No.2 Banteay Chhumar, バンテアイチュマール遺跡 No.2
I was watching chicken fighting. A guy was sitting cross the chicken fighting. I talked to him if there was any temple; I was also looking for a temple to camp.


He was absolutely 0 English but seemed he explained to me that I can stay at his home. He was not suspicious looking for me, so I followed him. He lives nearby a small temple and has a family with a little boy and girl. I thought he is okay so decided to stay at his home.


His name is Packer, and he is a farmer of rice and has a wife and 5 children.


This situation reminded me Sumatra; I got invited to stay at local's home many times.


Seems Japanese are very unusual? for people here because I got several times surrounded by local people when I do things. One time when I was preparing salad, many people came around me and checked what I did. I felt very strange. They are innocent of cause.


Anyway, I had a lot of things at the first day of Banteay Chhumar.


Next day, I will go to the Main Temple and some temples around this area.


To be continued.
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