Friends in Switzerland, スイスの友人と再開
I have more friends in Europe. My Swiss friends live in Nyon, 30km east of Geneva. They are also cyclists I met last summer in central asia.

In the day of that it had started raining, I arrived to Nyon. They came to the visitor center to pick me up and were still very nice couple.
アルプスが別れを惜しんでいるかのように雨が降りしきる日 Nyonに到着した。町のビジターセンターに迎えに来てくれた2人は相変わらずナイスカップルだった。

Adam and Jully, they had crossed their finish line of their journey last winter and now live in Nyon, near where their parents live. They needed to leave Nyon from tomorrow, so we had only a day and half to hang out. I should have came at lease some days before but I took much time to cross alps. However, we had at least a day with very nice reunion.


In the next morning, Jully left. Then Adam left afternoon. However, Jully's mom letted me stayed her home next day, so I could take a day off. She treated me with cold beers and nice wine during the day. Also, in the evening, she took me a restaurant to let me try Swiss Cheese fondu. It was very nice. Thank you all for everything!!!

より大きな地図で Cycling Alps を表示

I had very nice people during my stay in Switzerland. Now going to France.
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Swiss Hospitality, スイス人の優しさに触れた日
The last pass of Alps, Jaun pass 1503m
アルプス最後の峠 Jaun pass 1503m を越える。

The people I met in Bulle after coming down from the pass.

I met a man infront of a bakarry and had some conversation. He asked me if I needed something for my bike. Actually I was looking for a miller for my sun glasses that I lost in Parelmo. Then he took me a bike shop.

The owner of bike shop came to us and found exactly the same miller I had. I was going to pay. It was about $30, I thought a bit expensive. But he didn't take my money. He said he gave it to me. Farthermore, he went to a storeroom and brought a mesh inner hat.
The man who took me the shop also tried to help and kept asking me what I need and want. I was very pleased their kindness.
この旦那の自転車に偶然にも全く同じミラーが置いてあった。即決購入しようと思ったがこの旦那金を受け取ろうとしない。30CHF 約3500円もするミラーをタダでくれるというではないか。さらには倉庫からガサガサ探し出して来てくれたヘルメットの下に被るインナーもくれるという。何とお礼を言って良いかわからない。この兄さんは兄さんで「君のフロントバッグはかなり痛んでいるから僕のをあげるよ」と言ってくれるではないか。その心遣いに感謝。

It started raining from that day, but I was feeling very happy and going to next destination, Geneva.
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Got The New Tent, テントげっつ
After seeing the Eiger from the pass, Grosse Scheidegg, 1962m, cycled down on the very steep road.

アイガー北壁の峠 Grosse Scheidegg 1962m から急坂を下る。

The first town I came into was full of Japanese tourists. I was very surprised because I didn't research anything about towns on my way. This town was Grindelwald. It was actually world famous town where people take very expensive mountain train. I heard that there were over 1 million tourists visiting this town every year. There were Japanese words and signs everywhere in this town, even I saw the tourist center for only Japanese.
と、突然観光客がわんさかいる町に進入。しかも日本人だらけ。下調べを全くしていなかったのでビックリ。ここはGrindelwald といって世界的に有名な登山鉄道がある町。そして年間100万人以上の観光客が来るスイス屈指の観光町だそうだ。町には日本語の看板や日本人用の観光案内所、モンベルまである。ここからは超有名で超高額な登山鉄道があってユングフラウの近くまで行ける。

I was supposed to go through Grindelwald. However, unexpectedly I saw many outdoor shops along the main street. I was actually looking for a new tent for long time. I left my bike in safe place and started searching the tent. Then I found this tent.

It is Italian tent and looked very similar to my old tent. The price was quite reasonable. Only difference was that this was for three season. This will be my new partner for next 8 month till my last destination. Hope works out okay.

