An worry, 悩み
People from The Gambia was also very gentle. I loved here as well. I started feeling more not to leave West Africa, though its tough region to travel; not enough infrastructure, hot climate and communication problem.

お金ちょうだいとか何かくれ~ とか言われるのは日常茶飯事。ムシムシ暑くて夜も汗だくで寝苦しい。言葉も通じないのが普通だし、苦しい事ばかり。

However, I love here. Gentle and friendly people but quite human, live musics and beautiful sunset guaranteed, those all make this part of the world deeply interesting. I am really not sure if I should leave west Africa.


Despite my desire, I had already bought an air ticket in Morocco.


I cannot decide right now. I have still some time so keep cycling till I can make a decision.


In the Gambia, I met many helpful people as well.
In Tendaba Camp, a boat captain, Alcau took care of me a lot. He almost everyday treated me with the Gambian dish and showed me around his village. He had never asked me money even though I wanted to give some money for at least food he served me.

ガンビアでも色んな人達に世話になった。Tendaba Camp で務めるボートガイド アルカウは自転車で旅している自分に興味を持ってくれて見返りも求めずすごく良くしてくれた。せめて飯代だけでも金を払おうとしても全く受け取らない。

He was very gentle man. I would feel really bad if I just left here with giving him nothing. I thought it would be good idea to give him a cell phone I have but don't use. It's because i remembered he sighed that his phone had been broken and he had been not able to talk to his bride; they just got merry but have never met each other because their parents arranged; this is normal in Africa.
Anyway, I gave my cell phone to him. I hope they got lived together soon.


From The Gambia, I will enter the southern part of Senegal, casamance.
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Into The Gambia, ガンビアいん
Gambia is the smallest country in Africa entirely sandwiched by Senegal.


より大きな地図で Cycling West Africa 2/2 を表示
There were two border crossing in the north. The route near the coast is the shortest way to the capital city Banjul. I took one different that crosses at Farafenni because I wanted to see inland more.


The way to the border was bad road with a lot of dust. I thought my bicycle would be broken.


A busy village before the border

The border was small. Local people were walking around to and from The Gambia side.


The Gambia is easy to travel. Official language of here is English. As I crossed the border, the word of greeting became "Hello" instead of Bonjour.
A boy about elementally school age came to me after the border. He was just asking me some questions like where you go and came.
I could make some conversations. It was more fun to travel without language barrier.


After cycling a few kilometers, the road ended at a bank of the Gambia river. There was ferries running to the other side.


Mangrove forests entirely covered along the river.

The vegetation here was like more tropical forest. I saw more big trees.


Some times a baboon crossed the road.

I see many anthills. One of them was over 5m tall.


I cycled in dusty road for quite long distance today so got my cloth very dirty.


Tendaba camp was my stop point for tonight. It was located in good point of distance.


This place was unexpectedly expensive. They asked me 450 dalasi, about $12 for camping. I asked discount for two nights. Then price was dropped to 350. It's still expensive but I accepted.
Only good thing was that I could have cold beer in good location.

Tendaba Camp テントで 2泊するからと交渉して1泊350ダラシ 約800円 安くは無い。でも冷えたビールはかなりの高ポイント。ウメー

It was a very nice prize with a cold beer after taking refreshing shower.

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How to travel Senegal, セネガルの走り方
In Senegal, getting a meal was not big deal. In the morning, women sell French bread and coffee. those cost $0.5.

セネガルでは飯に困る事はほとんど無い。朝はフランスパンとコーヒーが路上で売られていて 50円くらいで済ませられるし

At the noon, people sell sandwich beside the road. It cost about $0.5 as well.


I can find rice dish as well after noon.

I can eat it on sight and also take it out if I bring a pot.
I normally brought my pot and asked the portion with about $1.5. I have it as a dinner so don't need to cook.


Now, it's dry season here. There were watermelons sold everywhere.
A little one costs about 50 cents. I bought one and eat half. I gave away half of it to boys watching me.


For water, I buy from water man. There were normally men with donkey walking around a village and town and sold water.
I can get good fresh water in 20 cents for 7ℓ.


I found guys drinking baobab juice. I tried. It was very tasty like mango juice.


As you see this baobab tree, it has a lot of big fruits.


In this day, I camped at a village.

It was not the village. It was a big family community. Man had a two wives. They had both some children and ground kids as well.
Those all people made a small community that I thought a village.

