No.4 Banteay Chhumar, バンテアイチュマール No.4
I took 4 hours to see main temple. In this afternoon, I explored small temples around this village.


The most fascinating one was called Sannang Tasock. It's about 1km west of main temple. I rode my bike in bumpy off-road. It's was very difficult to find it because this was totally covered by forest. Eventually I could find it but took awhile. I felt like becoming explorer.


It was a temple as others but it kept shape. The atmosphere of that the temple in forest created such long time flow.


After checking several temples, I went back to Paker's home. In that afternoon he took me several places. One was his rice felid and second was a temple located an island in a swamp which normally tourist cannot access because very difficult to find the way.


The temple had been collapsed and covered by bush. This is like a real adventure.


Time flew very fast at that day. Next day, I felt a bit sad to leave this town because I had known many people in this town. They are very friendly and kind to me.


I was very surprised that Paker gave me about 10kg of rice at the end. I want to take all but it's impossible to take all so I took some and gave back rest of those.


It was very very nice side trip and now I need to go back and head to Siem Reap.

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