準備完了, ready to go
Finally, I got my all visas ready. It took me total 2 weeks in Dushanbe. I'm very happy to get out of my headache of visas. Uzbek visa took 6 days and cost me $20. Turkmenistan visa took 7 days and cost $55.


In here, Adventure's inn, I met many interesting people; Japanese back packer, Shimo-san and UK cyclist, Jamy who I met in Cambodia. Japanese cyclists, Wataru kun, Mogi kun and Akira san. I had a lot of fun with them.

Akira san, on the road for 9 years so far, has a super heavy bike, 100kg!!. It looks a track.

Wataru, cycling around the world and also same age, makes a movie. It must be seen.

For about my schedule for next 2 month, heading west to the Uzbek border and going straight to Bukhara. I will leave my bike at a guest house and take a taxi or bus to Xiva. Come back to Bukhara by 12th and will get into Turkmenistan on 13th. Then cross desert in 5 days and got into Iran on 17th. Until middle of Oct, I will be cycling in Iran.

Many tourist told me that Iran was really nice country, so I'm super looking forward to seeing around this country.

Now, I got too relaxed so need to push myself a bit to take off. The border is about 60km away from here. I am going to Uzbekistan once again, but going with my bike in this time.
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Visas in Dushanbe, ドゥシャンベでのビザ
I came back to Dushanbe from Tashkent on last Saturday. It took me 16 hours by bus and taxi. I used the border nearby Khujand in this time. This border was also crowded by local people. There were a bit stressing mood; I saw some workers shouting and through passport of Tajik, Tajik out side of custom fighting each-other . For me as tourist, it was okay, so I went through without any problem.


Now, I'm staying Adventure's inn again and it's day 3. Here is many Japanese tourists so im enjoying talking and sharing meal with them.

Today was a day for working on my visa. I visited embassy of Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. Those will take 1 week processing. I'm hoping to get those on time next Tuesday.

For Azerbaijan visa, I could get today since I had applied before I went to Tashkent.

I will be very happy to be out of my headache for visas after getting ready for Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan visas.

Well, what I should do until next Tuesday....
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Get out of Tashkent, タシケント脱出
Day 5, I got all my visas ready. My Tajik visa was supposed to be ready after next week, but I could get Tajik visa on Friday, Today. Its because of that I asked Japan embassy to ask Tajik embassy to work on my visa in advance. A nice Uzbek who spoke good Japanese made a phone call for me....


So that, I will be able to get out of this town. Tashkent was too hot, too many police, annoying passport and baggage check every time when I go to train station, I hope I won't come back anymore.

However, people were very nice and there were many pretty girls.

Also, my hotel located in the Tashkent station was really recommended; Convenient location, air-conditioning, registration, clean toilet and also cheep; 16000som.
あと、自分の泊まっていた宿。タシケント駅の中にあって、ドミだけどクーラー効いてて、レギも出るし、トイレ綺麗だし、この条件で16000ソム(500円くらい)はかなりお得だったと思う。 安宿がないタシケントではオススメ。

Japan center was good place to spend my time. There were DVD, books and Internet. I had been visiting there every day.

This is only where I enjoyed; Charu-su bazar.

Can't imagine there was a cheep hotel inside.
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Tashikent タシケント
I took a mid-night train from Samalkand to Tashkent. I arrived Tashkent early in the morning and started working on my visa for next countries. At first, I went to Iranian embassy. it was easy because i already had invitation latter from iranian agant. There were two choices; fast process will be 3 days waiting and cost 60 euro, nomal process will take 5 days and cost 40 euro. I picked nomal.


secon step was Tajikistan. It unexpectedly will take long; more than a week waiting...I planed to go back to Dushanbe next week but not possible anymore.

This is a big city but there is not much things to see..

By the way, my hotel is inside of train station. it costs only 16000 som; 5.5 doller/night. also they provide registration.
ちなみに、今の宿はタシケント駅の中にある安宿。16000ソム だいたい500円しないくらい。レギもでるから心配なし。
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Samarqand, サマルカンド
I left my bike in Dushanbe and took off to Tashkent, Uzbekistan.


The border close to Samarqand was closed so took another gate, one in south, near town called Denau. It took me 1 hour to go through the border but successfully crossed without problems.

From there, took share taxi for 9 hours to get Samarqand. It was the long ride so I thought cycling 9 hours is much better than this...

Now, I'm in Samarqand, the town of blue. This city was a bit touristic for me so it's not very interesting place to see. I think it's because seemed this city had been over re-constructed and looked too new...

However, people were nice even though they were in such touristic place. I'm looking forward to cycling Uzbekistan. For tomorrow, I will be in Tashkent. I booked a train schedule to leave here 2 am so am ready to go.

The Legistan, Samarqand, レギスタン広場、サマルカンド

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Annoying visa, 面倒なビザ
My guest house here is Adventur's inn that is on the lonely planet. This is popular because the owner allow us to put tent, $6/night, in this property. There are no cheep accommodation in Dushanbe so this guest house is a bit over crowded.


Also, Pamir is still closed for tourist so many cyclists stay here to wait for the road get opened.

In Dushanbe, I need to apply Turkmenistan transit visa.

From now, a bit complicated explanation.

For getting Turkmenistan transit visa, I must have a visa for next country you go which can be Iran, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.

For my case, next country after Turkmenistan will be Iran. However, I must apply Iran visa in Tashkent, Uzbekistan (for getting Iran visa, need to get letter of invitation, LOI from Iranian agent. Must contact them and they gave you reference number which you apply with it in a embassy). I have a reference number but it's only for Tashkent. Cannot be changed.

Because of that reason, I came up an idea; applying Turkmenistan visa with Azerbaijan visa. My friend told me that it is easy to apply Azerbaijan visa in Dushanbe and takes only 2 days.

However, when I went to Azerbaijan embassy, a person in charge had been on his holiday. He won't come back soon. There were another guy working on visa. He told me I could get a visa in 3 days but even though I wait for 4 days, I couldn't get it. Even he asked me other document to prove my hotel reservation after 4 days waiting. Seems I need to wait more.

So that, I decided to go Tashkent in advance by car and get Iran visa first. Then come back to Dushanbe to apply Turkmenistan visa with it.

The reason why I want to apply Turkmenistan visa here, not Tashkent is that it takes 3 weeks at least in Tashkent and some people won't get it. This is the worst place to apply.


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Dushanbe, ドゥシャンベ
Took 4 days for 300km from Kuala Khumb to Dushanbe. I got now into Dushanbe. The road was unexpectedly harder than Pamir Highway and the road in Wakhan. I think this road might be destroyed anytime by river. Now, Im in a big town so can refill my energy here. I think I lost some weight because Tajikistan was not good place to enjoy food...I need meattttt...


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