Good Off Road, 楽しい未舗装
Unsealed section has begun from Babati till Dodoma, about 250km.

Babati からドドマまでの約250kmの区間は未舗装。赤土の道を埃まみれになりながら走った。

The road condition was not really good, and upping and down steeply. But it was really exciting to ride on dusty African dart road and passing by many small villages.


Thousand years old giant acacia trees made a good shade along the way.


Pure blue sky and white cloud.

Kids like to chase a bicycle.

Every time when I passed by a small village, kids found me and shouted "Muzung!! Jambo Jambo!!".
They were so cute and funny.
They always stopped and make some distance between, about 5m. I don't know why. Seemed 5m distance was their pre-cautious distance.

アフリカの子供は好奇心の塊、すごい勢いで「ムズングー! ジャンボ!ジャンボ!」と叫んで追いかけて来る。可愛いもんでみんなだいたい至近距離には来ない。5mくらいの間隔を空けて立ち止まってこちらの出方を伺うようだ。ここは走ってるだけで面白かった。

Many baobab trees had been appeared as I got close to Kondoa.


The road got pretty badly. Small rocks, 2-3cm big covered on the road, so it was hard to cycle. Couldn't keep sitting on my saddle.


Lunch break, 昼休憩

Every once in awhile, a bus passed by, and those buses went very fast on this bad road. The drivers of this bus must be damaged on their brain by a lot of vibration.


The wire cable of my handle bag was torn off by hard vibration. I fixed it with break cable.


By the end of the year, I finally arrived to Dodoma. I was so tired. The town was surprisingly very quiet though it was a day before the new year. I cerebrated my arrival and ending 2013 by very cold coca-cola that I haven't been able to find for last 5 days.

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A Challenge at the end of the year, 年末チャレンジ
I headed to Dodoma after taking a day off in Arusha. My plan was to get to Dodoma by end of this year and to spend new year there.


より大きな地図で Cycling East Africa 1/2 を表示

In this route, I will miss Dar es Salam and Zanzibar where most tourists go. I chose this way because I thought this route was more remote.
As a result, the road was quite rough and tough enough. However, it was really exciting to cycle on the dart road and passing by many small villages.


By the village called Babati, it was paved road about 180km. No problems.


Until the junction with the road going to Serengeti and Ngorongoro and Tarangire, the traffic of safari land cruiser was quite few.


After those intersection, the road became much quieter. Major traffic was bicycles.


This man on the photo followed me quite long distance. He didn't speak any English, but I knew he was happy person.


Lunch break, 昼休憩

I camped one night in the camp ground at the gate of Tarangire N.P. They gave me good price for camping; 6000TS, about $4. It was nice and relaxing camp ground.

タランギーレ国立公園の入り口にあったキャンプ場で1泊。1泊 6000シリング 約400円にしてくれて、なかなか居心地の良いキャンプ場だった。

I met a Iranian Tanzanian family in this camp. They were hunting and gave me some envelope barbecue. It was great.


In Africa, people can hunt almost any animals as long as they can pay for the license, even lions.


Continue 続く
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Cycling around Mt.Kilimanjaro, キリマンジャロ外周走行
I want to climb Mt.Kilimanjaro. The problem is its' cost. The total cost is $1000 minimum. As a budget cyclist, it's not time for me to try.
Instead of climbing, I found an another good way to enjoy the Mt. Kilimanjaro; cycling around it.


より大きな地図で Cycling East Africa 1/2 を表示

From Oloitokitok, the road goes east and west both. Eather both side connects the Arusha and Dar es Salam highway.
I chose counter clockwise, west bound. The road went through a forest. A park reneger told me that there might be some elephants grazing, so I needed to watch carefully. Eventually, I saw no animals.

Oloitokitokの国境からは東に行っても西に向かっても国道(アルーシャ - ダルエスサラーム間)に抜けられる。自分は西に反時計回りで進む事にした。しばらくは舗装路で、森林地帯を進む。この辺りは良く像が出るから注意しなさいとレンジャーの人から注意を受けたけれど、何も動物は見なかった。

Kilimanjaro was some time visible from the forest.


A village I stopped.

I asked for some food, and they gave me a dish from last night. It was good. Tanzanian is also nice and friendly.


