West Sahara, 西サハラ
After staying only two nights, I left Laayoune. Its because of that I started wanting to visit Gambia. I have received good information that I will be able to get a double or multiple entry visa for Senegal at the border. That means I can visit to Gambia and come back into Senegal.


From Laayoune, the towns or service stations where I can fill up live-supplies will be a few. I need to move carefully. Next a decent city will be Boujdour which is 190km from here. There, I hope, will be a service station 110km from here, so I planed to camp in this place.


Once I left town, everything around became dry desert again.

After strong wind, the sands covered roads. They need to remove it every time.


I covered all of my body with cloth to avoid strong sun.


I got the strong tale wind again and reached to the service station quickly.


There was a restaurant, so I could have a Tajin.

They let me camp behind the building. It was a nice spot.


Next day, I cycled for 80km to Boujdour.

Why they put a sign of bicycle in middle of desert. I don't think there were any cyclists except I am.
こんな砂漠の真ん中に普通自転車走ってませんから~ 俺以外は

The strong wind still helped me, so I got to Boujdour by noon. There were so many flags of Morocco. Ive heard that they would have a festival soon. A lots of police men were there as well for the same reason.
In that night, I saw a man screaming and saying "something Sahara", and then as soon as he passed the road in front of the restaurant where I had a dinner, many police men and crowd came to this men. It was a very weird moment. This showed the current situation of issue between Morocco and West Sahara.


West Sahara was used to be a part of Spanish territory. After Spain abandoned West Sahara, it was ruled by Morocco and Mauritania. Polisario supported by Algeria came to this point for independency. They, at the beginning, attacked to Mauritania. Eventually, Mauritania abandoned its' territory. Meanwhile, Morocco sent their troops to this part and occupied all over the West Sahara. Since 1979, West Sahara has been occupied.


After some negotiations by united nation, they made an agreement to hold an erection for independency, but it has never been true yet. Morocco government has been building so many infrastructures in this region to make established facts. That makes things more complicated.
In short, West Sahara is in same situation as Tibet where Chinese government has been abusing Tibet culture.


The thing I saw in Boujdour was showing a part of this issue. There had been some insurrection in this region. This is an unstable area.

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The legendary Wind, 伝説の風
There is the legendary wind in Sahara. Many cyclists had been helped by this wind blowing from North.


I had been normally getting north west wind, so it had been strong side wind and a little bit of tale wind for me so far.


From Tarfya, the road starts going south. I felt strong north wind in the morning. When I reached to the main highway, the strong north wind had started pushing me. I was like an airplane. The speed was getting faster and faster. Then my average speed became 27km/h.


As my legs got strong enough, the speed became 30km/h average. This is the legendary wind.


I cycled 50km very quickly, and crossed the border of West Sahara. There was only a monument of the border in the town, Tah.


Tah was like a small community. They had a few shops and restaurants. I bought a bottle of Coca-Cola for the lunch.

There were nothing changed after getting into West Sahara. Only change was the wing got even stronger.


This day, I cycled 110km in 4.5h and arrived to Laayoune. 100km makes normally 6h riding for me, so I will be able to make 150km in one day easily if this strong north wind keeps blowing. I should think about the schedule of the day in depending on how the wind is.


In Laayoune, I had planed to have some resting. I didn't have anything important to do except printing out some documents for Senegal visa.

I couldn't believe how there were everything in such a town in middle of desert.

They had a big market streets.

A lots of vegetables and frouts.

A camel sitting on a street.

I found a strange looking "Japanese pudding" made in Morocco at a supermarket.

Babies hanged up from the roof.

They had plenty of cheap restaurant.

Seemed there were even more jobs in Laayoune than other town in north; many constructions going on. I saw a lots of men with big luggages.

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The last town of Morocco? モロッコ最後?の町
It's still desert. It will be the same scenery for next 1.5month.


Today was for 105km to Tarfya. The temperature is about 20℃ in the morning and up to 35℃ by the afternoon. It's very comfortable temperature. Can't imagine that it would be over 50℃ during summer.


Crossing dunes.

Nice view with clear blue sky.

Asphalt was not really smooth, so it's hurting my butt.

At the point of 70km from start, it was a restaurant.


There was a wall protecting from sand.

