Flying with bike, アフリカ輪行大作戦
The last time when I flew with my bike was between Istanbul and Melbourne.
Flying with bike consumes a lot of effort and energy. I really don't want if possible.


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My mission is to move my bicycle from Dakar to Nairobi.
There were couple of options to transfer the bike; using rapping machine or packing bike in a big box.
Just rapping bicycle might cause damage so I tend to use the box. I have to find a big box from somewhere. That will be the first step.


I started searching the big box and first went to couple of bike shops call City Sports. They didn't have. Then I went to other small bike shops but there were no boxes.
Also, I tried some electronic shops but same result.
I felt very strange why I couldn't find any. This is the capital, a very big town, Dakar.
I kept searching in an area where many wholesale shops were. Then...

そんなわけでまずは箱探し。町に繰り出して自転車を置いているCity Sportsという量販店を2件訪ねた。けれど結果は見付からず。その他いくつか小さな自転車も見たけど無い。その他電気屋に行ってみても大きなダンボールは無し。

Finally, I found boxes and many. Looked those were from all over of Dakar.
Those guy collected cardboards from many businesses in Dakar and sold these. They made a business out of rubbish. They were quite clever.


A Cardboard was normally free, but they priced 5 to $6 for big one.
I was too tired to negotiate after searching long time so paid $8 for couple of big ones and a tape.


This box still need to be resized. I cut and taped to make a proper size of bike box. It was really time consuming.


Next step is to bring my luggages and boxes to the air port.
My flight is 8am, and I need to check in before; I like to check in by 5:30am.
I thought it would be difficult to get a taxi in early in the morning so decided to bring luggages and boxes in the day before.


There was a storage room call Consigne Bagage at the air port. They store one for 700CFA.

預かり所はConsigne Bagageという施設で、荷物1個につき700CFA 約150円で1泊させてもらえた。

I took all small things from the frame so would need to work on only few things in the morning.


Tomorrow, I need to wake up at 3am. It's been well done so far. Hope nothing happened tomorrow.

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Sightseeing in Dakar, ダカール観光
Dakar was even worse compared to Bissau; too many people and traffics. The capacity of infrastructure seemed already far not enough for population growth.


I have only few days in Dakar. I need to prepare for frying and also want to see some places.


Today, I went to the Island Goree.


Now, Goree became one of the most famous tourist sight in Senegal and has very peaceful atmosphere. However, this island leaves the negative legacy of slavery.


Very peaceful mood.

People live here, and there are school, police station and a bank as well.

There were some gun batteries and the basement of tochka left in this island. I saw
some people used those as their home. Africans are really burly.


Many souvenir shops. african arts were quite interesting.

I liked those arts. I normally don't buy souvenir but felt wanting to buy one of these.
I found really nice baobab art on stitching fabrics. I thought fabric art should be okay for bike tour so bought it.


Second day of Dakar, I went Cape Verde, the most west point of main part of Africa.


There were many big fancy houses and hotels in this area. It was different atmosphere; more like expensive resort.


The monument I stopped by on my way to the cape was quite interesting. This ugly monument can been seen from anywhere in Dakar.


This was donated by north Korea. I didn't know Senegal had a connection or relationship with. I heard that Senegal was used to be a communist country.


I was moving around Dakar during my stay. I have to also need to prepare for flying.

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Ferry from Ziguinchor to Dakar, ジガンジョール ダカール フェリー
There was the overnight ferry running between Ziguinchor and Dakar. It has been sunk 10 years ago, but now it became new ferry and run twice in a week.



I got a ticket for Sunday. At the day, I need to check in my bicycle.


The ferry looked the same as a decent ferry running Europe. Only deference was passenger; most of them were African. They carried enormous amount of luggage.
I understood why the ferry company asked passengers to come to the port 11:30 to 13:00 even though the departure time was 15:00. It took quite long time to check in.


This is Africa. I don't trust their service. I was watching my bicycle till someone brought to inside. A guy came and took my bike to the ferry. Then I got on board.


I booked a compartment for 8 persons that cost 18600CFA about $40. The cheapest class, seated class was only few dollars difference so I thought 8 persons compartment was the best choice.