After cycling for awhile, the road became unpaved. It continued next 100km.
Seemed it was the season for potato flowers blooming. Masai was taking care of their lands.


In east Africa, a foreigner is called Muzung. Every time when I passed by a village, kids came out and said Muzung Muzung.
Some children said "Muzung! Chocolate". Seemed those had been fed chocolate by some Kilimanjaro hikers.
Feeding children directly is not good. This is the result. If they want to give some thing to the children, giving things to their parents or teachers is appropriate route, I believe.

東アフリカでは外人をムズングと呼ぶ。だから村を通過する度に子供がムズングーー! と叫びながら追いかけて来る。1言目にチョコレートくれとか、ペンくれーとか言って来る輩がいるのを見ると、キリマンジャロ登山の連中が相当物を与えているようだ。正直子供に物を与えるのは止めてもらいたい。あげるなら大人や学校の先生にあげて彼等から子供に渡すのが全うなルート。子供に直接物を与えると、後々こういう事になる。

There were many Masai villages along this route, so I didn't have any problem for getting life supplies.
The first day, I asked for camping in a local village. A person I talked brought me a place belonging to the church.


From this place, Mt.Kilimanjaro was very beautifully seen.


The Kilimanjaro viewing lodge for tourists costs at least $300. It's a bit pity.


This is a cup of decent coffee. It's not kilimanjaro coffee but much better than instant coffee at a African cafe.


From west, Mt.Kilimanjaro was like this.


The view from north was the best. Now, Mt. Meru became visible. This mountain is also quite big, about 4800m.


From west, the Arusha and Dar es Salam highway was not far. The tour route was ended in the town called Boma. Now, I started seeing much traffic.
I really recommend this route and the border post, Oloitokitok.

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Crossing Oloitokitok 国境越え
It will be the best to see the Kilimanjaro in early in the morning, about the sunrise, so I woke up 6am.


The mountain was visible and getting clear as the sun rose up.


By 7am, the sky became very clear. It seemed the lucky day for viewing mountain.


Time for drink a cup of Kilimanjaro coffee, so I went to cafe and asked the cup of coffee. Then, they brought in front of me. It was a cup of hot water and a can of instant coffee. Very disappointing but this is Africa.
Actually, I found later on that it was very normal way to serve coffee in east Africa. In west Africa, I could have better coffee since they were French culture.


I completed my mission; watching Kilimanjaro and drinking a cup of Kilimanjaro coffee so now crossing the border of Tanzania.


From Oloitokitok, the border was 11km east. It was small border post and very easy to process both side.
From here, I started cycling around Mt. Kilimanjaro.

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Mt. Kilimanjaro, キリマンジャロを拝んだ日
Kilimanjaro has been appeared as I got closer to the border of Tanzania.


Oloitokitok border post was not major border crossing. I first thought it would be only for local people. However, the owner of the guest house where I stayed in Nairobi told me that it was also for tourists.
It was good information, so I decided to use this border crossing.


より大きな地図で Cycling East Africa 1/2 を表示

I had couple of reason to take this border. First was to see Kilimanjaro from North; I've heard that the view of the mountain would be much nicer from north.
The second was to cycle around Kilimanjaro after border crossing.


It was amazing ride.


The road goes by Amboseri national park, so I saw many animals grazing such as Giraffes, Gazzels and Impala.


To get to Oloitokitok was not easy because this town was in quite high elevation. I climbed for about 20km.
However, the view of savannah from the way up was breathtaking.


Oloitokitok. I wanted to drink a cup of the world famous Kilimanjaro coffee with watching actual mountain.
Nevertheless, It was disappointing that the mountain was totally covered by cloud.


I've heard that it was normal. Kilimanjaro was only visible for certain time in the morning when the air was clear.


Unexpectedly, Oloitokitok was quite big village. There were even a market and bank. I could exchange Kenya money to Tanzania money.


As long as I've seen in the village, they had plenty of choices of hotels and guest houses.
I checked in the hotel called Safari Lodge. It was nice and clean and cost only 500KS.

安宿も沢山あって自分は最初に目に入った宿 サファリロッジホテルにチェックインした。風呂トイレ付きで500シリング、安くて綺麗、良物件だった。

If I can see the mountain tomorrow morning, I cross the border of Tanzania. If not, I stay here till I can see the mountain.