This town was like other sahara towns, a lot of boxes on chess board.


There were 4 operating hotels as long as I found. The Hotels along the main street were expensive; 100DH average. I found a cheap hotel inside of main street. Hotel Bahja run by a nice guy cost 40DH.

宿はオープンしている物で4件。メインストリートにあるホテルは100DH以上して高く、内側にあった安宿Hotel Bahjaにチェックインした。40DHで良くも悪くもない。でもおっちゃんは気さくで良い人だった。

They had a fishing harbor so I could have a plate with couple of big fried fish for 20DH.


This town was technically the last city of Morocco. West Sahara is only 50km away. West Sahara has been occupied by Morocco. There is no border control between West Sahara and Morocco, and I don't need any documents to get in. I will explain more for the future.

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Today is for cycling along the coast. My plan was to go 91km to Sidi-Akhfennir.


This coast was not like a beautiful beach. It was cliffs all the way. The cliff scraped by big waves drops 30m to the ocean.


There were many people fishing from such a cliff. Looked very risky fishing.


People kept fishing at the top of cliffs. They don't feel fear.


At the point of 70km from start, there was three gasoline stations. They had a restaurant as well.
I got a police check in this point. I had another one in this morning, so it was second time. I guessed it's because I was getting close to West Sahara.


I found a hole before the town.

It was a sink hole.

As like yesterday, arrived to the town by late afternoon. There were four different hotels as long as I saw. I checked in Hotel Paris Dakar.
It cost 60DH and included bathroom inside.

Sidi-Akhfennirには夕方に到着した。宿は4件あって最初に入ったHotel Paris Dakarにチェックイン。60DHでバストイレ完備。

They surprisingly had WiFi, so I could check messages. I had received a Pre-Visa for Senegal. It was taking a long time to be processed. Actually, I had contacted to Sendai, a company processing visa applications, by Skype when I was in Sidi-Ifni. Finally I got all documents sat.


Drinking coca cola is always the best after cycling.


Sidi-Akhfennir had a beach right behind the town center. It's quite relaxing place.


At this night, I met a local man working as a teacher in this town. He spoke English, so I asked some questions.
The most curious thing I wanted to ask was how people manage water here. He told me that in this region, all drinking water was brought by trucks from TanTan, a town I passed through and for oasis town pumping fresh water. Other water for washing or cleaning things is from a di-salting factory.
There were some big towns in Sahara desert, but water is still very important for the people.


I guessed why towns in Sahara region had been created for 100km distance between.

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Day2 in Sahara, サハラ2日目
I was very tired in the morning but needed to move on.
Today is for 107km to El Ouatia.

この日 El Ouatia までの107km。今日も荒野を駆け抜けます。

To Tan Tan, a big city between was 80km from the cafe I stayed last night. I have been helped by strong north wind so made it to Tan Tan by just right after the noon. El Ouatia was 24km from there.
大きな町 TanTanまでは昨日のカフェから80km。寝不足で身体が大分重かったけれど、強い北風に助けられて昼過ぎには到着した。ここから24km先にEl Ouatiaという町がある。

より大きな地図で Cycling West Africa 1 を表示
I didn't plan to stay at Tan Tan because I wanted to get to Sidi-Akhfennir, a town I will stay tomorrow with 100km cycling. If I stopped in Tan Tan, the distance for tomorrow would become 120km; I tend to avoid over 100km cycling in one day if possible. I had an option of camping whenever I want but chose for staying a hotel because I was not sure if there would be any hiding spot for camping on my way. It's risky.
TanTanに泊まらなかったのは、明日の走行距離を考えての事。El Ouatiaの次の町はSidi-Akhfennirという町で91km離れていて、TanTanからだと120km近く走らないといけなくなる。途中で野宿という手もあるけれど、この荒野の中で隠れられる場所があるのか不安だったので安全策を選んだ。

I arrived to El Ouatia in the late afternoon. I smelled a fishing harbor. There were some hotels. I checked in Hotel Marin, a cheapest option I found. They had a cafe next to, and it looked quite busy.
夕方にEl Ouatiaに到着。漁港があるようで漁港の匂いがする。ホテルは沢山あって1番安いHotel Marinにチェックイン。カフェが併設されてて若者でにぎわっていた。

In morocco, getting into cafe is very stressful. There were "always" many men and they "always" looked at me. Then I "always" heard "Shinua" means Chinese in Arabic. Some time I tried to explain that I was from Japan. However, many Moroccan seriously think Japan is a part of China. That "always" makes me tired. In this case, just ignoring is the best way to avoid irritation.

