Last Day of Southeast Asia, 東南アジア最後の日
This is the last day of my stay in south east Asia. I stopped at a guest house in Boten, a village 7km south of the border.



There were no restaurant, but I found a Yakitori place so could eat it with drinking Beer Lao.


From tomorrow, I will start cycling China.
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Resting for 3 days in Luang Prabang, ルアンパパーンで休養3日間
Mekong river I see here became narrower than I saw it in south. It will be even more in north where I am heading.



For 3 days, I didn't look around town. This town is too touristic for me so not very interesting. For me, its much fun to cycle and visit remote area to see real life of people.


I liked my guest house located by pretty quiet street.



I couldn't meet any Japanese but met a cyclist from Israel. We hung up and went some places during my stay. He is going to south and will finish in Vietnam.

日本人には会えなかったけど、イスラエルサイクリストの と会い、2人で街を走ったり、飯を食べながら旅の話をして楽しんだ。彼は南下組でベトナムを少し走っておしまいらしい。


It was interesting to talk to him to know the culture of his country because I've never met someone from Israel.


China is only 300km away from here.


For anyone who read my blog through Facebook. I want to inform that I won't be able to look at Facebook in China, so don't think I ignore your comments if you posted. I just can't.


Actually, my blog, FC2, doesn't work nether but my cousin will help me to update so please keep tracking me.


I hope I can update once before I leave Laos.


Luang Prabang.


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The reason I came to Luang Prabang, ルアンパパーンに来た理由
Is to enjoy a steam sauna here.

My friend told me that there was a nice sauna in Luang Parbang, so I decided to be heading here instead of taking highway 1 that goes more north to Udomxay.


So, I'm now in Luang Prabang.

There were some big passes that go up about 20km last 100km. My all muscles worked very hard.


After I got here, I went straight to steam sauna. It's good timing to be here because I was pretty tired.


The sauna was located in Lao red-cross so seemed many local used this place.


I payed 10000kip and borrowed towel and Salon. Kept my valuable stuff in a locker. Then ready to get in.


There was couple of small rooms about 2 square meters and a bench inside where herbal plants smoke coming out. Inside was all smoked out so couldn't see anything.


All my body got sweat. Once you go out, there were hot herbal tea that smells same of smoke prepared. It's free so I could drink anytime I came out.


I did same repetition for one hour. After that, I felt all my body clean up.


I didn't finish yet. I got body massage as well. It only cost me 40000kip($4) and they gave me 1hour full body massage.


A person massaged all of my body including tip of fingers. I was feeling "going up heaven"


It's really recommended. I guarantee you will be satisfied.

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My body function failed, 身体壊れる
I experienced this symptoms; fever and stomachache, when I was in Sumatra. Those always appeared when I was tired but couldn't get enough sleep for awhile.


At the guest house in Pornsavan, since it's located by main street, pretty noisy. I couldn't get good sleep for two days.


It's pain my ass I got into Lao without visa; 15days stay and already spent 5 days so far.


I wanted to move to quieter place so decided to take off. That day, I cycled 50km without meal in such crappy shape. Very difficult to cross mountains.


Eventually, I reached Nong Tang where a guest house was.


I run into my bet and slept like dead man.


Next day, my body recovered like brand new. I had a same experience in Sumatra, and that time was also same; my body recovered in one night with good sleep.


What a amazing human body is.


Anyway, I'm now in Phou Khou, 120km south of Luang Prabang.


I enjoyed cycling in mountains especially, when I cycled along mountain ridge.


Its regret that this month is for burning fields so very smoky and hazy. Also, many mountains in Lao are bolded out.


I thought there were used to be beautiful forest all around.

Almost I reach to Luang Prabang. I hope I can see Japanese; I haven't seen any since SiemReap. I miss speaking in Japanese so much.

もうすぐルアンパパーン。日本人に会えるかな~ シェムリアップ出てから日本人に会ってないから、久々に日本語喋りたいな~
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Plain of Jars and Beer Lao, ジャール平原とビアラオ
Today is my day off. I'm now in Phonsavan.


I used my day off for visiting to a place called "Plain of Jars"


Even though it's a day off when I should take a rest, I cycled. Cycling is like part of my life cycle right now.


In this place, there are many jars made from rocks, and those were created by ancient people here. There were not accurate definition why people made those.


The most strong theory is now that those were made for as coffins buried with body after cremation and jewelry.


This area were used to be main base of Lao libertarians during Vietnam war so there were many craters by bombs that the U.S. dropped.


I heard that there are still many unexploded bombs in this area. I saw some people used those as things for hanging Landry.


People use ruins that might remind them sad history. What Lao are very strong spirit.


Anyway, rest of the day is all off.

I had a little good thing.

I got a Beer Lao sticker that I have been looking for.

Since I had nothing to do, I walked around town and found a distributer of it. Fortunately, a salesman was visiting there and he had some stickers. Then I got 2..


I stick on it on my bike and move forward from tomorrow.

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Border crossing to Laos again, ラオス再入国
Got back into Laos and received 15 days again. Since I need to get into China by march 7th, it's about what I scheduled.


It was very tuff climbing to the pass as I expected.

But, still liked cycling mountain.

Until Lao border, its been foggy, so the road was very wet and muddy. I heard that the weather of this area was like that in this time of year.

It's not much heavy upping down until Muon Xen, but from there to after few kilometer of the border, the road became steep. I took 6 hours for 30km from Muon Xen.