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Started cycling east Africa, 東アフリカ走行開始
I originally planed to stay in Nairobi for only couple of nights but ended up a week because the guest house I camped was too comfortable to leave, and also I went to Masai Mara tour.


My guest house was in the west of Nairobi where better neighborhood live, so I didn't feel any security problems.
However, Nairobi was still one of the worst city to live in the world. I saw a news repot that Mini bus exploded in east of Nairobi and killed some people. I hope I don't need to come back this city again.


Now, I'm heading to Tanzania. It will take 3 days to the border.

The Mombassa highway is the busiest highway in east Africa. I needed to cycle on this highway for 130km. It was horrible traffic as I expected.


Africans driving manner and technique were the worst in the world for sure. They have no idea what appropriate driving is.
I could see the car race with big container trucks and buses on the highway. I wished I could see a big accident but unfortunately not...


I was amazed that Giraffes were still grazing in the area where heavy traffic was.


In Kenya, finding a cheap guest house was easy like china.
Even in a small village, I saw a sign of hotel or guest house.


The cost of staying normally 500KS, about $6. Very cheap.

だいたい500シリング 約600円くらいが相場のようだ。

It would be over $15 in west Africa.

A Restaurant.

I can get decent amount of food in 150KS, about $2. This is a typical African dish called Pilau.


At the junction of Emali.

I filled up some food here.

From Emali, I went south. This road going to the border was much nicer and quieter.
In this area, Kenya and Tanzania border, this is the home land of Massai. I saw more Massai and their cattle grazing than other part of Kenya.
They normally wear casual cloth like anybody else, but some were covered with all traditional cloth. I was really fascinated.
I didn't take any photos of them because I heard that they didn't like it.

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Masai Mara Tour, マサイマラツアー
Still in Nairobi. I took a Masai Mara National Reserve tour.
Masai Mara is situated about 250km west from Nairobi, and this animal paradise area is stretched over Tanzania border. Tanzania side is called Serengeti National Park. Both of National Park and Reserve are one of the best place for safari game drive.


より大きな地図で Here を表示
In National Parks of Africa, cycling is prohibited. The only way to access to inside of them is by vehicle with a guide, so I booked the tour from Nairobi.
The 3days tour I booked costs me $300, including everything except tips for a guide and cook.
This price was extremely expensive as a budget tourist like me. However, it was the cheapest option I could choose.


As like the cost of visas in west Africa, traveling in Africa is not cheap. In east Africa, expense for tourist attractions are the major headache. Safari tour is good example.
Thus, which safari or how I spend my money are very important.


I had couple of reasons that i chose Masai Mara.
Masai Mara is one of the highest animal rich place in Africa, so the possibility of seeing wildlife is higher.
Second is that Masai Mara tour is not so expensive compare to the others according to a Japanese tourist I met at the same guest house in Nairobi.


The day the tour left, a safari car with opening roof top picked me up.


It took 6 hours to the Masai Mara. The road was very rough with bad corrugation as we got close to the gate. It was very uncomfortable driving.


The gate of Masai Mara National Reserve.


The road of national reserve was even rough enough to pain my butt.
However, the view of savanna was forgetting my pain. It would be very nice if I could cycle here.


The rain causes serious problems on the road here. In the first night, it was heavy raining. The road became muddy and very slippery. We got our van stuck several times, even where Lions were very close.


Safari game drive was way funner than I expected. Animals were everywhere like Noah's Ark.


Zebras, シマウマ

Masai Giraffe, マサイキリン

African Elephant, アフリカゾウ

Hippos, カバ

Lions, ライオン

Cheetahs, チーター

Buffalos, バッファロー

Wildebeests, ヌー

Coke's Hartebeest, コークハーテビースト

Impala, インパラ

Thomson's Gazelle, トムソンガゼル

Nile Crocodile, ナイルワニ

Agama, レインボーアガマ

Ostrich, ダチョウ

Crown Crane, カンムリヅル

Many many other animals. I hope I see some animals while I am on the bicycle, except lions.


In this tour, we visited Masai village. I believe some people, including me equalizes Africa as Masai.
Those people can be seen north of Tanzania and south of Kenya.


