Angkors, アンコール遺跡
Visiting Siem Reap for 3 days, I met very nice travelers. We visited a lake and play with local kids.... Those are good part of my stay here but I had some bad things.


1. My accommodation, Takeo Guest House was unfriendly and unhelpful; actually the owner is not Japanese and just called Takeo. I had some big arguments with stuffs and the owner. I've never gotten angry such short period therm. However, this is good place to exchange infos with other Japanese travelers.

2. There are many Japanese retired people staying this guest house. Some of them are absolutely ass-halls. They told me all kinds of shit. They should go back into their ass-hall or go to northern Japan to do some volunteer works. Its much better than wasting their times by watching Japanese news and using PC all day long.

1.宿(タケオゲストハウス)がとても不親切で融通がきかない(日本人との情報交換や出会いの場所としては最高だが) 3回以上はオーナー、スタッフと言い争いをした。こんな短期間で自分をキレさせた場所はない。

2. 宿に定年後の親父共が多々滞在しており、その中の何人かに、言われる義理もないような嫌味をコンコンとされる。タイとかでも多いらしいが、旅人いじくって1日パソコン・NHK見る時間があるなら、東北で汗流してボランティアしてこい!!!と思う。奴らはクズだね。

Visited Anchor Wat. Tom and other smalls today. Those are great, but I was more surprised that there were many many tourist I've never seen before. I expected before a bit but it was even more. I wont go again temples nearby Siem Reap and will visit some temples that are far from here, like Banteay Thhumar where I visited.


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