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Happy Senegal, 楽しいセネガル
I love Senegal. Ive not expected such warm welcoming here. People were so nice; smiling and waving hands, especially in the country side. This part will be one of the best part of my journey for sure.


Every time when I passed by a small villages, little kids came out from their home and called me "Tubbab" which meant a tourist or white man. They were full of smiling and waving hands. They looked so excited to see a random tourist.

村を通る度に必ず小さい子供達が道路脇まで飛び出して来て「チュバーブ!!」(外人さ~んって意味) と手を降りながら追いかけて来る。

If I stopped, many children came around. They talked to me in French or Wolof, so I couldn't understand. I had a french learning book, but it was useless because my listening skill was very poor.
It was very frustrating. I should have learned more before.


In the first day, I camped at a school in a village. There were still many children left, so I was surrounded by many kids.


The road in Senegal was flat. The wind was still pushing my back, so I could cycle long distance in short period of the time.


Baobab trees have been appeared along the road side.
I hear the Senegal music from a car and motor bike while I'm cycling.
Those all makes my journey exciting.


Today, also, I stopped at a small village and asked people for camping. Young boys came to me and asked me to play football.


We played football in sandy ground. I emptied my energy so changed to goal keeper eventually.


Though language barrier was still big, I had a really fun.
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Saint-Louis, サンルイ観光
Saint-Louis was the first french settlement in Africa. It was used to be the capital of France territory of Senegal.
There were some colonial buildings left in the center.


I liked souvenir here.

I didn't want this by the way.

The island where my campground is is connected by a bridge from the main part of the city.
There is the fishing harbor. I need to go by every time when I go to the center by bicycle.
There were always crowd of people. It's very fun to watch.


From around noon, fishermen came back from the ocean with a lot of fish.
There is no wharf, so people transfer the container of fish one by one. It looked a lot of work.


There was a market in another side of historical bridge where I crossed yesterday.
There was also many people. Seemed the women were the leader of a market. They looked so powerful.

The market of Senegal was different from markets I've visited so far; of cause people, things to sell and atmosphere.
I was always impressed how African carried thing on their head skillfully.


In Senegal, general food such as potatoes, carrots etc.. were surprisingly not cheap. Especially, tomato was very expensive since those are transported from Spain.


Many buses were very scrap looking but running all around the town. Each has different design and colors. It was fun to look.


Senegalese dishes were generally cheap. If i pay 500 to 1500CAF, I could eat easily.
I'm very happy to be able to have rice everyday.


Coca-Cola was also from Africa!!
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Crossing Senegal border, セネガル国境越え
I thanked to the man who let me stay at his place and a guy at a shop in the village and left. It was good meeting them before I leave Mauritania.


The way to the border was still bad road with corrugation.

より大きな地図で Cycling West Africa 2 を表示

The border was really small. I couldn't believe it was the proper border.

I couldn't find who gave me the stump for departure.
Seemed a guy who lay on his back with legs outstretched was in charge.
He grasped my passport, looked at it and asked me to pay €10 for the fee. What kind of fee it is. I rejected to pay for this money because it must go into his pocket after.
Eventually, he gave up and stumped on my passport. Of cause, it was his duty.


I crossed the Senegal river and went to the Senegal side of immigration.


It was also small unreliable looking border. I couldn't find a person in charge. Seemed a guy talking on the phone outside was the person.
He came into his office and sat down his chair. He looked at my passport and asked me for €5. I asked receipt in order to pay. He, of cause didn't. I insisted not to pay. Eventually, he, of cause gave my the stump.


Anyway, the Senegal part of my journey has been started.
The road became much better. My bicycle was very dusty though.

After 30km cycling, I arrived to a big town, Saint-Louis.
There was a market in the center, so many people were around.
Bonjour, a kid came to me and shook my hand with big smile.
A man talked to me and said "Welcome to Senegal".
It was very good mood. I loved it.

