Beng Mealea and Kor Ker, ベンメリア遺跡とコーケー遺跡群
Finally, I left Siem Reap. As always I didn't like staying in a big city. However, meeting many interesting Japanese made my stay funner.


The owner of this guest house who i had couple of arguments gave me a bottle of water at the end. It's nice of her.


It's very nice to cycle country side of Cambodia. There are many people waving hands and say hello. It reminds me cycling in Indonesia.


Drunk with rice farmers at lunch.


At the first day of after I left Siem Reap. I stopped at the gate of Beng Mealea Temple and camped out. This gate was 24h open and very nice bathroom right by. I heard that some cyclist camped there before so decided to do so.


Next morning, I visited Beng Mealea before sun rise, so there were absolutely no people.


It's very fascinating the temple with sun-rise.


After checking temple, headed north to Kor Ker Temple. The road was partly sealed. A car makes a big dust but not much car running; only 2•3 cars in one hour.


At Kor Ker village, I paid $2 and camped out at the guest house.


After 3 days from Siem Reap, visited Kor Ker Temple. Kor Ker was old ancient capital, so there are many temples in this area.


Since it's pretty far from town, I didn't see any tourists while I was checking around.


Again, heading north.

To be continued
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