Wow, Masai jump

A woman will be given for the best jumper.


Women have many accessories on their necks and ears.


Today, they use useful things such as cellphone, motorbikes etc, but I was surprised how they still kept their tradition.


They use caws and sheep as money, so livestocks are very important. They keep their livestocks inside of the wall to protect from lions, cheaters and leopards.


This guy who jumped with me told that he has killed four lions.
In Masai, a boy need to kill a lion to be recognized as a man.

It was very nice tour. I might take another tour on my way. I haven't seen rhinos anyway.

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The day I learn about poaching, 密猟問題に触れた日
Seems my stay of Nairobi is getting longer. It's been raining since I came here. I don't feel to take off now.
By reason of that, I visited the place where orphans of animals were protected in Nairobi.


Orphans taken care of in this project are rescued from all over Kenya because of some reasons; lost their family by poachers, injury by traps etc..
It opens only one hour; 11:00 to 12:00. When we got there, small elephants had been fed with milks.


They told us that still many poaching has been occurred.
There were some countries that have been importing ivory.
The biggest market is in China, and the other is included Japan. I was very surprised and also shamed.

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Nairobi ナイロビ到着
I'm now in Nairobi. I got No damages on my bicycle and luggage.


At the Dakar airport, I was asked to check my bike box with handling men after on bored. I was taken to the baggage x-ray machine, and they asked me what those were. I was nervous because I thought I would loose my flight.
Then, a guy from Ethiopia airline came and explained the bicycle in the box. Finally, I and my bicycle box got released and on board again.


Via, Addis Ababa, I arrived to Nairobi, Kenya. It took 20h total. I was very very tired.


As my first impression of east Africa, I was shocked how many white men were. There were some Asian but nothing like western people.
Some people wore hiking shoes. They will probably go to Kilimanjaro tour.


Nairobi is famous for insecurity place; many robberies. It was still 2am when I arrived, so I waited till 8am with doing my bicycle sat up and Internet.


My bed is a guest house named Jungle Junction. It was quite far from the airport; I needed to cycle 30km.
Since I had found address of it before, I could get there without any problems.


Jungle Junction is very popular among over-landers, people who travel by cars, motorbikes and bicycles. There were many fancy cars and motor bikes inside.


Most of owners had been gone to their home country right now, so the guest house was quiet.
However, there were still some tourists including three Japanese backpackers. They had much better information than I do.
I will stay here for awhile to get more informations and take off.

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Flying with bike, アフリカ輪行大作戦
The last time when I flew with my bike was between Istanbul and Melbourne.
Flying with bike consumes a lot of effort and energy. I really don't want if possible.


より大きな地図で Cycling Asia, Europe, Africa (Not Detail) を表示

My mission is to move my bicycle from Dakar to Nairobi.
There were couple of options to transfer the bike; using rapping machine or packing bike in a big box.
Just rapping bicycle might cause damage so I tend to use the box. I have to find a big box from somewhere. That will be the first step.


I started searching the big box and first went to couple of bike shops call City Sports. They didn't have. Then I went to other small bike shops but there were no boxes.
Also, I tried some electronic shops but same result.
I felt very strange why I couldn't find any. This is the capital, a very big town, Dakar.
I kept searching in an area where many wholesale shops were. Then...

そんなわけでまずは箱探し。町に繰り出して自転車を置いているCity Sportsという量販店を2件訪ねた。けれど結果は見付からず。その他いくつか小さな自転車も見たけど無い。その他電気屋に行ってみても大きなダンボールは無し。

Finally, I found boxes and many. Looked those were from all over of Dakar.
Those guy collected cardboards from many businesses in Dakar and sold these. They made a business out of rubbish. They were quite clever.


A Cardboard was normally free, but they priced 5 to $6 for big one.
I was too tired to negotiate after searching long time so paid $8 for couple of big ones and a tape.


This box still need to be resized. I cut and taped to make a proper size of bike box. It was really time consuming.


Next step is to bring my luggages and boxes to the air port.
My flight is 8am, and I need to check in before; I like to check in by 5:30am.
I thought it would be difficult to get a taxi in early in the morning so decided to bring luggages and boxes in the day before.