Fish fried for dinner. Having a good meal made me forgot a stressful moment.
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Start crossing Sahara Desert, サハラ砂漠縦断開始
Sidi-Ifni was a nice place to chill out. I liked here a lot. People were not trying to rip me off, and fish was tasty. If there was a cheap hotel with Internet connection, this town was perfect.
In the morning, I thanked to the hotel guy and left this town. He was a really nice person.


From now, I start to cross Sahara Desert. I had crossed many deserts in the world such as in china, central Asia and Iran, but Sahara is the biggest. The distance I need to cross will be approximately 2000km to south. This huge desert stretches till Egypt to east. What a huge desert Sahara is.

より大きな地図で Cycling West Africa 1 を表示
As you look at this map, the area of Sahara colored all dry. I am now in about north west end of Sahara desert. It's not very fun to cross a desert, so why I will. It's because crossing desert itches my adventure sprit like Tibet and Pamir high lands.


After I left Sidi-Ifni, kept cycling till hit to the main highway.

56km from town, Reached to Guelmim. This town looked as a town created by putting a lot of boxes on chess board. It must be a small oasis village before. From this point, the distance between towns will become more than 100km long.

Guelmim had a livestocks market, and there was even camels. Camels I've seen in Asia were two top, but here African camels have one top.

Trucks carrying a lot of hays.

For tonight, I planed to camp at the cafe 50km from Guelmim if the information i had researched was correct.

As I kept cycling in desert, there was couple of cafes in middle of nowhere. Those were where i wanted. The mountain wizard looking a old man was at the one of cafes. I asked for camping. He pointed to a corner of the cafe and expressed for sleeping. Seemed he let me sleep inside.

He asked me 20DH. I thought it was free but was even okay for that. I slept inside of cafe this night. However, I regretted that I decided sleeping inside. This cafe was 24h open, and it was for resting place for long haul truckers. People came in and out till morning. I couldn't sleep much. Having good sleep and a lot of food are very important for long distance cycling. If one of them is not enough, it makes a problem for the next day.
I should have chosen camping really.
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Fishing Harbor in Morocco, モロッコの漁港
Today is for resting and sightseeing in Ifni. I don't see much of tourists in this town. Actually, there was some caravan parks in here.


The guy of the hotel told me that many tourists on motohomes would come from November. These Europeans stay here till spring.


They don't normally come to the town because there is everything in caravanparks. I don't know if it's good way to stay here.


Anyway, I went to the fishing harbor today. The guy of the hotel told me it was possible to walk, so I started walking before noon.

However, it was not close. I walked along the beach for 40min.

This harbor was not like fishing harbors in Japan. They had only small boats. I thought it would be very denjorouse to go out of such a rough ocean.


In the early afternoon, fisherman started coming back. There were full of fish inside of their boats.


Seemed this ocean was very good fishing. I saw many kinds of fish. I've never seen these kind at the restaurants I stopped by so far.

かなり好漁場なようです。アジ、サバ、タイ、カツオ、タチウオ、サメ等 大漁ですね。このサイズの魚はレストランなんかでは見た事ないけど、何処に行くのでしょうか。

This harbor had a decent wholesale market. People were making prices after.


I got hungrily since I had been watching fish. I walked back to the town again and then had a fish Tajin.

The fish caught today were at the market by evening.

The light house in this town.

The sunset
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Left Nouman's home, ノウマン宅出発
I thanked to Nouman and his father and left his village. His father gave me a hug and said "Nishi Allah" that meant "God Bless you" in Arabic. I felt a bit sad but need to move on.

ノウマンとノウマン父に見送られて出発。ノウマン父が別れ際に何度も「ニシィ アラー」と言ってくれた。アラビア語で神様のご加護がありますようにという意味。ありがたい。すごく寂しそうな顔をするので、すごく後ろ髪を引かれる思いがしたけれど先に進まないといけない。

In this day, I cycled 120km to the West. Looked massive amount of sheep meat I had during my stay of Nouman's home boosted my legs.