Muon Xenまではアップダウンもそれほど気になる程はなかったが、ここから国境、その先ラオス側のNong Hatまで30キロ 胸付八丁の上り坂。この30キロに6時間かかった。。

In Non Cam where the gate located, got a stump for departure. Cycled 200m from Vietnam gate, got a stump for arrival at Laos gate. This gate was in good shape both side of countries.

Non Camのベトナムボーダーで出国スタンプをもらい、200mくらい進んだラオスボーダーで入国スタンプ。このボーダーは両国とも綺麗な建物だった。

In high elevation area, it was all fogged out, so I couldn't enjoy the view. But on the way up, the mountain view was pretty nice.


For my opinion for cycling in Vietnam, people were very friendly but i felt sometime too much. I got invited having tee several times.


Accommodation were very cheep, and food was perfect. I didn't feel people to try to trick me when I pay for something. I stayed there only 8 days, but overall, it was good cycling. I might have felt differently if I cycled in big towns.


For me, I still like Laos better so cycle again now.


Bye bye pho. Welcome to Beer Lao

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No.2 An adventure road again, 冒険路再び 続き
It was still ruff off road after Kengtapa village for awhile but finally got out of it and the road connected smooth dirt road.


This road went along beautiful canyon, and there were many nice clean streams camping out from mountains.


However, good mood was ended up in Ban Nabong. There was a pretty big river without any bridge and boat crossing.


I thought "How I should do...." then decided to cross by myself because I saw people crossing.


It took me 3 times going and back to move all of my bags and everything in other side of the river. Bags were so heavy, and I got wet until my waist so was very exhausted.


I was supposed to go right before Vietnam border. Since I took me awhile to cross the river, I ended up in a small village, Ban Senpang and stayed at somebody in this village.


People in this village also live in ancient way, but there were TV, Power and Phone. It's no doubt I really enjoyed cold pepsi.

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An adventure road again, 冒険路再び
It's very tuff for cycling local Lao road.

Stayed Nabo village for two days. Still tired but took off due to dead line of my china visa.


Road No.28; Nabo village to Napkhon village was all sealed. Stopped by police man because he let me have a break first and bear with him.


From there to Kengtapa village, about 40km, it was very tuff.


I cycled mountain road like I did last time.


This road was wider line on my map. Also police man I met in this morning said it should be fine, so I expected easy. I grumbled "shit again...."


Asking people the way to go and finally I reached the village.


What I saw at first was women who's teat out of shirts.


I was like "oh my god...what a hell where I am"


I checked later that there was no electricity, Gus, TV, telephone, and well. People in this village do everything on a river nearby and get food from mountain and river; self-sufficient.


I found a guy and asked to let me stay there. Many people came out and around me.


Seems they don't get used to see outsiders so they looked at me very strange but so curious about me.


I spoke in a bit of Lao and did body language to explain what I do. The atmosphere got calm. Eventually a leader of this village let me stay his home.


He lives with a wife, mother and sisters; 5 people in his home. His mother, Grandma Kiumapharn took care of me a lot so I very pleased how she did to me.


People in this village very curious everything what I do so they followed me every time I moved.


For about when I swam in the river with naked. I looked at behind. There was some people looking at me so I was like "Come on...please....."


During the night, people there used only candles and torch so very dark outside. But there was soooooo many stars on the sky.


In the morning, when I was preparing my bike. Grandma gave me a huge rice ball so I felt a bit sad to leave here.


The taste of it was better than any other nice lunch I could take.


To be continued.
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Out of mountain, 下山
It's cold during night and morning in mountainous area even though I'm still in south.


Took off from Mr.Lao in flesh air.

It's still bad road until noon so I struggled. Then finally I reached a smooth dirt road. I hate a car going by with making huge dust but in this time very happy to see that.


This road goes through a national park and stretch until a village, Muang Pin.

I hit high way 9 and kept going until a village, Nabo, where a local road I will take next start.

This village was small but I fount a guest house, 50000Kip so could take a rest in proper room.

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Bad road and villages isolated, 悪路と孤立村
The road became really bad after Tomulan village. It's like hiking trail.


Pushing, of cause and also carried sometimes.


I recommend this road my previous blog but think for anybody really like off road and adventurous road. I think a bike need to be for off load otherwise the bike might be seriously damaged.


I took off 7am that day but only moved forward 40km until 2pm.


I was totally exhausted and finally got a small village. Actually i was supposed to go to Muang Pin, but it's already about the time to wrap up. Only my choice was to stay in this village.


Of cause there were no guest house, temples, police office, so needed to ask local people to let me stay.


Heavenly, I could meet a local person Mr.Sue Rao and he let me stayed his home.


He was native Lao, they are called "Rao Tun"and has 5 children. His job is to help a village headman. Those are accorded by a man speaking English I will mention later.


In his home, I could play with kids, and he let me join his dinner.


For about a man, I met him when I went to village well to take a bath.


He works in a big government project to develop these area supported by world bank and visited there for population survey.


He visited me that night, so I could hear very interesting things.


Included Ban Tasau village, there are many isolated village without social system in Laos. For people in this village, they need to walk in mountain for 4 hour to get a proper hospital; this hospital is in Tomulan where I stayed last night.


Its no wonder why some patient visited me to ask medicine. In that time, I gave them some kinds that I have enough. I hope they go hospital soon. I also got a person cut his fingers very badly. I did first-aid treatment as much as I could. He was carried to a hospital 60 km away by motor cycle.


Back to about the project a man speaking does, when this project got done, there will be a paved road, proper hospital, police office, school and etc. He said it takes about 4 years.


I like to visit this village again after this project done.

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