The Tasmania West region, 西域 ザ・タスマニア
As The map shows, west side of Tasmania is so green. I stocked up foods for 5 days in Smithton and heading off.

地図を見てすぐ分かるように、タスマニア島の西側のほとんどが森に覆われている。Smithton で5日分の食料を買い込みいざ西域へ。
A white dirt road going middle of nowhere. I love!!

Nice looking tree's forest.

Bigger waves in west coast.

Refreshing in a river colored black by tannin.

Nice rivet...綺麗な川だ~

Unbelievable!! すんげぇ夕焼け

The Tasmania.

Wallaby, they alway came out during the night and sneak around my tent.

Extremely steep up-down road for 120km, arrived old gold lush town Corinna, and I crossed Savage River by a small boat which cost $10 for just crossing 200m to other side, very expensive!! However, I still like the ferryboat.
スゲーアップダウンを繰り返すダートを120km走り、たどり着いた古きゴールドラッシュタウン Corinna からSavage River を渡し船で渡ります。10ドルって高すぎ! でも渡し船は好き。

To be continued
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Penguin Beach, ペンギンビーチ
I got many bug bite all of my body and have been itched crazy. I had the same experience in Alaska by spruce bugs. Who they were in this time...

1mmもないハエ?みたいのの大群に襲われ、身体中ブツブツカユカユになった(´Д` )
こいつらはいったい何!? アラスカでも同じような虫に刺されてカユカユになった時があったが、あん時はスプルースバグとか言ってたな。大自然の中、何が起こるかわかりません。

Hit the northern coast line. I came here to see penguins. A lady I met on my way told me that Stanley was a good place to see them; basically, there are penguin view point everywhere in Tasmania.

Stanley is a tourist town, and there were a free camping area at the end of main street.
Stanley は半島になっていて、一応観光地。島に続く道の一番奥が無料キャンプサイトになっていてRVなんかが沢山止まっている。

Animals in Tasmania are mostly nocturnal habit, and the penguin here as well. In here, sun-set is about 9:15pm. It is about time for me to go to bed. In this time, i forced my self and went to a spot. The penguin beach was very rough, and there were many holes seemed their nests.

I walked along this beach very carefully and heard a sound of rocks hit. Then I looked at where it was. There was a little penguin hiding in a hole. He was so cute. This guys are Fairy penguin, the smallest penguin in the world.

I saw these guys in the spot but actually saw them near my camping spot. Seems they are everywhere in this peninsula.

※Note, ペンギン観察注意点
They don't like light but will be okay for red color. If you light on them, you need to cover your torch by red color film or cloth. Don't get too close to them. Let them alone.

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Cradle Mt. N.P., クレイドルマウンテン国立公園
This is the most famous national park in Tasmania, Cradle Mountain N.P. I stopped here on my way to see how it looks like. The my camping spot was just out of this N.P., and it was part of conservation area. I camped outside of N.P. because the campground inside was super expensive!! I don't want to pay it for $27 per night!!


The day I arrived there was on Sunday, so there were so many people in visitor center. I considered seriously that I would skip this N.P.,because too many people. However, eventually, i decided to look around it.

After seeing this area, I was pleased that I made decision to come inside of N.P. It was absolutely beautiful. I hiked up the peak of Mt. Cradle which took me 7h around trip, and the view from the top was amazing. However, I couldn't see much wildlife; I think it's because there were many people in the same area. My camp spot near N.P. was much better spot for seeing wildlife.
入ってみてやっぱり良かった~と実感! ザ、タスマニア島といった景色が広がっていて大満足。2日目にはクレイドルマウンテンの頂上まで往復7時間くらいのトレッキング。景色は最高でした! やはり人が多いせいか動物にはあまり会えなかったのが残念。むしろ野宿地の保護区の方が動物影は濃かった。










There are soooo many stars!! 星の数がヤバイっす


There was the famous long trail along this N.P.called "Over Land", which normally takes a week to the other side of N.P. I heard that this was very famous in Australia even in around the world. I met a japanese couple who would try this one and was so jealous. In Tasmania, there were another famous long trail in south. My friend in Hobart, Wayne did this and it took him 18days.

In Tasmania, it's very easy to walk and camp because I don't need to worry much about dangerous animals. I remembered that I was alway nervous about bears when I traveled in Alaska and Canada.

