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It's been a week since I came back to Japan. It was unexpectedly busy last a week, so I couldn't update.
What I felt last week in Japan was "this is absolutely beautiful county"; not only scenery, people and atmosphere.


I arrived to Narita Airport on 13th of May. My parents were waiting for me at the arrival gate. As I came out from the gate, my mother was waiting right front of the crowd.
Her smile brought me back here, and I felt almost tear falling on my cheek. My father was behind of the crowd. We walked to parking lot.
My parents looked very exited, and I was as well of cause. However, in the same time, I felt so sorry because their excitement reminded me that they had been so worry and nervous for what I did last two and half years.
Of cause, I don't regret what I've done on my journey.
I really appreciate people who helped and gave me the words of encouragement. I surely wouldn't make it without those people. Thank you all so much.


Many people asked me before going home "what kind of Japanese food I would have at the first day"


Here is,,,, Ramen noodle. It was sooooo tasty, but a bit small portion for cyclist stomach. It was absolutely beautiful taste!!

ラーメンでした^_^ サイクリストの胃袋には足りなかったけれど、本当美味しかった。やっぱり日本のラーメンは最高!!

This is Japanese breakfast.

感無量 awesome!!!

As I went back and started new life here, I deserved some rest. However, it was a bit busy for last a week.
There was press interview sat up at city hall couple of days after. I was on several different news paper and will on TV.


My duty after such a irreplaceable experience will be to tell people what I've seen and felt oversea and must do something in return for kindness of the people I met.
That's is my real goal and the way to be "true wealth".
I hope I can get such a job and also a girl in order to move my life forward.


I don't think I do another long bike journey again because I have the new dream as I said. However, still deserve some short sightseeing trip in the future. I've never been to South America anyway.


Again, I really appreciate people who helped and gave me encouragement on my way.
For my parents, I know the gratitude words won't be enough compared to their anxiety last two and half years.
To tell my appreciation, I will do my best in this country.


Thank you for watching my blog. I have no plan to close my blog. Hope this blog helps those who are on bike tour and who will take off for it.

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