ノウマンの村Olad Berhilから単調な直線道路をひたすら西に向かって、この日は120kmも走った。やはりあれだけ羊肉を食べたからこんな走れたのだろうか。

I stayed at a cheap hotel in Ait-Melloul, and then next day started going south again. From this point, my route stays along west coast of Africa till Dakar. The view became more dry and no many trees and farmlands.


The rode became one lane from 30km before Tiznit. There were quite few trucks and buses going by, so I felt a bit stressed. The road construction was not well done by good engineering, so it's not comfortable to ride.


I cycled 80km and reached to Tiznit. This town was the provincial capital. There were plenty of services available. I found a really nice hotel there; cheap, clean, bathroom inside and wi-fi in the room. It cost only 60DH, about $7.

80km走ってこの日の目的地Tiznitに到着。県庁所在地的な町なので物が豊。宿はバス•トイレ付きで、WiFi飛んでて、全てが綺麗。それでいて60DH, 700円と正にモロッコで最強の宿だった。

Hotel Mauritania was the best hotel I've stayed in Morocco. I felt I wanted to stay one more night, but I moved next day because it was only 2 days from Nouman's home.


Next day, I was supposed to head to Bouizakarne, but remembered right before I take off that Nouman had told me the route to Sidi Ifni would be better. Then I changed the route to Nouman's suggestion.


より大きな地図で Cycling West Africa 1 を表示

It was quite hilly on the way since this area was still a part of Anti Atlas. Then I reached to the coast after cycling awhile. this is the Atlantic ocean.


Other side of this ocean is south America. The waves were so big since there were no protections in out of ocean.


The vegetation of coast line was unique. There were many kind of cactuses.


After cycling 75km, I arrived to Sidi-Ifni. I smelled fishing harbor and cooking fish when I got there. This town was very compact and not very crowded like other typical Moroccan towns. I liked the mood of here.


Looked similar to Chefchauen

A market for fish

The main street

Sidi-Ifni looked a quite nice place to chill out. There were everything in center where I could walk from the hotel I checked in. My hotel was really cheap, 30DH about $3.5., and it was clean enough for that price.


A man in the hotel told me that at the harbor in the noon, I would be able to see wholesale fish market. That sounded very fun to watch, so
I decided to stay here couple of days to look around.

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Sacrifice festival of Morocco, モロッコで犠牲祭
The islamic holiday, sacrifice festival called here Ali Adha was still on going in the date we arrived to Nouman's village. His family and relatives welcomed us, even I'm a stranger from oversea. In this Islamic festival, people kill sheep and spread these meat to relatives and neighbors. I've heard that one small sheep costs $100, and a big one costs over $300.


When I was in Marrakech, it was the first day of this festival. The first day is for killing sheep. In the morning of that day, I was on the terrace of the hotel. I heard a lot of sheep crying everywhere. Then by the noon, the sound of sheep has been stopped. As I walked on a street after, there were many skin of sheep piled up on the street. These skins would use for leather crafts like wallets or bags.


Back to Nouman's home. As we were the guest and it was one of the most important Islamic holiday, there were massive amount of dinner prepared at his home.


The head of a sheep was a bit shocking appearance, but it was very delicious. We ate it very quickly till eyeball and brain all gone because we were the hungry cyclists.


We had more other dishes like a sheep meat stew and sheep meat barbecue etc.. It was more than enough to make all of us very very full.


Nouman and other his friends were all about 30 years old. We were pretty much all the same generation, so it was easy for me to get along with. We had a really fun night.


In the next day, I was supposed to leave his home. However, they convinced me to have a sheep meat cuscus at the lunch. I stayed. Eventually, I stayed one more night again.

翌日、出発するつもりでいたのだけれど、昼はクスクスだよ~ って誘われ、ズルズル居座り結局もう一泊させてもらう事になった。クスクスも羊クスクス。

His father, he was wheelchair, gave me a tour around the village by his special motor bike. He took me his relatives. I had another cuscus and home-baked bread with Algan sauce.


Algan plants are only glowing in south of Morocco.

The oil from this plant is super expensive. It might cost over $100 for a little amount.


In that day, we had sheep meat again at the dinner. I had more than 10 sticks. I felt I was ready enough to cross Sahara desert.