Well, seems this is the heaven of outdoor people. I will keep on my way..
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Happy time, ハッピータイム
There are many RVs with kayak, canoe and bicycle running in Tasmania as this is an outdooring heaven. Many campgrounds are available and even many are for free.


In campgrounds, people are always gathering and having beer and wines, they call "Happy Time". Almost every time when I stayed a campgrounds, people asked me "Hey mate!! Want a beer!?". Australian seems very friendly and welcoming outsiders. Of cause, I grab one and joined them.
キャンプ場に立ち寄ると必ずといって良い程 RVのご近所さん同士、みんな集まってビールを飲んでるのを見かける(ハッピータイムというらしい)。そんな場所に行くと皆さん必ず「ヘイ兄弟!ビール飲むかい!?」と声を掛けてくれる。オージーは本当フレンドリーだ。当然、断る理由もなくビールやワインを頂いてしまい、皆さんとガヤガヤしてるうちに日がくれてゆく。何て幸せなんだろ~

This is my favorite style of cycling for sure; cycling nature and meeting nice people. My tour of north America was same way, I remember.

Tasmania!! There are many places like postcard.

At Campbell town, a bridge that is made by people, prisoner who were sent from UK. キャンプベルタウンにて。イギリスの刑務所から送られて来た人達によって造られたらしい

Inland of Tasmania, タスマニア島内陸部



The east coast was mix of glass land and blue ocean, and mountain area of inland became greener; there were many big trees and even rain forests in certain valley. Half of west part of Tasmania is world heritage sight, and those forest are very old.





Liffy Falls



Spiky!! ハリネズミ

I don't have only good things in this island. This island is very hilly, and they are sometimes super steep!! Even in off-road, on the way up became disaster. I can't make long distance in a day and am always exhausted after cycling. Now, I'm going to even mountain part! Great!!
そんなタスマニア島、楽しいばかりでない。とにかくアップダウンが多い! しかも場所によっては角度がハンパない。オフロード走った日にゃそれはそれはスゴイ角度でアップダウンを繰り返す。おかげで進まないわりに毎日ヘロヘロ。これからさらに北西の山岳部へと進みます。どうなることやら。
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Hate bush fire!!, 山火事嫌だな
My original plan was to cycle around this island clockwise. However, I got blocked by fire on my way after sooner leaving my friend's place so decided to cycle counterclockwise. This island is also very dry, so i heard that it is not unusual to have a wildfire during year.


Even after cycled towered east coast. It's still hazy because there were also fire in east coast. I found this when I stopped by a house for asking water. There were some places still fire going on in east, especially south east. This is exact where I was. It's very difficult to get an information of fires while I'm cycling. Well, I need just ask people frequently on my way to make sure my safety.

In east coast of Tasmania, it's dry and busy. There were so many dead animals on the road run over by cars; wallaby, dingo, possum and even Tasmanian devil!! Alive animal I only saw is wallaby, so I hope I can see others in alive.

There were nice white beaches along east coast. The water was a bit too cold to swim because cold sea water coming from antarctic.

After a few days cycling along east coast, I realized that it's a bit boring for me. I need more excitement in the forest!! I knew there would be more mountains and forests in inland so moved. Cycling Tasmanian forest was an amazing experience. There were so many strange noises made by strange spices. Especially, when it's getting dark, those became more active. There were many craziness going around my tent; wallaby passed by and possum running around. This is the crazy island!!
しばらく東海岸線を走った、綺麗だけど自分的には正直味気ない事に気付き、山や森が綺麗(らしい) 内陸に移動。タスマニアの森の中を走ると、動物の変な鳴き声がいたる所から聞こえて来る。夕方くらいになると、動物達も活発に動き始め、テントの周りでワラビーが通過したり、ポッサムが追いかけっこし始めたり、タスマニアは本当「奇妙」な島だ。

Beautiful sky and clouds

On my way, I stopped a village, Ross. I stopped there because they have a bakery shop that was a image of bakery shop on the Miyazaki movies, wizard's-post service, I don't know the title in EG... I was a bit disappointed after seeing this place because this bakery became a just tourist bakery shop.

