To Cambodia border, Aranyaprathet, カンボジア国境へ, アランヤプラテーテト
I am a bit enjoying how people react after I pretend local and then talk in English. They almost always smile and talk to someone that they thought I am local.


Anyway, I'm now 50km west of Aranyaprathet, a town of Thailand at the border of Cambodia.


It's getting hot and hot as I reach to Cambodia. This weather remind me Sumatra. But here, compared to cycling Sumatra, the road is very flat and straight. I can pick up speed, but its a bit boring.


In such situation, a thing that I haven't seen long time came down from the heaven on the way.


Sugar Cain juice. さとうきびジュース

I drunk 2 of 500ml bottles.

I will cross the border tomorrow. Exciting!!

This is how a morning of temples in Thailand is like. It's about 5am.

I found a nice bike shop, Rit Bike Shop in Nakhonnayok. They have verity of components. I was surprised that they had Shuwalbe Marathon. I think people don't need to go to crowded Bangkok to tune-up. Even the owner speaks English.

ナコンナヨックという街で結構良い感じの自転車屋「Rit Bike」発見。XTRなんかも置いてあったし、何よりシュワルベのマラソンがあってビックリ。ここ知ってれば、ゴチャゴチャのバンコクなんかにチューンナップしにいかなくても良いよね。オーナーは英語しゃべります。

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2 days trip to Bangkok, 2日間バンコクへ小旅行
Two of my under-wears I brought from
Japan are getting tired. Those will die soon.


Anyway, I took a short trip to Bangkok to see my friends and to buy some need.


I left my bike at Guest House in Ayutthaya and took a train(15B). It took me 1.5hour.


I wish we can bring a bike inside of the train in Japan.


Bangkok was the biggest town Ive seen in this trip. It's a bit too crowded for me, so I got tired being there.


However, I could see friends of my university in Japan that I haven't seen for 5 years and buy things I needed. I stay at my friend's ex-boyfriend. He is Thai and very welcoming.


More people speak English in Bangkok. I met many nice locals who helped me to find a bus and way to go. But since people in Bangkok got used to interact with foreigners, many of shop workers try to give us "Foreigner Price". Very tiring to negotiate every time.


In Bangkok, there are many big shopping malls so people can get anything. I found couple of nice bike shops that sell verity of accessories and components. One is in second floor of the department that was used to be "Sogo" the place call "Ultimate Outdoor". Second was north side of Rumbini park. The name was "Probike". I saw some tour-bikes that was just over-hauled in those stores. I think cyclists from west stops Bangkok to do a big maintenance and take off again. For me the place for a big maintenance will be in Istanbul, Turkey.
I hope my tour tire last by then.

バンコクはでかいショッピングセンターが沢山あって、何でもそろう。自転車屋も沢山あって、いくつか品揃えの良さそうな店に行ってみた。1つは昔、SOGOが入っていたデパートの2階、名前は"Ultimate Outdoor "、2つ目はルンビニ公園の北側にある"ProBike". 店の中でオーバーホールを終えたツアーバイクを見かけた。おそらく西から走ってきたサイクリストの集中治療場所がバンコクなんだろう。自分にとっての集中治療場所は、予定ではトルコのイスタンブール。今はいてるツアータイヤがもってくれる事を祈ります。

My schedule goes fast and took a train again to get back to Ayutthaya. I still don't like a big town. I hope I don't get many necessity to go to a big town again.

2泊のスケジュールもあっという間に過ぎ去り、再び電車でアユタヤへ。やっぱり大きな街は嫌いだ。 この先でかい街に何回も行く必要がない事を祈るばかりです。

I will be heading to Cambodia from tomorrow and get to the border in 3 days.

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Ayutaya, アユタヤ
Many people asked me if I was from Thailand when I was in Indonesia and Malaysia. Now I'm in Thailand, so many people talk to me in Thai. Then they realize I'm a foreigner. I think I'm Thai looking.


Anyway, I'm in Ayutaya now.

This is a temple, Wat Salapoon, that was built for cerebration of victory of King Naresan against Burma.


By the way, This king was really addicted chicken fight, so there are many monument of chicken.


Wat Mahathat, ワットマハタート

Wat Phra Si Samphet, プラシーサンペット寺

Wat Yai Chai Mongkhon, ヤイチャイモンコン寺

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On the way to Ayutthaya, アユタヤへの道中
Seemed nothing happened end of last year. I didn't see any areas affected by flooding, but a monk in temple where i stayed said that the water came up by his waist.


Junior high schoolers who stay at school and practice hand-ball. In Thailand, a school mostly locates by a temple, so many school kids go through.


