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It's been a week since I came back to Japan. It was unexpectedly busy last a week, so I couldn't update.
What I felt last week in Japan was "this is absolutely beautiful county"; not only scenery, people and atmosphere.


I arrived to Narita Airport on 13th of May. My parents were waiting for me at the arrival gate. As I came out from the gate, my mother was waiting right front of the crowd.
Her smile brought me back here, and I felt almost tear falling on my cheek. My father was behind of the crowd. We walked to parking lot.
My parents looked very exited, and I was as well of cause. However, in the same time, I felt so sorry because their excitement reminded me that they had been so worry and nervous for what I did last two and half years.
Of cause, I don't regret what I've done on my journey.
I really appreciate people who helped and gave me the words of encouragement. I surely wouldn't make it without those people. Thank you all so much.


Many people asked me before going home "what kind of Japanese food I would have at the first day"


Here is,,,, Ramen noodle. It was sooooo tasty, but a bit small portion for cyclist stomach. It was absolutely beautiful taste!!

ラーメンでした^_^ サイクリストの胃袋には足りなかったけれど、本当美味しかった。やっぱり日本のラーメンは最高!!

This is Japanese breakfast.

感無量 awesome!!!

As I went back and started new life here, I deserved some rest. However, it was a bit busy for last a week.
There was press interview sat up at city hall couple of days after. I was on several different news paper and will on TV.


My duty after such a irreplaceable experience will be to tell people what I've seen and felt oversea and must do something in return for kindness of the people I met.
That's is my real goal and the way to be "true wealth".
I hope I can get such a job and also a girl in order to move my life forward.


I don't think I do another long bike journey again because I have the new dream as I said. However, still deserve some short sightseeing trip in the future. I've never been to South America anyway.


Again, I really appreciate people who helped and gave me encouragement on my way.
For my parents, I know the gratitude words won't be enough compared to their anxiety last two and half years.
To tell my appreciation, I will do my best in this country.


Thank you for watching my blog. I have no plan to close my blog. Hope this blog helps those who are on bike tour and who will take off for it.

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帰る日, Going Home

The day flying back

Richard and Betth gave me so much hospitalities during my stay in Cape Town, not only for comfortable cottage many other things. I feel I gain some weight.


The last 500g steak in Africa with Richard and Betth.

In Doha, Qatar, I had a 20 hours stopover. It was really good. I was saying that because I got so much benefits from international rule; free hotel and meals. I've hard that you would get free accommodation, etc if you had over 8 hours transit according to international flight rule.
Anyway, I could go outside without visas and stay at a business hotel with buffet for 3 meals.


Now, waiting for getting on board. Here, I'm coming, Japan !!!!

そして現在、成田行きの飛行機待ち。待ってろ日本! 俺が帰るぞ!
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After the Goal, ゴールの日その後 Vol.2

As many people who had gone to table mountain saying, it was beautiful place.


From the top, we got very panoramic view, north to Cederberg where I came through and south to cape peninsula.


When I took a ferry from Spain to Africa, the Atlas Mountains were overlooked from the ferry. I remembered I was filled with excitement.


Now, I am looking at mountains in the north. The sun goes up in the north as well. I've come very far away from home.


The central Cape Town.

It doesn't look Africa as I came from north. The show windows were filled up with fancy things, and seemed there were not as much rubbish Chinese and Indian goods as I've seen in other African nations.



I took the Robben Island tour one day. This island had been used as a political prison until recently.
The late, Mr. Mandela had been also exiled in this island.

ここからはRobben islandツアーに参加した。ここはかつて政治犯の刑務所として使われていて、今は亡きマンデラ氏も収監されていた。

The next day of visiting the prison was the Election Day.
Mr. Mandela became a president after he was released. He had been making his effort for reconciliation of people and improving the economy.


However, the reality of the people, especially among black that covered majority of South African, is this as you see on this photo. I took this photo when I was cycling towered the cape point. It was huge township in suburb of Cape Town.


Many people still live in bad condition; a lot of trash and smell like spoiling. South Africa is supposed to be the most advanced nation in Africa, but as long as I've seen in township, the life is still harsh.


Apartheid was over, but for those who live in township, nothing has been changed after. This is hidden situation of South Africa. For my opinion, there are a lot of things they have to work on rather than economics growth.


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After the Goal, ゴールの日その後 Vol.1
This is my life in Cape Town. I had been camping in the bush for last few month but now staying a clean and nice cottage. What a change my life is.


South African couple, Richard and Beth kindly provided me this place. I was hooked up with them by my Italian friend. They are also cyclists and have experience crossing Africa by tandem bicycle before.


They are so nice to me. When I arrived to their place, They had already prepared a champagne.


Then, in the evening, they brought me a food market. I was given many congratulations by people there. Even the legendary South African rugby player, Chester Williams came to me and asked a photo with him.
It was a very nice night.

自分はラグビーの事は全く知らないのだけれど、南アフリカのラグビープレイヤーで、スーパースターらしい Chester Williams から写真を一緒に撮ってくれなんてお願いされたりして素晴らしいゴールの夜だった。

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The Cape of Good Hope, 喜望峰
At 8am, on 1st of May, The Cape of Good Hope

Total: 944days and 48600km (30,300 miles)

総走行距離 48600km

The mark of the cape of good hope had been stayed there quietly.


There were only sound of waves crashing on the rocks and the wind from south east at the cape.


The stones laid on the ground were polished by many many people walking on everyday.
However, it was so quiet in the early morning. Quiet enough to think of the end.
How many cyclists had finished their journey in this point.


However, to be honest, at this point, I didn't feel I crossed the finish line. It was just like part of my journey.


After visiting the cape point, I came down to the parking place where I left my bicycle. I felt I really didn't want to cycle back to the Cape Town. It might be the point I felt the end of journey.


I started cycling back to Cape Town. It was like cooling off proses for my long distance journey. This cycle, from the cape point to Cape Town, was feeling a bit different from normal routine cycle; I didn't need to think about the camping spot, food stocks, water etc....
It was totally free of stress.


It was the end.

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