There was a storage room call Consigne Bagage at the air port. They store one for 700CFA.

預かり所はConsigne Bagageという施設で、荷物1個につき700CFA 約150円で1泊させてもらえた。

I took all small things from the frame so would need to work on only few things in the morning.


Tomorrow, I need to wake up at 3am. It's been well done so far. Hope nothing happened tomorrow.

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Sightseeing in Dakar, ダカール観光
Dakar was even worse compared to Bissau; too many people and traffics. The capacity of infrastructure seemed already far not enough for population growth.


I have only few days in Dakar. I need to prepare for frying and also want to see some places.


Today, I went to the Island Goree.


Now, Goree became one of the most famous tourist sight in Senegal and has very peaceful atmosphere. However, this island leaves the negative legacy of slavery.


Very peaceful mood.

People live here, and there are school, police station and a bank as well.

There were some gun batteries and the basement of tochka left in this island. I saw
some people used those as their home. Africans are really burly.


Many souvenir shops. african arts were quite interesting.

I liked those arts. I normally don't buy souvenir but felt wanting to buy one of these.
I found really nice baobab art on stitching fabrics. I thought fabric art should be okay for bike tour so bought it.


Second day of Dakar, I went Cape Verde, the most west point of main part of Africa.


There were many big fancy houses and hotels in this area. It was different atmosphere; more like expensive resort.


The monument I stopped by on my way to the cape was quite interesting. This ugly monument can been seen from anywhere in Dakar.


This was donated by north Korea. I didn't know Senegal had a connection or relationship with. I heard that Senegal was used to be a communist country.


I was moving around Dakar during my stay. I have to also need to prepare for flying.

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Ferry from Ziguinchor to Dakar, ジガンジョール ダカール フェリー
There was the overnight ferry running between Ziguinchor and Dakar. It has been sunk 10 years ago, but now it became new ferry and run twice in a week.



I got a ticket for Sunday. At the day, I need to check in my bicycle.


The ferry looked the same as a decent ferry running Europe. Only deference was passenger; most of them were African. They carried enormous amount of luggage.
I understood why the ferry company asked passengers to come to the port 11:30 to 13:00 even though the departure time was 15:00. It took quite long time to check in.


This is Africa. I don't trust their service. I was watching my bicycle till someone brought to inside. A guy came and took my bike to the ferry. Then I got on board.


I booked a compartment for 8 persons that cost 18600CFA about $40. The cheapest class, seated class was only few dollars difference so I thought 8 persons compartment was the best choice.

自分は少し奮発して8人のコンパートメントを取った 18600CFA 約4000円。フリーの座席のみの値段と数百円しか変わらないから部屋を取った方がいろんな面でお得だと思う。

They had a small shop as well.

Bye bye Casamance. Will come back again.


The ferry run along the casamance river. Dolphins were playing with waves the ferry made.
The air was still hot, but sometime fresh breeze touched through my face. I was sitting on the deck.
I felt those fresh air cooling off the adrenaline on my brain.


Early next morning, 6am, the ferry arrived to Dakar. It was still dark outside.


From now, I will be very busy for preparation of the flight and of cause sightseeing.

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Made a decision, 決めました
I liked the people in Bissau but the town of Bissau was too uncomfortable to stay longer; no power, no Internet and expensive accommodation.
I thought It would be a good idea to go back to Ziguinchor and take more time to think about my route because I was still unsure whether or not keep going west Africa.
My visa of Bissau was double entry, so I can come back again if I decided.


I found a mini bus going to Ziguinchor at the taxi and mini bus Garage easily. I paid 5000CFA about $10 including my bicycle.
This scrap looking mini bus surprisingly run okay, but I thought it would be broken down anytime.

乗合ミニバスはすぐにガラージ (乗合バス、タクシー乗り場) で捕まった。荷物込みで5000CFA約1000円。ギシギシ今にも分解しそうなボロバス。自転車移動の方がよっぽど楽なような気がする。

I returned to Ziguinchor. It took only 4h.
In this time, I camped at Hotel Ndaary. It was 3500CFA/night about $7 including African shower and WiFi. They didn't actually advertise for camp but I successfully negotiated.