自分は少し奮発して8人のコンパートメントを取った 18600CFA 約4000円。フリーの座席のみの値段と数百円しか変わらないから部屋を取った方がいろんな面でお得だと思う。

They had a small shop as well.

Bye bye Casamance. Will come back again.


The ferry run along the casamance river. Dolphins were playing with waves the ferry made.
The air was still hot, but sometime fresh breeze touched through my face. I was sitting on the deck.
I felt those fresh air cooling off the adrenaline on my brain.


Early next morning, 6am, the ferry arrived to Dakar. It was still dark outside.


From now, I will be very busy for preparation of the flight and of cause sightseeing.

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Casamance, カザマンス

The southern part of Senegal, Casamance, majority of people speak Jola; northern part of Senegal was Wolof, has a unique culture but still the tension between government and independentist remained.


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There were even bigger trees left in Casamance.


Those trees looked 30 to 40m high. Now, many trees have been cut and exported to China. The Gambia was same way, but now Chinese was more keen to Casamance.


There were some sections with log barricades in every some kilometers on my way. Still some solders stayed and checked ID.
However, the atmosphere was quite relaxing; chicken and pigs crossed, little kids running around.


Seasonal their favorite fruits, Taro has been sold along the road. This fruits taste bittersweet. I loved it.


Kids were always giving me a joy. I took this photo at a sandwich shop.


Beautiful sisters

After 100km cycling from the border, I arrived to Ziguinchor, the capital of casamance.
This town was unexpectedly small, and I saw quite few white men; they were most likely French.


People from this region was even more gentle and friendly.
They came for helping me before I asked. It might be because I was Asian on the bicycle, I am not sure.


In Ziguinchor, I stayed at a hotel, though It costs 10000CFA not cheap.


The market, 市場

African Mosquitos repellent

Main street, many pot holes.

African Baby shower

I went to a shop for getting some musics.

Live music of this region is the world famous. Senegal is Wolof music, casamance is Jola, Gambian mandinca, Bisau's Kriol.
Mali, Guienea Conakry and Gana are also famous for music.

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How to travel Senegal, セネガルの走り方
In Senegal, getting a meal was not big deal. In the morning, women sell French bread and coffee. those cost $0.5.

セネガルでは飯に困る事はほとんど無い。朝はフランスパンとコーヒーが路上で売られていて 50円くらいで済ませられるし

At the noon, people sell sandwich beside the road. It cost about $0.5 as well.


I can find rice dish as well after noon.

I can eat it on sight and also take it out if I bring a pot.
I normally brought my pot and asked the portion with about $1.5. I have it as a dinner so don't need to cook.


Now, it's dry season here. There were watermelons sold everywhere.
A little one costs about 50 cents. I bought one and eat half. I gave away half of it to boys watching me.


For water, I buy from water man. There were normally men with donkey walking around a village and town and sold water.
I can get good fresh water in 20 cents for 7ℓ.


I found guys drinking baobab juice. I tried. It was very tasty like mango juice.


As you see this baobab tree, it has a lot of big fruits.


In this day, I camped at a village.

It was not the village. It was a big family community. Man had a two wives. They had both some children and ground kids as well.
Those all people made a small community that I thought a village.

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Happy Senegal, 楽しいセネガル
I love Senegal. Ive not expected such warm welcoming here. People were so nice; smiling and waving hands, especially in the country side. This part will be one of the best part of my journey for sure.


Every time when I passed by a small villages, little kids came out from their home and called me "Tubbab" which meant a tourist or white man. They were full of smiling and waving hands. They looked so excited to see a random tourist.

村を通る度に必ず小さい子供達が道路脇まで飛び出して来て「チュバーブ!!」(外人さ~んって意味) と手を降りながら追いかけて来る。

If I stopped, many children came around. They talked to me in French or Wolof, so I couldn't understand. I had a french learning book, but it was useless because my listening skill was very poor.
It was very frustrating. I should have learned more before.


In the first day, I camped at a school in a village. There were still many children left, so I was surrounded by many kids.


