Going to South Africa, 行くぜ南アフリカ
From Aus, I straight 180km downed to the orange river that flows along the South Africa border. The elevation was dropped to 30m, the Orange river, from Aus 1400m. It was mostly going down.


This is a metal rich area. As my map shows, my right hand side is diamond area. That's the reason the road had been paved in such a remote area.


It's the diamond area but looked the same as others. I even saw more wild animals here.


Before reaching to the Orange river, I stopped by Rosh Pinah, a town that was described as a small dot on my map. I thought it would be just a service station, but it was a town with a big supermarket and a bank.
I bought a lot of food here since I didn't get much in Aus.
Also, another important thing to do was to use all Namibia dollar; South Africa Rand can be used in Namibia, but not opposite. Exchange rate will be not appreciable once crossing the border.

オレンジ川の手前にあったRosh Pinahという地図上では点でしかない場所、ここがどうやらこの辺りの拠点だったらしく、スーパーや銀行まであるちょっとした町になっていた。

From the river, the road got gravel again. Since the elevation was low, it was really hot.


I coincidently encountered a German couple I met at the backpacker in Windhoek.
They had been on air conditioning car, so it was too hot for them to be out for more than 10 min. It was actually nearly 40℃. It was really hot!! We talked a bit side of the road, and they left.


It was really dry and rocky in this area. The Orange river seemed the only resource for the spices to survive. However, there was some strange plants growing on such a harsh environment.


Kiver tree, I don't know the right spelling. This is a endemic plant in this area. It survives for 400 years.


The other side of river bank is South Africa. Looked very easy to cross, but I have to cycle along until the border post.


When I left Bali, Indonesia, I didn't think I would come to this far, like South Africa. One of these days, I decided to go to Africa and to finish in the cape of good hope.
I wanted to cycle in Africa, but the main reason to come here was to keep making a single track to "the end of earth".


When I was little, South Africa was "the end of earth" or "the farthest place on the earth".
I was always curious how South Africa would be like.


I'm here now, I'm almost "the end of the earth".


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Out of hell 悪路脱出

The road became paved after 700km struggling. Then I reached to a little village, Aus.


I haven't talked to anyone for last few days. I have to stretch my tongue to be able to keep my mental healthy. I went to a camp ground to find someone to talk with. There was no one unfortunately.
A woman, the owner I found lately, was grumpy some how. Seemed I have to be quiet for next few days as well.


This grumpy mama had a little shop at just cross the street. It was the only shop in Aus.
The everything in this shop was so expensive. For example, a 330ml coca cola was about $1. 500ml of milk was $1.5. One onion was $0.4. Those I needed were awfully expensive.

この無愛想なおばちゃんの経営する売店はキャンプ場の通り挟んで向かいで、Ausで唯一の売店。この売店、やたらと品物が高い。普通のスーパーで買う倍近い。コーラ缶が約100円、牛乳500ml 150円、玉ねぎ一個40円、全く狂っている。

I was suppose to be willing to spend money here after working so hard, but since those reason; grumpy mama and highly priced supplies, I kept my money in my pocket.


However, I took a day off in this camp. I was exhausted so definitely needed to have some rest. The camping fee was surprisingly reasonable; it was about $7 per night.
I'm almost South Africa! Only 300km to the border.

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Struggling, 死闘
Exhausting...really. Moving 70km in a day is maximum even though I worked with 120% of my power.


In this photo, the road looks okay, but in reality , it was really collugated and loose gravel.


The wind was from east. As long as I'm going south or south west, it's fine, but once the road moves east towered, the force of it was strong enough to slow me down a lot.


I'm a bit sulking every time tourists on the cars passed by.
After a day of big work out, I became like a knocked out boxer; laying down and don't move for awhile.


The beautiful sunset and sparkling stars are only anchor to my soul.


The road condition from Betta was the worst. I shouted like "Fuck off!!" in many times. There were no animals listening anyway.


My MP3 player that I just bought in Windhoek was broken, what a rubbish Chinese product was. I am knocked out again.


より大きな地図で Cycling East Africa 2/2 を表示
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Sossusvley, ソススフレイ
This is the first stopping point, Sossusvley, one of "the Namibia" spot that I wanted to visit.


This huge area was covered by Namib Nakult Park, so there was many animals such as Oryx, windbik?, ostrich etc..
I wished I had a decent camera with zoom lens.


Even though I was close enough, the animals on the photos taken by iPhone was very small. Disappointing...

iPhone ねカメラだと例え動物が近くにいても点にしか映らない。

In Sossusvley, I planed to take a day off and to go inside of park.


From the entrance, the famous spot witch is the far end of the road is 60km away.
I didn't want to cycle, even it was not allowed for cycling, so I tried to ask people with car for the lift.
It was easy. I found a German couple going, and they gave me a ride.

エントランスから最深部の砂丘が集まる部分までは片道60km、ここは走るのが面倒なんで (ちなみに自転車走行は禁止らしい)、入園料を収める受付で便乗交渉。朝早かったのもあって大して苦もなく便乗成功。ドイツ人夫婦の車に乗せて頂き、いざ最深部へ向かった。

It was strange. The road on my way was all unpaved, but the road inside of the park was almost completely paved. It was fast to make 60km to the end.


The last part of the road, about 5km was too sandy to go by normal car. We left the car and switch to the shuttle, a normal tractor.


An unique dune, it was red. I've heard that Namib desert was the oldest desert in the world.


This dry valley, Death Souvley had been used for Japanese commercial on the TV.


The rain fall used to make a small pond but not anymore.
How many years those dead trees stand here.


As the time goes, the temperature became really hot, and it was too uncomfortable to stay here. I was cycling in desert in same condition but it was my day off, I have to take it easy. I gave up and went back to the entrance.