ここから30km走って最初の大きな街、サンルイに到着。街中に着くと市場があって人でごった返していた。小さな子供がボンジュールと話しかけて来たり、握手しに来たり、おっさんが良く来たな~ とニコニコして話しかけて来たり、とても感じが良い。

The center of Saint-Louis was in the island. To get there, I needed to cross the bridge called Pont Faidherbe. It was made in back to French colony term.
サンルイの中心地は島になっていて橋で渡るようになってる。この橋はフランス植民地時代の古い物でPont Faidherbeというらしい。

There were not cheap accommodation in the center, so I went to the another island where fishing harbor was.
Camping Ocean is on the lonely planet. Camping was for 3000CFA about $6.
They had a fancy hotel next to, so I could use their cafe for WiFi. I loved the atmosphere and people here so will pitch my camp here and take some time to see this town.

Camping Oceanというロンプラに載っていたキャンプ場があって、テント泊が3000セファー CAF 約600円。綺麗なホテルが隣にあってWiFi有、ビーチもすぐ目の前でホテルの人達もすごく親切。ここを拠点にしばらくサンルイ観光する事にする。

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Holy Senegal river, 聖なるセネガル川
Auberge I stayed was really relaxing place. I ended up 4 nights here. I met some interesting travelers including Japanese. We had a good conversation. I was refreshed.
They said they would go east as far as they can. Good Luck.


From Nouakchott, it will be 2 days by bicycle to the Senegal border. Senegal, I hope, will be more relaxing country.


As I went towered south, threes along became bigger. They looked they grew up on sand. However, I thought it was the sign of Sahara Desert growing.
There might have had a normal land in this region. As the population of human grew, more livestocks were needed to support human population. Those animals graze and eat all grasses on land. The land is becoming poor that makes desert keep growing.
I thought I've learn about it.


I stayed in a small village called Tiguent at the first day. Then next day, I tried to get closer to the border.
There was couple of border crossing in the west; Rosso and Diama.
I choose Diama, the one for not on the major passage.
It's because I've heard that I would be able to go through a national park on this way.

Tiguentという大きめな村で1泊を挟んで、今日は国境手前まで向かう。国境は西側に2箇所、Rosso と Diama。自分はあまりメジャーじゃないDiamaを越える事にした。こっちは橋がかかっていて自走できるし、途中国立公園内を走れるらしい。

From Tiguent, I cycled 47km to the intersection with the road going to Diama. There was a military post right before, so it was easy to find.


the pavement continues 14km and became off-road. The construction was on going, so the road might be all paved in the future.


This off-road section was really dusty and bumpy. The French man I met in Nouakchott sent a message and said it was "Good" off road, but it was absolutely not. I think its because he was on motor bike. Bicycle is very different.

このオフロード区間は埃がすごくてボコボコだし時間が掛かった。ヌアクショットで知り合ったフランス人のバイカーはGood off road と言ってたけれど全くGood じゃない。モーターバイクと自転車乗りの感覚はやはり違う。

As I get closer to the Senegal river, the sight of my way was dramatically changed.

セネガル川に近づくと雰囲気がガラリと変わった。水~ 久々に見るたわわな水~ 生命を感じる

Warthogs came out from the bush. Birds were flying everywhere. Senegal river divides north of desert and south of tropics.


Diawling National Parkに入ってさらに進む。

This national park was paradise of birds. I saw a large group of flamingos. Since I had been on desert for long long time, this huge gap of ecological diversity made me so excited.


I cycled 120km this day. It was only 12km away from the border. The border was closed, so I needed to stay a night here. I was supposed to camp at the national park, but it was too swampy to camp.

この日は120km走って国境手前 に到着。まだ国境までは12kmあるけれど、国境は夕方閉まるからここで1泊しないといけない。国立公園内でキャンプするつもりだったのだけれど、何せ湿地帯で全くテン場が見つからなかった。

I met a guy at the national park check point where we need to pay for the entrance; It was 2000 Oulugya for the fee.


He asked me to stay his place in the hotel nearby for few money, 1500 Oulugya.
There are nothing for free in Africa, I have learned already. It was okay for me, so I payed.


This place was middle of swampy area, so musquitos were a bit annoying. I need to be carful for these because of malaria.
This night was the first night I opened Mosquitos net that I bought in Europe.

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Visa for Senegal and Gambiaセネガルとガンビアビザ
Unexpectedly, I received my visa at the embassy of Senegal in Nouakchott.


Without ordering, my visa was three month multiple entry.
What I brought was Registration Respite and Pre-Enrollement that I had received after online application. Also one photo and copy of pasport were needed.

