2 days trip to Bangkok, 2日間バンコクへ小旅行
Two of my under-wears I brought from
Japan are getting tired. Those will die soon.


Anyway, I took a short trip to Bangkok to see my friends and to buy some need.


I left my bike at Guest House in Ayutthaya and took a train(15B). It took me 1.5hour.


I wish we can bring a bike inside of the train in Japan.


Bangkok was the biggest town Ive seen in this trip. It's a bit too crowded for me, so I got tired being there.


However, I could see friends of my university in Japan that I haven't seen for 5 years and buy things I needed. I stay at my friend's ex-boyfriend. He is Thai and very welcoming.


More people speak English in Bangkok. I met many nice locals who helped me to find a bus and way to go. But since people in Bangkok got used to interact with foreigners, many of shop workers try to give us "Foreigner Price". Very tiring to negotiate every time.


In Bangkok, there are many big shopping malls so people can get anything. I found couple of nice bike shops that sell verity of accessories and components. One is in second floor of the department that was used to be "Sogo" the place call "Ultimate Outdoor". Second was north side of Rumbini park. The name was "Probike". I saw some tour-bikes that was just over-hauled in those stores. I think cyclists from west stops Bangkok to do a big maintenance and take off again. For me the place for a big maintenance will be in Istanbul, Turkey.
I hope my tour tire last by then.

バンコクはでかいショッピングセンターが沢山あって、何でもそろう。自転車屋も沢山あって、いくつか品揃えの良さそうな店に行ってみた。1つは昔、SOGOが入っていたデパートの2階、名前は"Ultimate Outdoor "、2つ目はルンビニ公園の北側にある"ProBike". 店の中でオーバーホールを終えたツアーバイクを見かけた。おそらく西から走ってきたサイクリストの集中治療場所がバンコクなんだろう。自分にとっての集中治療場所は、予定ではトルコのイスタンブール。今はいてるツアータイヤがもってくれる事を祈ります。

My schedule goes fast and took a train again to get back to Ayutthaya. I still don't like a big town. I hope I don't get many necessity to go to a big town again.

2泊のスケジュールもあっという間に過ぎ去り、再び電車でアユタヤへ。やっぱり大きな街は嫌いだ。 この先でかい街に何回も行く必要がない事を祈るばかりです。

I will be heading to Cambodia from tomorrow and get to the border in 3 days.

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