Now, I got two tents. All my bags got full, no space. Swiss land will be expensive place to send, so I need to carry till France.
ん~ これでテント2つ。荷物がパンパンだ。スイスで荷物を日本に送り返したら高そうだし、フランスまで頑張ります。

From this point, I was getting away from Alps.
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Challenge to the north cliff of Eiger, アイガー北壁を攻略せよ
The day 4, will challenge northern cliff of Eiger.


I didn't feel much tired after sleeping 10 hours. Also the word "Northen Cliff of Eiger" had became a trigger for my adrenaline.

Yesterday, I met Swiss cyclists. They told me that it would be impossible to go up the hill with this bicycle, but I thought it would be feeling very successful after accomplished this pass. Then I strongly swear to get this done.

I got into the road going up to the pass after coming down from Grimselpass.

Grimselpass から山を下り途中の分岐からアイガーへと続くルートに突入。

This road was steep enough even at the beginning. I cycled zigzag on 3m wide road. I was looked very strange because no one going up with full-loaded bicycle.

The sight gets open as I went higher up. Then a big cliff has been appeared. It was not Eiger by the way.

There were a glacier stuck on the top.

I cycled along this cliff till the top. Since this road was closed for cars last 5km, there were not much traffic.

It was very steep last 5km. However, I was like runner's high at that moment. I could manage to get to the top.

After climbing 15km, I reached to the pass. Then saw.......

Eiger, this mountain was so beautiful.

Also there were Jungfrau behind. I saw 2 big mountains from same place.

As I cycled into the crowd of hikers on the pass, I felt I was a champion stepping on the first place.
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Alps 3 big passes in one day, 怒涛のアルプス峠3連続
The day 3. I crossed 3 big different passes.

From Passo S.Bernardino where I passed yesterday, 2065m, I went down to the town Bonaduz, 655m. Then, started working on the first pass of the days, Oberalppass.

昨日のPasso S.Bernardino, 2065mからBonaduzの町, 655mまで下り本日1本目のOberalppass.へ

The road runs along the rail way. I was impressed how this train went up on such a steep slope.

A lots of switch backs.

Accomplished Oberalppass, 2046m
1本目 Oberalppass完遂, 2046m, 2046m

Went down to a town Andermatt, 1447m.

Then started Furkapass.

Peddled up 6km/h with looking down to Andermatt where I passed a few hours ago

A lots of flowers on grass land.

Furkapass was really hard work; endless switchbacks.

Then finally, accomplished Gurkapass, 2435m.
Furkapass 2435m完遂!!

It was amazing view from the top.

Then went down again to 1757m, Gletsch.The road snaking up on the mountain in this photo was the third pass, the last of the day, Grimselpass.


I was climbing up with seeing where I went through today. I can imagine how much I sweat that day.

At the right before sun setting, finally I accomplished Grimselpass 2164m.
夕方Grimselpass 2164m 完遂!

The view from here was also breathtaking. I accomplished all 3 passes. The total altitude of climbing was 2780m!! I was sooooo tired at the end of the day and have slept for 10 hours till next morning.
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Alps the first pass, アルプス峠越え1本目
From Lorenzo's home, it took me half day to a Swiss land border, Pino.

The towns of Swiss land is always clean and well organized. I don't even see garbage and scribbling along a street.

Swiss like to decorate their house with flowers. I saw many pretty houses with nice grassland around.

There were no many fences in this country. As you go country roads, you can really enjoy cycling grassland.

The cost of live here that I was worry about was not very expensive. I felt the cost of live in Japan was more expensive. I think this country is goodly barnacled.

For cycling also, this country is well organized.

You just need follow this sign if you want to avoid traffic. This sign is everywhere and it's easy to find. You can travel all over this country without cycling busy roads. They have also sign for mountain bikes and walking tracks. I will say Swiss land is very outdoor friendly country. You can see more detail on this link:

The day 2, I passed the first pass of Alps.

From 500m up to 2065m elevation, Passo S.Bernardino.
標高500mくらいの地点から峠 Passo S.Bernardino 2065mへ這い上がる。

It was really hard work for me because I had been taking resting for quite awhile.

From that day, I started crossing many passes of Alps.
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