From tomorrow, I will start cycling again. It was really nice meeting with them. Actually, I had started feeling very tired of Moroccan since I had stayed in Marrakech where many annoying people live. However, as I met Nouman, other friends and his family, this experience recovered the image of Moroccan. Thank you Nouman and friends!! I think every country has ass wholes especially in touristic area. Morocco is not exceptional. I should keep it in my mind.


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The last pass Tizi-n-test, 最後の峠Tizi-n-Test
I stayed in Marrakech for 6 nights total. I didn't like this town. People were not very nice like Fes. If I've visited only tourist towns of Morocco, I hated this country. I was lucky that I had a bicycle and could visit to some remote areas where I met nice people.


From Marrakech, I planed to keep going south. There will be a pass, Tizi-n-Test on my way. I had a choice to go west to avoid the high mountains but would chose the mountain to see nice mountain view rather than easy coast line. Tizi-n-Test will be the last decent high pass of my journey. There won't be any big mountain pass on my way.


より大きな地図で Cycling West Africa 1 を表示
Anyway, I left Marrakech and headed to Tizi-n-Test.

The first day, I cycled 80km and camped near a shop of a village. Then next day, i started climbling. The last 30km was very winding upping hill.

Before the pass, I coinsidently met 4 moroccan cyclists. They were on same direction, so we cycled together to Tizi-n-Test. They were from Casablanca. They started from Marrakech to the village where Nouman's family live; Nouman was one of Moroccan cyclists. Kindly, Nouman asked me to stay his home for that night, so I decided to stay his home.


Passing Tizi-n-Test with these guys. I was at the last because I had a luggages.


Tizi-n-Test, the last over 2000m pass in my jorney.

On the way to the pass, the road was very narrow but few traffics. It looked the same for going down. I really needed to watch my way carefully. According to these guys, this road was the most denjorouse passage in morocco.


On the way down lasts 40km without any upping hill. Just kept going down. They went down very fast, but I was going slowly because it was too scare to go down such a bad and narrow down hill.


We had Nouman's bike got flat on our way but could make it to his village just right before completely getting dark.

途中でノウマンの自転車がパンクしたりなんかしたけれど、何とか真っ暗になる前に彼の実家があるOlad Berhilに到着した。

To be continue 続く
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Applying for Senegal Visa, セネガルビザ申請
The last thing I needed to be done in Marrakech was to apply Senegal Visa. We didn't need to have a visa to go to Senegal till 1st of July, 2013 but the government of Senegal changed their policy and now required visas for citizen of many countries.


It needs to be done by online. Here is URL

As you go to Biometric Visa, just need to follow their instructions and pay €50 by a credit card. They don't have double or multiple entry visa for some reason. I asked embassy of Senegal in Rabat but they were not sure why. A Japanese tourist I know told me that she got a double entry visa at the border, so I will try when I get there.

このページにあるBiometric Visaという所から申請をする。費用は€50でシングルしかない。以前も書いたが、モロッコの領事館や大使館ではビザ業務は行っていない。先を行く日本人の旅行者によれば国境で$5ほど払ってダブルにしてもらえたらしい。自分も後日国境でお願いして見る事にする。

For my case, as a cyclist, I need to get it at the border post of Rosso, the Mauritania border. There were some other possibilitis to get a visa in the world, but Morocco and Mauritania were not the options they had.

Before applying, you need to have some documents to upload.
1. Copy of passport
2. Reservation of an air ticket
3. Reservation of a hotel
4. Credit card

These documents, 1, 2 and 3 need to be uploaded with JPG, PNG, GIF or PDF file.

1. パスポートの顔写真ページ
2. 航空券の予約表
3. ホテルの予約表
4. 決済用のクレカ

1.2.3は申請していく中でアップロードする必要があるのでJPG / PNG / GIF / PDFのいずれかのファイル形式で準備する必要有。

I planed to fly to Kenya from Dakar so purchased an air ticket. Also booked a hotel but without putting credit card info so I can cancel after.
As a cyclist, it's hard to define when to get a destination especially if it is far away.

After completed registration format, I received an email with attachment like obove. .

Then, you will receive confirmation message after few days. It will be the Pre-Visa

I got all my jobs done. Since I applied visas and got an air ticket, I won't be able to stop for long term from now.