ジガンジョールには4時間で着いた。今回は前回泊まったHotel Ndaaryで何とかお願いしてキャンプさせてもらった。3500CFA 約600円。
実は前回泊まった翌日に近くの安宿 Casa Frequeというロンプラ掲載のキャンプ可ホテルに移動していたのだけれど、スタッフがHotel Ndaaryの方が断然良かったし、フリースペースがかなりリラックスできるので、こっちでキャンプさせてもらった。

Pelicans and a bird I've never seen walk around the back yard of this hotel.


I have been thinking over and over again how I should make the plan for couple of days.
I didn't expect how I would love this region.


Then finally, I decided....

I will fry to east Africa.

The biggest reason was where I will finish. If I intend to keep going west, I could go till Togo or Benin. However, there would be not good place to finish such as a cape.


より大きな地図で Cycling West Africa 2/2 を表示
Since I have a limited budget after traveling over two years, I cannot keep traveling if I fly from Togo or Benin to east Africa; visas in west Africa are extremely expensive.


I thought I should spend my money for safari or other attractions in east Africa rather than stupid visas in west Africa.


Repentance is usual for journey. I can probably have another good time in east. I shifted my motivation to east Africa and started preparing going back to Dakar.


I loved Senegal and really loved people here.
I met many nice people. This man worked at a souvenir shop.

He was not typical guy working tourist industry; greedy for money.
He was just friendly and liked hanging out with strangers. There were many people same way in this region.


A woman at a sandwich shop and a guy at a cafe stall, those all made my good memory.
I was getting a bit popular as a Japanese cyclist who stayed in Ziguinchor. Its sad to leave. I am for sure coming back to Senegal again.

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The capital, Bissau, 首都ビサウ
Jose's family.

They were very nice family. They provided me a room, prepared the water for bathing and dinner.
I always meet helpful and kind people.

After I left his family and crossed couple of big bridges, I arrived to the capital, Bissau.
If I fly to east Africa, this city is the ending point of west Africa.


Unfortunately, this city was not comfortable to place to relax and think of my destination.
They have no power during the day time; some hotels and apartments have own generator that only start night.


There were no cheap hotels or guest house. I looked around the city for long time but only found an prostitution apartment. It cost 10000CFA, about $20, very bad service.


This city was not all bad. They had some interesting sight. Since they were portugal colony, there were some colonial buildings remained in the old center. If they could repair those buildings, this city would be more attractive for tourists.


Even they had a wharf for cargo-ships.

Fishing harbor

you can take a boat to the small islands from here. There will be postcard beach with no tourists.


The market was very crowded. This market was situated along the main street so all traffic had been blocked out by pedestrian. Looked bad city planing.

People here were also gentle and helpful.
They were very curious about random Asian cyclist. I got surrounded by people several times.
Some people just helped me. They didn't expect anything.
I was impressed by their hospitality.

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Guinea-Bissau ギニアビサウへ
I have been thinking about my route for long time. Its simple, Flying to east Africa or stay in west Africa. However, I have already bought an air ticket that cost me $700. Cancellation charge will be about $500.
If I stay in the west, I don't go to East Africa and give up Cape Town.


I should keep on going till I decide.

Guinea Bissau is bordered in south of Senegal.
It was easy to obtain a visa in Ziguinchor, so I decided to visit this country.


より大きな地図で Cycling West Africa 2/2 を表示
From Ziguinchor, It was 25km to the border. Just in case, I filled up all water bottle before border crossing.


I have been getting water from a well these days. It tastes raining water but is okay for drinking.


In Guinea Bissau, car traffics has been disappeared. Pedestrian and bicycles became main traffic on the road.


More mangroves and palm trees.

This country was used to be a poltugee's colony. Official luggage is poltugee but most of the people make conversation with their mother tongue, Klior. I can't speak and understand both of them. More difficult to travel here.


The first town, San Domingos, sounds very Latin.
I stopped by a street stall and had a sandwich.


People were gentle and friendly as well. She, the stall owner grasped a grass of cafe and got ready to be taken a photo.


Kids are always cute. They always said Tubbab in Senegal and The Gambia. Now, they changed the word to Branko.
This kid on photo cycled by me for long distance.

I camped at a small village.
Those were children of Jose.


Girls and boys all like music and dancing.


The sunset was beautiful as always.

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