持って行ったのは、ネット申請後に受け取ったRegistration Respite と Pre-Enrollement 写真1枚とパスポートコピー1枚。午前中に行ってすぐに出してくれた。

I went with a korian and Japanese man. They told me they applied without aploading their flight ticket and hotel booking confermation and just payed by online.
They had no difficulty to apply their visa at the embassy and got the visa next day.

一緒に行った韓国人と日本人の旅行者はネット申請で航空券や宿情報もアップロードせず金だけ払って、そのRegistration Respiteを持って行き申請。翌日には受け取りを出来ていた。

I think the online process of Senegal visa is just for letting people to pay online. As long as you pay, it doesn't matter if you upload air ticket and booking confermation.
It should have been much easier if I just paied without uploading documents.


Anyway, I got Senegal visa. Next is The Gambia. It was really easy.
I got 20 days multiple entry visa. I waited only one day.

They asked me two photos and 10000 Oulugya which was about $25.


I surprisingly got everything done in Nouakchott. It makes more easier for me to travel.

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Nouakchott, ヌアクショット到着~
Today, I finally arrived to Nouakchott. Suddenly, a big city has been appeared on the horizon. It was the capital of Mauritania, Nouakchott.


I normally don't like to be in a big city, but not for this time. I felt stress free by crossing empty unstable area.


I run straight in to a restaurant and had a rice dish. It was really nice.


This dish was not actually from Mauritania. It was from Senegal called Chap Chap.


Nouakchott didn't really look the "capital" people normally image of. This city was like being built on sand.

A lot of pot holes. scary.

The sand covers many part of the city. There were no space for bicycle, so it was difficult to go through the city center.


The main road was a bit better because there was some asphalt without sand, but as you see other roads, it's totally covered by sand.

Seemed this was the capital, many people

This is my bed in Nouakchott, Auberge Menata.
やっとたどり着いたヌアクショットでの宿 Auberge Menata。

Pitching tent on the terrace costs 2000 Ouluglya. They had a nice open space and shade. I loved it.

I need to do something in this city. The first is to visit Senegal embassy to ask if I can obtain visa here. The second is to get the Gambia visa.
Today is Saturday, so all official work is closed. I will start to work on those from Monday. By then, it's resting time.
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Boundless Horizon, まだ続く地平線
This point was about the middle of between Nouadhibu and Nouakchott.


I have been cycling and cycling towered boundless horizon for hundreds kilometers. I've never kept seeing such a flat horizon in my life.


Camels.. How many camels I have seen... a lot

The sand buries anything.

In Mauritania, people transports anything by small Taxis.

As the highway went close to the ocean, I started seeing people selling dry fish along the road.
It costs 1000 oulugya, about $3 for one. It was expensive, but I bought it since my food stock was running out.
In this village, I asked people for some water as well. I got 10 litters for 1000 Oulugya.

だんだんと幹線道路が海に近づいてくると、道沿いの集落では干し魚が売られるようになって来た。1匹 1000ウギアとかなり高額だったけれど、食料が大分少なくなったので補給しておいた。
その他にも水を10ℓ 1000ウギアで譲ってもらい、魚缶も大分高かったけれど補給。ジャガイモとかニンジン、卵なんかはどこにも売ってない。

It was really hot day. When the east wing is strong, it brings really hot air from middle of Sahara desert. It nabs my energy.
It was the time for Red-bull. I hide it in my bag.


Have cycled for 111km. I stayed at a military checkpoint again. It was 96km away from Nouakchott.
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Grass Land of Sahara, 草原のサハラ砂漠
I camped at the Gendarme, military post yesterday after cycled 108km from the junction where I was dropped.


In Mauritania, there were many security check points by police and military. I have seen those posts every 50 to 100km on the main highway.
It might be time consuming for cars and motor bikes, but for us as cyclists, it is important place to ensure security.


This highway, I think it's called Trans Sahara is the only the road now where people can transport by land from Europe.
It is really important for Africans and Europeans both.
Now, this route has been threaten by terrorism. Especially now, French peacekeepers has been on Sahara Region of Mali.
This is the reason there were so many checks.


Okay, today has been started. I needed to keep going till Nouakchott.

The sand in Mauritania looked softer and smoother than Western Sahara. I have seen more sand dunes here. Also, surprisingly, there were more grass and small trees in here.
I would say this was "Steppe" not desert.
I have heard later on that it had been plenty of raining last month. It triggered the short green season for Sahara Desert.