The road in Senegal was flat. The wind was still pushing my back, so I could cycle long distance in short period of the time.


Baobab trees have been appeared along the road side.
I hear the Senegal music from a car and motor bike while I'm cycling.
Those all makes my journey exciting.


Today, also, I stopped at a small village and asked people for camping. Young boys came to me and asked me to play football.


We played football in sandy ground. I emptied my energy so changed to goal keeper eventually.


Though language barrier was still big, I had a really fun.
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Saint-Louis, サンルイ観光
Saint-Louis was the first french settlement in Africa. It was used to be the capital of France territory of Senegal.
There were some colonial buildings left in the center.


I liked souvenir here.

I didn't want this by the way.

The island where my campground is is connected by a bridge from the main part of the city.
There is the fishing harbor. I need to go by every time when I go to the center by bicycle.
There were always crowd of people. It's very fun to watch.


From around noon, fishermen came back from the ocean with a lot of fish.
There is no wharf, so people transfer the container of fish one by one. It looked a lot of work.


There was a market in another side of historical bridge where I crossed yesterday.
There was also many people. Seemed the women were the leader of a market. They looked so powerful.

The market of Senegal was different from markets I've visited so far; of cause people, things to sell and atmosphere.
I was always impressed how African carried thing on their head skillfully.


In Senegal, general food such as potatoes, carrots etc.. were surprisingly not cheap. Especially, tomato was very expensive since those are transported from Spain.


Many buses were very scrap looking but running all around the town. Each has different design and colors. It was fun to look.


Senegalese dishes were generally cheap. If i pay 500 to 1500CAF, I could eat easily.
I'm very happy to be able to have rice everyday.


Coca-Cola was also from Africa!!
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Crossing Senegal border, セネガル国境越え
I thanked to the man who let me stay at his place and a guy at a shop in the village and left. It was good meeting them before I leave Mauritania.


The way to the border was still bad road with corrugation.

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The border was really small. I couldn't believe it was the proper border.

I couldn't find who gave me the stump for departure.
Seemed a guy who lay on his back with legs outstretched was in charge.
He grasped my passport, looked at it and asked me to pay €10 for the fee. What kind of fee it is. I rejected to pay for this money because it must go into his pocket after.
Eventually, he gave up and stumped on my passport. Of cause, it was his duty.


I crossed the Senegal river and went to the Senegal side of immigration.


It was also small unreliable looking border. I couldn't find a person in charge. Seemed a guy talking on the phone outside was the person.
He came into his office and sat down his chair. He looked at my passport and asked me for €5. I asked receipt in order to pay. He, of cause didn't. I insisted not to pay. Eventually, he, of cause gave my the stump.


Anyway, the Senegal part of my journey has been started.
The road became much better. My bicycle was very dusty though.

After 30km cycling, I arrived to a big town, Saint-Louis.
There was a market in the center, so many people were around.
Bonjour, a kid came to me and shook my hand with big smile.
A man talked to me and said "Welcome to Senegal".
It was very good mood. I loved it.

ここから30km走って最初の大きな街、サンルイに到着。街中に着くと市場があって人でごった返していた。小さな子供がボンジュールと話しかけて来たり、握手しに来たり、おっさんが良く来たな~ とニコニコして話しかけて来たり、とても感じが良い。

The center of Saint-Louis was in the island. To get there, I needed to cross the bridge called Pont Faidherbe. It was made in back to French colony term.
サンルイの中心地は島になっていて橋で渡るようになってる。この橋はフランス植民地時代の古い物でPont Faidherbeというらしい。

There were not cheap accommodation in the center, so I went to the another island where fishing harbor was.
Camping Ocean is on the lonely planet. Camping was for 3000CFA about $6.
They had a fancy hotel next to, so I could use their cafe for WiFi. I loved the atmosphere and people here so will pitch my camp here and take some time to see this town.

Camping Oceanというロンプラに載っていたキャンプ場があって、テント泊が3000セファー CAF 約600円。綺麗なホテルが隣にあってWiFi有、ビーチもすぐ目の前でホテルの人達もすごく親切。ここを拠点にしばらくサンルイ観光する事にする。

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