To Cambodia border, Aranyaprathet, カンボジア国境へ, アランヤプラテーテト
I am a bit enjoying how people react after I pretend local and then talk in English. They almost always smile and talk to someone that they thought I am local.


Anyway, I'm now 50km west of Aranyaprathet, a town of Thailand at the border of Cambodia.


It's getting hot and hot as I reach to Cambodia. This weather remind me Sumatra. But here, compared to cycling Sumatra, the road is very flat and straight. I can pick up speed, but its a bit boring.


In such situation, a thing that I haven't seen long time came down from the heaven on the way.


Sugar Cain juice. さとうきびジュース

I drunk 2 of 500ml bottles.

I will cross the border tomorrow. Exciting!!

This is how a morning of temples in Thailand is like. It's about 5am.

I found a nice bike shop, Rit Bike Shop in Nakhonnayok. They have verity of components. I was surprised that they had Shuwalbe Marathon. I think people don't need to go to crowded Bangkok to tune-up. Even the owner speaks English.

ナコンナヨックという街で結構良い感じの自転車屋「Rit Bike」発見。XTRなんかも置いてあったし、何よりシュワルベのマラソンがあってビックリ。ここ知ってれば、ゴチャゴチャのバンコクなんかにチューンナップしにいかなくても良いよね。オーナーは英語しゃべります。

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