A rainbow I saw on my way to Ross. Hope I have a good time.
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First bike ride but!! 初乗り開始 が!
After hobart, I headed to the farm where my friends were picking cherry. This was originally what I planed since I decided to visit Tasmania. It's because my friends are the cyclists I met in Tajikistan so this is a re-union for us.


The place of them was 60km north west of Hobart. Now, cherry season had just started. There are full of cherries on cherry trees. Looks very yammy.


They were actually very sweet and tasty. I'm jealous people working a farm because they can get money and taste cherries both same times. Cherry picking is actually good pay. Some people get over $250 per day!! They can get huge amount of saving in one month. I could work in same farm but chose cycling Tasmania instead.

My friends. In Australia, there are many jobs available for all year around. Even they got too many job to cover up all consumption of Australian, so they need people to come to here and work.

This is their camp.

In this river, there are platypuses, giant eels and trouts. This is the perfect place for people who like author to live.

In second day, the temperature became extremely hot, 38℃. Average maximum temperature of Tasmania is about 23, so it was super hot. I swam the rive to cool off my body and was taking a nap. Suddenly, a guy, he was a boss, came to their camp and started talking something like "Evacuation". I woke up and asked people what he had told them. They were told by him that they needed to evacuate from this area as soon as possible because a wild bush fire has just started nearby.
2日目、タスマニアらしからず、気温が38℃まで上がった。平均最高気温は23℃くらいだから、かなりこの日は暑かった。川で泳いで疲れたからキッチン横のスペースでウトウトしてると、ここのボスらしい人が血相を変えてやってきて、何やら避難がドウノコウノとか? ちゃんと目を覚ましてから聞いてみると、近くで山火事が発生、避難勧告が発令されたらしい。

I actually could see a big smoke coming up to the sky so puck up my valuable stuff and a sleeping bag and then got a car. We moved to a town where a evacuation center was. We are all praying that we won't loose anything by this fire. This night was very hot, so many people couldn't sleep by heat and worry both.
モクモク登る煙からただ事ではないのが見てとれた。急いで避難支度をして、みんなで避難所がある街まで移動。この旅始まって一番のピンチではないか? 「農園が燃えませんように」自転車やその他大多数の持ち物はテントに残してあるので、燃えたらほぼ全ての財産を失ってしまう。そんなモンモンとした気持ちで、祈りながら眠れぬ熱帯夜を過ごした。

Next day, fortunately, the wind changed the direction, so their camp and my bicycle survived. There were still smoke coming out.

My friends surprisingly needed to work that day because a cherry doesn't stop growing, and this heat cause fast growing. It was sorry for them. For me, I also started moving. I told them bye and headed north west of my way.
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Happy New Year from Tasmania, あけおめ@タスマニア
Happy New Year all!! I had the new year of 2013 in Hobart, Tasmania.


Now, I'm staying at Wayne I got known by couchsurfing. His home is by the cost and ocean view. His place was super nice place to be!!

First cloth washed of 2013, 気持ち良い空の下で初洗濯干。

His profesion is gardening and he has a little patch in backyard, ウェイン氏は造園家で家の庭には小さな畑を持ってる。芋を収穫中

The hostel in Melbourne, Melbourne connection, was awful; Bed bug and noisy, so Wayne's place is totally opposite. He is also really good man; taking care of me a lot.
メルボルンのMelbourne Connection ははダニ、騒音がヒドい最低の宿だっただけに、本当にウェインの家は快適そのもの。ウェインは見た目はイカツイが凄く優しい笑顔を持つ、良人。

I had met a lot of nice people last year. This year also has been started in good way.

There was a bike pass from near his home to city center. It was quite nice. There was many people cycling in Hobart.
I have changed my tires because my old ones died after cycling for 25000km. Next ones are just ones I had been having as spares so my bike looks chankey now.


Center of Hobart, ホバート中心部



I liked a botanical garden. There was even Japanese garden.
I love my camera; Canon Powershot G1x. It makes super nice photos!! It made 2 times funner for going out than before..
やっぱり今のカメラ、Canon Powershot G1x は凄く良い絵が撮れる。何か外をフラつくのが2倍楽しくなった感じ。





This is my new year. From tomorrow, I will start cycling Tasmania till beginning of Feb. Again, happy new year and wish you all have a good year of 2013!!
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