I thought there would be no one live in desert, but there were life. Nomads pitched their tents on this grass land. Goats, sheep and camels were grazing.


I cycled 121km today. There were supposed to be a checkpoint but not. Seemed it had been moved 30km away.
I gave up to cycle another extra. I asked a nomad for camping. They let me sleep in the tent they don't use.


People who live in a house are rare in this country. Many people live in tents.


At the late afternoon, I heard the music of Mauritania. That sound was really Africa. The sun was going down into boundless horizon. I felt really enjoying traveling Africa.

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Cycled 40,000km, 4万キロの男
I am heading to Nouakchott, the capital city of Mauritania.
I was actually unsure that I tried to cycle or skipped all Mauritania by taking public transport. It was because security situation here. I investigated carefully and now decided to cycle.


より大きな地図で Cycling West Africa 2 を表示

Nouadhibu is also located the tip of peninsula, so I needed to be back same way if I want to cycle. Instead of going back same way by bicycle, I asked the taxi to bring me and bike to the intersection with the road going to Morocco. It saves times and energy for 40km.


The taxi driver asked me 10000 Ouluglya at first. It was way expensive. Through some negotiation, the price was dropped to 4000. It was still expensive but I was deal with this price.


I was dropped at the intersection and started cycling. The road went east, and the wind came from east. It was headed wind for 30km.
This east wind brings very hot air, so It was hard work.


This train is called the Iron train, the longest train in the world. It is as long as 2km.
The train brings iron from inland to Nouadhibu. Iron mining makes the biggest income of Mauritania.
When the train passed by, it made huge dust. If I took my camera out, it would be broken right away.


Today, I reached to the total distance 40000km. This is one of the biggest news of my journey.

Equator is about 40000km, so I cycled same distance of it now. It was the date 748. My bike is still in good shape. I hope it runs another 7000km.

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Nouadhibu, ヌアディブ
Nouadhibu was not fun place to see. Mainly, what I could see in town was rubbish, sand and goats. Only thing I thought interesting was fishing harbor.


There was some big fish sold in the wholesale market.

As I went farther inside of harbor, there was many boats for octopuses. I recognized it was for octopuses because each boats carried a lot of octopus pots.


Actually, the main trading partner of octopus from Mauritania is Japan. It was not really known among us. In Mauritania, they don't really eat octopus so most of them are shipped after processing.


As I went even farther south of Nouadhibu, there was the international port where a big container ship could be docked.
I saw some sign of Chinese company there. As I expected, seemed many Chinese have been setting up their businesses here in Africa.


I found a Chinese restaurant nearby my stay. The price was higher than normal Mauritanian dish, but I tried. Its because i missed asian food so much.


It was really nice fried rice. I'm impressed chinese intelligence of cooking. They can make same taste of fried rice to mainland of China in Mauritania.

I had also Mauritanian dish. Seems They have a custom of eating rice which surpises me. I asked a dish with rice another day at a restaurant.


Fish dish with rice. 700 Ouluglya, about $2.
米の上に魚が乗ったシンプルな料理。でもやっぱり米と魚は美味いっす。700ウギア 約200円

Next day, camel meat with rice at the same restaurant.

It was a bit animal smelling, so I didn't really like it. 700 Ouluglya.

Their water was surprisingly drinkable. Each house had a pump. Seemed they had enough water surpry in underground.


I did nothing special in this town. From tomorrow, I will be on the road again. I need to check where I can get water and food and also safe place to stay cardully.

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Border crossing in my birthday, 誕生日の国境越
After staying the nice hotel for 3 days, I headed to the border called frontier. I cycled 85km and arrived here yesterday.


There are land mine in Morocco and Mauritania border, so I must have had stayed highway.

I had to stay closer to the highway when even I went to the toilet and had a lunch.

The border of Morocco and Mauritania.

There were couple of hotels and restaurants. I was supposed to stay one of them, but their cost were extremely expensive; 150DH for simple room without shower and toilet. I asked for camping and pitched my tent behind a restaurant.

The last Tajin.

Today is for crossing the border. It's not open for 24h. It's open at 9am and closed 4 or 5pm. There were many cars and trucks that couldn't pass yesterday stayed over night at the border.


I exchanged Moroccan money to Mauritania ougulya at a shop before crossing. Their rate was 36 Ougulya for 1DH. It's not too bad.