A monk where I stayed. He used to be a militant and became a monk after his wife passed away. He was absolutely zero English, but we had a good communication without it.


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Eating a lot of this in Thailand, タイでよく食べるもの
I've been eating this almost everyday since I came into Thailand.


Pineapple, パイナップル

Thais call Sapparo.

There are many small street stalls selling these in day time, so very easy to get. Also the price is always very cheep. One for 10B ~ 20B($0.25 ~ $0.5).


They cut it if I ask, so I can eat right away. Very nice to have one when it's hot and a bit tired.

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Relaxing town, Kanchanaburi, 落ち着く街、カンチャナプリ
During World War Ⅱ, many people who had been forced to work around here by Japanese militarily were passed away by untreated endless work; building rail roads. Now, time goes very slowly in Kanchanaburi besides this history.


The bridge on the river Kwai, 戦場に架かる橋

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What I keep doing last 2 weeks, ここ2週間続けている事

Cooking by myself. I want to eat bigger portion; Thailand meals are usually small, and to eat more vegetable. Also I can stop anytime.


Fix salad and rice by myself and buy a side dish at market; I can normally buy a side dish at the market that usually starts from late afternoon.


It's fun to look around morning market to find vegetables and fruits.

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A lot of Thanks to Temples, お寺に感謝感謝
Stayed in temples more than I thought. They've alway trusted me and never checked things. Even they gave me water... What a nice place to stay.



A very old Wat rooted by a big tree.

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What a crap, Floating Market. なんじゃこの水上マーケットは!
The episode when went to a floating market in Damnoen Saduak, 100km west of Bangkok.


This was my first time to see floating market, so I was a bit exited.


What I saw there when I went there was that number of boats with tourists is bigger than local boat. It looks so foolish that tourists take photo of thousand of souvenir store along the cannel.


I was hungry so tried to buy banana fried. They asked me 50B for about 10 frys which normally cost only 10B in normal market...of cause I didn't buy there and bought in normal market.

そん時、お腹がへっていたのでバナナフライを買おうと、フライボートに声を掛ける。すると普通は10コで10バーツするセットに50Bと言われ悶絶。 もちろんそこでは買わずに、普通のマーケットで買ったのでした。

To be continued with positive episode.
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How to distinguish a dog chasing or not chasing, 追いかけて来る犬と来ないのの見分け方
After getting many dogs chasing me (at least one every day), I found how to distinguish a dog chasing or not. This is pretty accurate.


First of all, look at a dog and see what they do. When they are playing with other dogs, they should be fine. If they are relaxing and seems don't care about you, also should be fine.


They are okay.

A dog barking, looking at you very seriously, or seemed energetic like walking around quick, they might make a serious disaster to you.


If this dog is barking but stepping back, don't worry.


If this dog is barking or looking at you and coming towered, they are most likely the ones. This is the time to grasp a stick to fight.


Anyway, again Happy New Year all.


After cycling several days from Prap Khiri Khan, I reached Kanchanaburi, about 200km west of Bangkok.


Guest house where I will stay for awhile. しばらく世話になるゲストハウス200B(約500円)

On the way here was pretty boring, but let me show some interesting


Visited a National Park, Huai Yang National Park. The reason I wanted to visit was to see a water fall. When I went to the tourist center in Prap Khiri Khan, a person at the desk gave me a visitor's guide of this N.P. that shows such a beautiful water fall. That photo made me to go there even though this place is where I passed by 40km behind.


It's heavily raining. I got there and paid 100B (about $2.5) to get in.


The water falls are six sections total and No.6 was the last. It's 30 min hike to get to the No.6


The water fall on my brochure is the last No.6....different?


All different!!

Why I can't find it..I felt very weird but went down. I asked a local guide why, but he was unsure and said "maybe it's because it's now dry season".

どうなってんだ? モンモンとしながら山路を下り、登って来た現地ガイドに聞いても「雨季に見れるやつじゃないかな~?」と煮えきらない。

I cycled back 40km again.

At that night, I was looking at my map to decide which way I go. Then I found the reason...


Actually, that water fall was 150km west of Kanchanaburi; My map shows tourist interest with photos.


This Huai Yang Narional Park, used a photo of different waterfall for correcting more tourists...what a crap. I fell in sleep with saying in my mind that give me back my 80km and 100B...

このフアヤン国立公園、客寄せの為に他の場所の滝をパンフレットに載せていやがった!俺の80キロと100バーツを返せーー( ;´Д`) と叫びながらその日は眠りに着いたのでした。

To be continued
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