Crossing Kalahari Desert, カラハリ砂漠越え
The next destination is the capital of Namibia, Windhoek. I have to cross Kalahari desert. There are supposed to be nothing along the way. It will be 820km to go.
It would be very easy if I take a bus or taxi, but of cause not.


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The only I could see was bush, bush and bush. The scenery doesn't change for miles and miles.


I wished I had some music but didn't. My Chinese made MP3 player had been broken, and my iPhone didn't have any inside.
The Japanese things kept in my mind. Seemed homesick again. It is cherry blossom festival season right now. I wished I could go..... I'm cycling in nowhere.

音楽でもあれば良いのだけれど、手持ちの中国製スピーカーは壊れ、iphoneには音楽は入って無い。考えるのは日本の事ばかり。今頃花見か~ 花見しながら酒飲みたいな~

It was the first time to see the sign post with South Africa. It is only 2000km left. The distance was looked very short since I covered most of the distance already. I kept saying in my mind "I'm almost there"


There were nothing but not completely. There were some little villages and cattle posts along the way, so I could get some life supplies as I cycled at least 100km.


I camped one night at a cattle post. A caw guy gave me a watermelon. Inside of it was not red as I expected but the taste of it was watermelon.
Just grubbing inside was African style.


San Bush man was aboriginal African. They still live in this area. As I went to some villages, the people looked different from African. They were more brown, small eyes and simple face. Looked more like Asian. The woman at a restaurant where I had a lunch also belongs to San tribe.


They seemed more calm and quiet. They used to live in many part of Southern Africa but now only live in some part of Kalahari desert.


She cooked such a nice lunch. It was the best meal in Botswana.


There were a lot of butterflies along the way like a falling cherry blossom as I passed by.


The sun set in Kalahari Desert.

At a night, sparkling stars on the wide open sky. In the morning, waking up as the sun getting up.


Then, start cycling again....
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Okavango Delta, オカバンゴ湿原
I took only a day off and decided to join the tour from the camp.
This is a bit different from normal safari tour. We used a small raft to go through the Delta. Then camped in an island over night.


This raft is not really reliable looking but quite stable. It holds heavier things than I thought.


I went to the tour with 5 other guests, a guide and couple of women helping us.
We used three Mokoros and headed to the island where we had to camp.


There were many water lily in the Delta. The quiet surface was redirecting the sky. It was a heaven like atmosphere.
By the way, the stem of lily was eatable, so I picked some on the way to the camp and had those with tomatoes and beef I brought as dinner. It was grate taste.


The water of the river was browned by tannin and full of water plants on the bottom.
I've seen those plants at an aquarium shop in Japan but those I found here were much healthier.


We were on the Mocoro about 1.5h and arrived to the island.
Pitching our tents at the camp sight. The camp sight was located absolutely wildlife area, so anything could be happened in any time.


After pitching the tents, we had some free times. I tried to observe some life in the water.


I was so excited seeing those spices that I've seen in only aquarium. I got satisfied enough here already.
I started getting an idea of making an aquarium with African spices when I went back.


Other things we've done were swimming at a natural pool and walking safari in the late afternoon and next morning. We saw a group of zebras, impala, wildebeest, warthogs, jackal, owl, etc....


The best thing of this tour was camping in wildlife area. I have been cycling for over half year in Africa but have not really done for camping in the wildlife area. It was good opportunity.


During the night, it was quite creepy. I heard clearly Hyenas calling each other and owls.
The guide warned us about safety rules during the night.
The animals are very active during the night so had to be aware special attentions.
I was really scared to go to the toilet so just done at the bush nearby.
The guid told us that as long as we stay inside of the tents, we are 100% safe.
It was the really exciting night.


The morning sun rise. It was so beautiful.
The Okavango was the last long stop. I have only 2200km left to Cape Town. I will work very hard with my body and soul.

