No.1 Banteay Chhumar, バンテアイチュマール遺跡 No.1
After staying at a temple in Sisophon, I took north to Banteay Chhumar Temple. It was 70km oneway side trip on the way to Siem Reap.


The road was very rough, sandy and very dusty. My bicycle and myself got totally dust out.


On the way, I saw many cars with people on the min-clearance operations. Seems still many work to do these area.


After cycling such a dusty road for 5 hours, I arrived to Banteay Chhumar.


When I first looked at the google map to find this place, i found a strange shape on the map. I didn't think too much of it at that time. Now, I know what that was when I got there.


This temple is surrounded by huge moat which is about 400 square meters. The main temple is in the center land. I couldn't see it covered by thick vegetation.


I was very very excited by only seeing such huge structure, so how I will be after seeing inside.


At that time, it was already 3pm, so I left main parts for tomorrow and looked around village. Then I found that there are many small temples in this area; I saw some sines of temples in this village.


I visited couple of them. Seems those are totally untouched, so I needed to go through thick bushes. I felt like I'm a Indiana Johns. There are many plants that have spikes so very painful to go through. I really recommend to have long sleeve shirts and long pants if you come.


Those temples have been collapsed, so I couldn't see full picture of those. However, those collapsed temples covered by thick bushes made atmosphere of long long time flow, so I was very very fascinated.


On the way to other small temples, I had a good encountering.


To be continued.
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