As soon as the border was opened, people started coming in. The processing was not smooth since many people were waiting. Then, finally I got all done in Morocco side so moved to Mauritania side vis no-man's land.


There were only track in 5km stretched landmined no-man's land. I needed to followed some cars and trucks carefully. It was very bumpy and sandy.


I remembered the movie Terminator. It's like a view after nuclear war had been started.

In Mauritania side immigration, it was also not very smooth. It became almost noon when I finished all.


Mauritania appears Black Africa for me. There were some brown skin people but majority of them were black.

I took a lunch and off to Nouadhibu.

It has been very hot during the day time since I passed by Dakhla. I felt it was over 40℃.
It's also became more dusty. Sahara sand dunes became closer to closer.


より大きな地図で Cycling West Africa 2 を表示
Nouadhibu is located the tip of peninsula like Dakhla. I needed to make a long side trip for 40km.
It was the first day of Mauritania, so I decided to stop by this town to see how Mauritania would be.


On the way to the city, a car stopped by and a driver gave me a cold bottle of water. It was really refreshing.


When I arrived to the town center, another car came to me and said hello, and a city bus with passengers stopped by me and a driver said "how are you" in French.
There were some craziness going on in Mauritania, but I felt it was in good way.

There were garbage, sand and goats everywhere in town.

By the way, it was my birthday today. I turned into 32 now. It's been crazy these days, so I forgot it.
I crossed the border of Georgia last year in same day. It was very cold. I hated it.
In this year, it's been hot. I feel I'm cycling inside of oven. This year is a bit better.
In this year, I hope I go back to Japan in good condition and get back to normal life. Pray for me.
そういえば今日は誕生日だった。誕生日だなぁ~ なんて感慨に浸れるような状況じゃないから忘れてしまっていた。去年は誕生日にグルシア国境を越えた。寒くて寒くて本当嫌だったのを思い出す。かたや今年は暑くて暑くて日中はオーブンの中を走ってるみたい。でも寒いよりはまし。そんなわけで32歳になりました。今年は無事帰国し、再就職が目標です。

Anyway, I checked in a campsite where I wanted, and the first day of mauritania has been done safely.
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Challenge for 160km, 160kmの挑戦
Since I passed a big town, Dakhla, there were not much traffic during the night. I unexpectedly slept well even though my camp spot was in front of the cafe.


According to an information I found online, there would be a service station 100km from here. That's where I planed to stay for the night.


Crossing Tropic of cancer. I don't think it was accurate though.


Strange plants

After I took off and cycled 45km, I arrived to another service station.
I stopped by for asking information to make sure my information was correct.


I asked workers there. They told me there would be nothing till the service station 160km from this point.
It was strange that my information from Internet is different from what they said.
After awhile, police men came to this station, so I asked them for the same question.
They told me the same as what workers said.


I thought it would be risky to believe Internet information. Cycling for 160km from now was impossible.
I decided to stop here and asked for staying one night. They told me it was not problem and let me stay a room for prayers.


This service station had a sign of restaurant, but they didn't have anything, so I cooked a dinner by own cooking stove.


Next day, It will be the longest distance I needed to make in one day;160km. I woke up 6:30. It's still completely dark outside. Now, the daylight is short. The sun goes up about 7:30 and sets 18:00. I needed to take off as soon as the sun went up.


I left before sun-rise. It was very nice to cycle with watching sun coming up. It was even strong tale wind.


Passing by nice dunes.

The sands of this area was whitish. It made different scenery.


The nice green ocean. A small fishing boat was on his way to fishing point. It's getting closer to my image of Africa.

I got enough time by strong tale wind so had a lunch at a beach.

My usual lunch menu.

I saw many camels.

I took only 7 hours and a bit for 160km. It was twice as easy as when I cycled 145km in head wind.
This is the town named Bir Gandouz, a town 85km from Mauritania border.

伝説の風に大分助けられて、160kmを7時間ちょっとで走り切る事ができた。この前微向かい風で145km走った時の方が倍辛かった。到着したのはBir Gandouzというモーリタニア国境から85kmにある集落。

As i expected, there was the hotel with WiFi. They were located 500m down from the entrance of the town.


It looked expensive fancy hotel but cost only 100DH. This was good deal. They had a restaurant and shop. This place was good point of resting and preparing for Mauritania.

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