より大きな地図で Estimate route in Africa アフリカルート予定 を表示

It's 1600km from Marrakech to Mauritania border. From some point of my way, I need to cross Sahara desert. It will be a big challenge.
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Mauritania visa and vaccination, モーリタニアビザとワクチン接種
On Sunday, I took a train to Rabat. A Moroccan woman sitting by me told me that they would have a long Islamic holiday coming next week. It starts on Wednesday.


In this time, I left my bike at the hotel in Marrakech and took a short trip to work on my Mauritania visa in Rabat and to get a vaccination in Casablanca .

Since they would have a big holiday from Wednesday, I realized that I needed to do all by Tuesday.
I thought the side trip would be no rush, but it became tight schedule.

In the morning of Sunday, i went to the train station. It was very modern.

The train was also pretty comfortable.

It took 5h to Rabat and costs 120DH, about $15.

The capital of morocco, Rabat was very modern as well. They even had a fancy tram that I've seen in Europe running. Many fancy cars run on streets as well. On the other hand, I saw donkeys working hard in even here. It was showing the huge gap between people.

In that day, I stayed at a cheap hotel in Medina, old center. Then next morning, went to the embassy of Mauritania by a taxi. I arrived there by 8:00am. There were already 6 people lining in front of visa office. By the time of opening the gate, 9:00, 20 more people have come.

The door of visa section has opened before 9:00, and a man handed out an application form. It's written in French and Arabic. I didn't understand both of them, so I asked a guy to fill out my paperwork by giving him some money. Actually it was his job. He filled out very quickly and asked me to pay 20DH, about $2. I paid, but his job was awful; a lot of blanks and date of arrival and contact information were not what I wanted. Eventually, I needed to check all and added more informations by asking other applicants. If I handed it to a official without checking, it would become a big problem.

Fortunately, everything went smoothly after. I could get my visa in same day. They asked me to come back at 15:00, but it was ready before. I went back after 14:00 and got my visa right away.

The date was correct date. I got out of stress.

Next step was to get the vaccination for typhoid. I needed to move to Institute Pasteur in Casablanca. typhoid is the infection by contaminated water. I'd heard that its' symptom would be very serious fever and diarrhea so wanted to take the vaccination before getting into farther south of Africa.

I took a train again and moved to Casablanca in the same day that I got the visa. Casablanca is the biggest city in Morocco.
Visa を受け取ったその足でカサブランカに移動。今回も電車を使い35DH。カサブランカはモロッコ最大の都市。旧市街からの新市街をバックにした夜景が印象的だった。

The view of center of Casablanca from Medina was memorable. It's like the contrast of capitalism and the good old days. Casablanca had more people begging on streets than other cites I've seen. The time flow of this town looked faster than others. People work very hard to follow the speed of time. I felt i saw shadow side of this country.

In Casablanca also, I stayed a hotel in medina. Always cheap hotels are in old center. Then next morning, I took a taxi to Institute Pasteur.

It was opened 8:30, and I could get it right away. It costs 160DH and lasts three years.
8時半前に開門してワクチンはすぐに摂取する事ができた。腸チフスは160DH 3年有効らしい。

I got all my job done in 2days. Actually I still need Senegal visa but it needs to be applying by online. So I will work on it when I get back to Marrakech.

Anyway, it was my short trip. Going back to Marrakech.
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Resting??in Marrakech, マラケシュで休憩?
Resting days in Marrakech.

Funa square, the center of old center. Soooo many people, especially from the late afternoon, many people come here from somewhere. There was many street performers in this square, and people come here to watch them.

Some performers do pretty nice traditional dance or music, and some just do whatever they can do. It's funny to see what they do here. Just need to make sure no to take photos of performers closely in case they ask very expensive tips. I saw a europium couple who took a photo of performers with snakes and were asked 100DH for three of them.

I had a plate of a goat brain.

In Medina, old center was like a maze. There were so many people as well and very energetic. People, trucks, cars, three wheels bikes, bicycle, sheep, cows, cats and dogs were all in same street. This is absolutely called Chaos.