For about half day, I spent for the rest. The camp site was really expensive, about $12 for one night. The entrance fee of the park was about $7. I felt ripped off. It's okay. This is the day off. I finished washing myself and my dirty stinky cloth. Then don't forget, cold coca cola and beer. I'm ready from tomorrow.

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into desert, 砂漠突入

I woke up by sound of thunder. Opened my tent and checked outside. There were very dark crowd on my destination.
I really didn't want to go but have to because I have only minimum supply. I have to get to the place to refill in certain date. I got rain of cause, but it was incredible view waited me after passing through this rain.
The plain had become all emerald green by rain fall.


The fresh grasses on the plain was shining by sun, and those were blew in soft wind.


I'm getting lower elevation as I am into the desert. It was hot. The strong sun burns my back. I was sweating a lot.
There were some nice people. I got some water and snacks from tourists on cars. It was giving me so much energy.


I don't see any local cars running. Only cats passing by were rental cars.


After hard work in a day, pitched my tent and prepared my dinner.

This is my favorite time of the day.

After cycling 260km and 4 days from Windhoek, I reached to the refill point, Soliter. I could manage the water, even I got some leftover because of some help from tourists.


Soliter was written on the map, but it was just a small service station. There was a small shop, so I could get some life supplies for next few days.

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am I okay? 大丈夫か?
Time for the last challenge. In the morning I leave after staying 4 nights, I was packing everything and preparing an adventure. Just about finishing all, I heard a strange noise like something snapped. I looked at my tent.


It was disaster. I would cry if this was the beginning of my journey. Don't forget, I've been traveling for long time. I prepared.
I checked my bag, grubbed a repair tool and fixed it.

うわぁ! 重要なポールが!旅始めなら泣きそうになってたかもしれない私、もうこんなハプニングは想定内。

I hoped nothing bad happened on my tent again. I will be in middle of nowhere for next few weeks.
After such a bit of hassle, I left here. I felt my bicycle was really heavy. Of cause, in this time, I carried 19 litters of water and food for 3 days. I felt an easy slope was very steep hill.


I was worry about myself and also my bicycle. But I have no choice. I have to go.


Once I left town, the traffic became very quiet. I enjoyed cycling. This is a bike ride supposed to be.


It was nice view on my way. However, very steep upping down. I sweated a lot.
Then passed a pass about 2100m.


I thought there would be down hill, but there were road going to horizon. It was not tiring because the scenery was good enough to forget my tough work.


The sky was so blue.

The road goes miles and miles. Nothing along my way.


This gravel road was not easy to cycle. If I choose a wrong track, I loose my control by loose gravel. I have to keep my eyes on my way carefully.


Next day, I had another pass but it was easy. I was already on higher elevation. It was nice view from the top. I like mountains a lot.


From this point, I was getting into desert.


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Important, 重要なお知らせ
Bought an air-ticket to Japan

5月12日, 12th of May


I will fly with Qatar Air. The ticket cost me only $650!! Cheep.


Since I lost my old iPhone, I lost most of contacts, especially for friends in Japan.
Please send your contact to my Facebook account or personal hotmail account.
I'm looking forward to seeing you!!

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I managed to arrive, 何とか着きました
Finally, "Finally", reached to Windhoek. I'm still in good mental condition...


Windhoek was different world compared to other countries in Africa I came through. It's hard to believe this is Africa.
I thought many white men when I arrived to Zambia but here, even more. Windhoek was like a town in Europe.
There were big shopping malls and supermarkets.


Things they had were as same as in Europe. Also the price was really expensive.
The first priority was resting, but I have some other things to do.
In this town, I have to buy more things than usual.


Since I had really hard time for pedaling from Botswana, I chose some routes where looked much enjoyable. However, there will be even more nothing.
The distance between villages or service station was about 200km to 300km. I have to carry more food and water.
I was very shocked when I saw the receipt after purchasing everything I need for next 4 days. It was about $40!! It was the most expensive purchasing in one shopping.


For other thing I bought in town, MP3 player with radio function.

I bought it in Indian shop. I sold a camera battery and charger and bought it about $10.
It looks rubbish so hope doesn't break in parts.


I also bought a bar tape for handle in a bicycle shop.

This bicycle shop does look good. Seemed they had many good stuff.


Will have to cycle 800km off road once I took off. It is my last challenge for sure. I will try my best with my body and soul.

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Driving me crazy, あたまがおかしくなりそう
It took me 7 days, including a day off at Ghanzi, to reach to the Namibia border.


There was no exchange guys at the border, so I had to change the money at a shop. The rate was really bad. It was ripping off.
I bought a takeout lunch at a restaurant. The same menu that costed $2 in Botswana was about $5. Things became even more expensive in Namibia.


Still the scenery doesn't change. It's driving me mad. I haven't made descent conversation with anyone for last few days.
I was about becoming crazy, when I met a English cyclist, Charlie.


He was also in a long haul. He crossed Central Asia in the same timing when I was there. He went through east Africa from Turkey and reached to Cape Town already. Now, he was on the way back to England via west Africa.
Sadly, his bicycle was stolen in cape and made a new with some parts from second hand bicycles.


All the best in his challenge for west Africa.
I wished I could cycle with him but he was on opposite direction. We just had a lunch together, and then I left. It is the time for me to be alone again.


For Namibia, the cycling tour seemed not easy. There were all fenced off along the road. It was very difficult to find a place to camp. I had to cross the fence in couple of time. It is for keeping animals inside, I understand, but It was very annoying.
Moreover, there were no space for cyclists on the road, same bushy scenery, very long distance to a next village, head wind etc.... I almost start hating this country.
I want to finish as soon as possible.

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