Preah vihear Temple, プレアビヒア遺跡
20km from Kor Ker, I arrived a small village, Kulen and found a guest house. I missed a bed and the price for one night was 20000 Real(about $4), so I checked in.


A women working here is not speaking English but has nice smiling. Every time when she smiles, i saw all her teeth blacked. Seems women here chew up plants as tooth paste.


There was a Karaoke nearby this guest house, and that sound was very very laud. I don't understand why people in this village stop them. I hope they stop them before somebody die.


Next day, i was supposed to go north and visit Preah vihear but headed east ; After seeing many temples, I start feeling that it's enough to see ancient temple.


The local road that I took is not on Google map but only my map that I bought in Bangkok.


It's sealed until Preah Vihear City but started dusty unpaved road after that. A section on the way, the road was disappeared right in front of a river, so I took a small boat to cross.


That night, only my choice to sleep was at a police station; I couldn't find a temple. I could ask local to stay at but thought it's a bit risky.


To be continued
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