This is not really relaxing place. Actually, I found that there would be no relaxing town in Morocco except camping in small village or mountain. The only place where I relax is the hotel I'm staying now. My hotel, El Amal shown on my guide book was located in a quiet street close to Funa. It costs 70DH reasonably.
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Haut Atlas, オートアトラス
From today, I start to work on Haut Atlas, one of the Atlas ranges in the middle. It's a bit frustrating that I needed to cross the mountain again, but I planed to do things in Marrakech, a city in the other side of Haut Atlas.


I took a local route on the way to the pass. There was the very famous Kasba called Ait-Ben-Haddou in just where the local road started. It is one of UNESCO sights in Morocco.

This is not the special Kasba for royal family or kings but bigger and better in shape than others.
Ait-Ben-Haddou have been used on some famous films such as Arabian Roren.

There were no cheap hotels in the area of Unesco sight. However, I found a camp ground so stayed there at the night.

Since Ait-Ben-Haddou was a world recognized UNESCO sight, seemed many Japanese tour companies put here on their schedule. When I was having a breakfast at the cafe next morning, a Japanese tour group found me a Japanese cyclist and talked to me. It's been a quite awhile since I talked to someone in Japanese last time. One gentleman came to me after the group left. He said "Good Luck" in Japanese and gave me 100DH. I felt more energy from my body than before. It's because not money because what he said.

The road has started going up from this point. I headed to the pass called Tizi-n-Tichka 2260m.
おじさん、おばさんからパワーを頂いたところで本格的にオート・アトラス越え。ここから峠のTizi-n-Tichka 2260m を目指す。

The valley along the road was really beautiful; many Kasba remained.

The road became pretty bad after awhile so I couldn't pick up speed. I gave up to cross Tizi-n-Tichka in one day and decided to camp before. I camped out about 10km before the pass and then in the next morning I crossed. There were very few traffic in early in the morning so it was less stress. It would be very stressful if the traffic got busy since the road was very narrow and not much space for cyclists.
道が悪いのとアップダウンが結構あって一日で峠のTizi-n-Tichka を越えるのは断念。峠手前10km程で野宿し、翌日早朝に峠を越えた。峠手前で国道と合流。朝早い時間だったので交通量もなくあっさり峠越え。道幅が狭くて大型も通るから交通量があるとかなりストレスな道だったと思う。

より大きな地図で Cycling West Africa 1 を表示
There was souvenir shops at the top. People were preparing for the day. I bought couple of morocco stickers for my bicycle.

I have been collecting stickers for all countries where I've been. a problem is that there is no much space left on my bike frame. Lets see how much I can continue.

The road on the way down towered Marrakech was very winding. Tourists in the buses that i saw when they passed me by looked very tired always.

I cycled 120km on that day and reached to Marrakech. It was almost all the way down. I took only 6.5h for such distance. Now I can take a decent rest and get to prepare for the next.
この日は120km 走って一気にマラケシュに着いた。Tizi-n-Tichka からは一ヶ所小さな峠があっただけで他は下るか平坦な道で6時間半で走り来る事ができた。予定より早いマラケシュ到着。ここで小休憩をとって先の準備をする事にする。
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Day4 Moyen Atlas, モワイアンアトラス4日目
The day4 in Moyen Atlas. It was the last day for crossing Moyen Atlas. In that morning, i forgot my stand wooden stick at the hotel. I remembered it after cycled 7km and went back. It made extra 14km. This wooden stick was not just a stick. It's already become a part of my memory since Bulgaria where I found it. The day had been started with such a small accident.


There were some Islamic fortress called Kasba in this area. Kasba, the unique Berber place to live can be only seen in south of Atlas.

Still annoying kids kept coming. Just need to ignore these. I understand that of cause, not all people are the same way. However, I felt very nervous when I saw some group of children.

In this day, I reached to the main highway. The river became wider, and oasis got bigger.

Tajin. I was tired of Moroccan dish already. They don't have food culture. Alway few choices for eating..... I kept remembering a deep pork fried japanese dish, a typical Japanese dish Katudon.

This highway seemed a main passage for tourists going to desert tour, so half of traffics carried tourists.

I met three different cyclists on this highway. We stopped and talked every time. I saw many cyclists in Europe, but we had almost never stopped. I was really enjoying talking to other cyclists. Wished they went same way so we could go together.

The Oasis.
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