What a crap, Floating Market. なんじゃこの水上マーケットは!
The episode when went to a floating market in Damnoen Saduak, 100km west of Bangkok.


This was my first time to see floating market, so I was a bit exited.


What I saw there when I went there was that number of boats with tourists is bigger than local boat. It looks so foolish that tourists take photo of thousand of souvenir store along the cannel.


I was hungry so tried to buy banana fried. They asked me 50B for about 10 frys which normally cost only 10B in normal market...of cause I didn't buy there and bought in normal market.

そん時、お腹がへっていたのでバナナフライを買おうと、フライボートに声を掛ける。すると普通は10コで10バーツするセットに50Bと言われ悶絶。 もちろんそこでは買わずに、普通のマーケットで買ったのでした。

To be continued with positive episode.
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