Preparing for Africa in Andorra La Vella, アンドラ・ラ・ベリャでアフリカ準備
From the top of the pass, it was all way down, so I got into the capital of Andorra, Andorra La Vella, very quirky.


This country doesn't have much flat lands, so the narrow valley stretching towered Spain was full of buildings.

The view of towns surrounded by big mountains was very unique.

People are coming to this country for skiing during winter, hiking and mountain biking for summer. Also, of cause, many come here for shopping all year around.

There were many shops in towns. Actually, I came here for shopping as well. Now, I'm going to Africa very soon so need to prepare for that.

There were some bike shops in Andorra. I visited Jormabike and Inter Sports.

Both of them had good stocks, so I got all I needed; a sprocket, a chain, a corm wrench etc... In that day, I spent rest of the day for replacing parts. Im pretty much ready for Africa now. However, I still need to more research about it, but as I said i don't have much time so will do more once I get to Morocco.
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Passing Pyrenees, ピレネーを攻略せよ
Pyrenees, a highlight of tour de France, devises Iberia peninsula and main part of Europe. Some part of my route in this time goes same route of 8th stage of 2009 of tour de France. I could have pushed harder to move forward with imaging tour de France.


The pass was Pass De La Casa. It's in Andorra. This pass was very hard work. In the first day, I started from Carcassonne and cycled 90km for easy going up.
今回の峠はアンドラ内にあるPass De La Casa。これがしんどかった。まず1日目はカルカソンヌから90kmばかり緩い上りをやっつける。

Second day, after arriving Ax-les Thermes, the long way up hill has been started. The road went up till the pass, 40km no stop and it was pretty heavy traffic....
2日目、Ax-les Thermesという町から頂上まで40kmの登り。走れど走れど上が見えてこないし、交通量がやたら多い。

Got into Andorra.

Andorra is a country. This country is located in the top of Pyrenees. I didn't know anything about Andorra till recentry.

This was the reason why it was a lots of traffic. There was a shopping center, it looked sky resort for winter. Andorra is the country of Tax free, so many from France and Spain come here to buy things. This country is in the top of mountain, so I wonder how much they spend for gas to get here....

Finally, I reached to the Top, 2408m.
そして最後のジグザグを登り切って峠の頂上へ 2408m。

It was really hard work. Many cars turned back at the shopping center, so the last few KM was not as bad traffic as so far. Now going down to Iberia peninsula.
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