melaka and Taman Negara, Ide san also stays same hostel here so i met him again.

I feel I will see him again somewhere on the way.

Where I'm staying here, Civillian's inn 15R
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In to the mountain
Now, I'm in Cameron Highland. Took 3 days from Taman Negara. The road was very nice and surrounded by thick forest. I found many interesting things.


Some of these I saw on the way, いくつか見たもの。

What is this? Might be a kind of beetle, 何これ?多分、カブトムシの仲間かと

I camped out at police station one night. There are a lot of these in their property. They call this "Orautan". Sweet and tasty.


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Good friend and bitter experience, 良い友と苦い思い出
In Melaka and Taman Negara, shared a lot of interesting time with Ide san. Now, we are heading to different distentions; I am heading to Cameron Highland, Ide san goes to Penan island by bus. Hope see him again somewhere in the world.


In Taman Negara, had a lot of fun, but had also a bad thing happened. My gloves were stolen by someone. I should have watched out my stuff as much as I did at the beginning. Those were not very expensive and don't make a big deal but make me sad bit.


Of cause I will get a police report and apply my insurance.


To brace myself again and move forward.

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In to the Jungle
Staying in Taman Negara for 5 days, I took several hikes.


It's very impressed to see different vegetation, animal and bugs of jungle.


A big tree with big root, デカイ木と根っこ

A huge ant, 巨大なアリ

A huge ?? bug, 巨大なコオロギ

A morning in jungle, ジャングルの朝

Hiked to a hill where I could see mountains in Taman Negara National Park. タマンネガラ国立公園の山々を見渡す丘へ

My shoes after hiking, ハイキング後の靴

I met a Japanese guy, Ide san, again in the hostel; I met him in Melaka.
We hiked to a place for watching animals that people call "Bum Bum". We stayed over night in Jungle. It was also very nice experience for us to stay here. We could see a deer, an animal flying a tree to a tree, light bugs and etc. It was very creepy also...


Bun Bun, 動物観察小屋

The view from it, そこからの眺め

A deer came for drinking water, 水を飲みに来たシカ

However, in these hikes, the biggest problem I didn't expect was this.


Leeches, ヒル

Lleches are everywhere on the trail and waiting for people to go through. Once step on them, they crime on my legs and suck my blood. The bleeding doesn't stop in an hour. I was probably sucked my blood for a litter total during my stay in this N.P.


Bloody floor of Bun Bun, 血まみれの動物観察小屋

After hiking, my legs became like a legs serious injured. ハイキングの後、足が大怪我したのごとく血だらけに。

Left a lot of foot prints and blood in Taman Negara N.P., 沢山の足跡と血痕を残して来ました。
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Taman Negara N.P, タマンネガラ国立公園
Took a side trip by bike. It's 70 km for one way. Since I am an outdoor person, there are not many interesting place to visit in Main part of Malaysia; many places in this country have became plantation.

Taman Negara N.P is the only place I am interested in and I can visit on the way. There are twe way I can reach here; one is by small boat and second is by bus or car. I chose my bike. It was pretty nice ride; very few traffic. However, even just right before N.P., many part of jungle became plantation. I know this industry is very important for this country to grow, but the view of it makes me a bit sad and shame on us as people who live in a developed country.



Anyway, It took me 4 hours to get here. Now, I'm staying at a hotel in small village, Kuala Tahan, located other side of river; people who stay in this village need to cross this river by boat to go inside of it.


I arrived here about noon so took a short hike. Entrance fee is 1RM and bringing Camera fee is 3RM which I still don't understand why they charge for cameras.

昼くらいに到着したから、ちょっと公園内に入ってみた。エントランスに1RM カメラ持ち込みに3RM。未だにカメラ持ち込み料の意味がわからない。

In Jungle, even though I just hiked few hours, I saw many animals like birds, giant salamanders and etc. There were canopy walk, so I walked 40m upper ground of jungle. It's very scary but nice to see jungle from high spot.


For tomorrow, will do long hike.
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Some I found about Malaysia, マレーシアについて発見した事
I'm abou 60 km south of Taman Negara N.P. For tomorrow, I'll be in jungle.


Road condition in Malaysia is very good; not heavy traffic, more space for cycling, well contracted paved road, etc. It's very easy to cycle here.


In Malaysia, there are three main human races; Malaysian, Chinese and Indian. They live on the own cultures and normally live in same areas; I passed Chinese, Indian and Malay village on the way. It's fascinating for me to see people in different culture live in same country.


Since the population of Malaysia is about 30 million, there were not many people along the way here. Its very nice to stop anytime and take a brake anywhere I want. Like in Jawa, Indonesia, I sometime had hard times to avoid people.

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Day 3 in Melaka, マラッカ3日目
Staying 3 night at very comfortable hotel in Melaka, I feel I got enough energy charged to move forward. From tomorrow, I will start to pedal again.


I was supposed to go on west coast, but I changed my mind to go on central part since the cyclists I met in Sumatra told me that the cycling in west coast was pretty boring.


There will be more mountain and tropical rain storm in the central part. I should be fine because I got over crossing Sumatra which was extremely hilly island and became like Super Siazin.


This town used to be colonized by Holland. See many mixed culture in the town; Europian, Malaysian, Indian and Chinese. 昔オランダの植民地 、街中のいたるところに混ざり合った文化が見られます。

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