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ようやくマウン, finally into Maun
Okavango Delta is one of the highlights of the East Africa. It was only my focus in Botswana. I came here to see the Delta.


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Okavango is the biggest inland Delta in the world. The huge amount of rainfall dropped into the Angola flows slowly into the Delta and eventually drys up in the Kalahari desert.
Enormous amount of animals following this water stay in this area, and also for me, the best place to see the life in the water; fish and aqua plants.


Moun is the headquarter for the people visiting Delta, so there were many over landers in the town. I took 7 days for 680km from Bulawayo so was quite tired. It is the time to take some rest.


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Real Safari, リアルサファリ
As my map shows, I had to go through Nxai Pan National Park on the way to Maun.
People always said "are you not afraid of animals" like I had same in Zimbabwe.

地図で見るとわかりやすいのだけれど、マウンに向かう途中で、Nxai Pan National Park内を通過しないといけない。この区間は野生動物が沢山いるらしく、ジンバブエの時のように散々地元の人達に脅かされていた。

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Of cause, I have no way to take a bus or hitchhike on my way. I took off Gweta in the early in the morning. Then after 20km passing through the N.P., I found some rock looking object moving in the bush.


Those were elephants; a group of 6 elephants. I was only about 20m away from them. They wee eating grass. I slowed down and started taking some photos.
As this photo shows, an male elephant found me and started moving his ears open. As long as I knew, it was not good sign.
He seemed warning. I started picking up the speed to move away from this point.


I cycled a few kilometers and stopped. My legs were shaky. I was really scared. It was absolutely different from the feeling when I was on Safari tour. It was a real contact of wild animals.
If it was a group of lion, how it could be.....

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Half day off, 半日オフ
There were many anthills on my way. It looked an fine art work against the blue sky.


I was tired enough since I had cycled for 500km in 5 days, so I took a half day off in Gweta, a little village 200km east of Maun. There was a lodge that had some good reputation from over-landers and Lonely Planet.


Planet Baobab was a good place to chill out. As the name of it shows, there were some big baobab trees in their property. The biggest highlight of this place was a big swimming pool.

泊まったのはプラネットバオバブ。Lonly Planetやオーバタンダーからも高評価な宿らしい。名前の通りバオバブが生えていて雰囲気が良い。一番のポイントは大きなプール。

It turned into a small reward after cycling in hot for long time.

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The Art of Africa, アフリカの画
The road and crowd go to the horizon.


This is the Art of Africa. I liked safari and falls but it was the best moment I have in east Africa.


Some times, animal crossed the road.


Not yet the elephant crossing

As I was getting closer to the Nata, the water almost reaches to the surface of the road. This seasonal flooding brings a lot of animals.


The camp ground I wanted to stay at was closed due to the flooding. This area is about the boundary of wildlife and human life. Every time when I talked to the people, they said "are you not afraid of lions?".


I believe I got a spirit protecting me after visiting Zimbabwe.

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To Botswana ボツワナへ
2 days from Bulawayo, I reached to the border of Botswana. I camped at the police station last night. Seemed my new cloth worked for appearing better.
I met a journalist for Zimbabwe chronicle and had an interview. She told that it would be on weekend newspaper. I'm regretted that I wouldn't be able to look at it since I am getting out of Zimbabwe.


Japanese doesn't need a visa for Botswana, so it was easy to cross the border. However, the regulation of bringing things into Botswana was more strict than I expected. I was forced to eat all bananas I had otherwise I loose all bananas.


Botswana is really a flat country. The scenery doesn't change for miles and miles, but the crowed on the sky was like one of the best art.


The population of this country is only 2 millions even though it is about 1.5 times as big as Japan. The most of the people stay in southern region, so the north where I'm cycling is very open. I don't see any people walking between the villages. Since that reason, I couldn't end up any village at the first night, so I camped in a farmland.


It was at least wild animal free since the farm was all fenced off, but the bells of caws were very noisy.

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