Rush on my shoulder and awesome dirt local road, 蕁麻疹と最高のオフロード
I got rush on my shoulder, and it's been itching. I think it's because that i got sun light on my back all the time, so my skin got burn off very bad.


At the first day from Pakse, took high way No.20. The road sealed until Saravan was exhilarating.


That day, had a bit hard time to find a place to sleep but found a temple in Nakasau, a small village before Saravan.


The owner, Mr. Portawn, was willing to let me stay there.


I liked a lot the mood of this temple also. There were many animals; 2 pigs, 3 cows, 2 dogs, a cat, a monkey, many chicken, 4 goats, etc... In there, some kids playing around. It's very warm atmosphere. I think this temple was the best on my list of temple where I stayed.


I got a bit too relaxed and sleep outside without tent so got too cold in the morning.


Took the road No.23 nearby Nakasau.


From there, the road became really ruff but very adventurous and exhilarating. Really recommend for cyclist who like off road.


There are many rocks on the road and I needed to cross a river by small boat and wooden old bridges.


People in small villages along this road are very friendly. I got chased several times by kids jumped out from their home. This is the best thing that only cyclist can experience.


This day, stayed at a guest house in Tomulan, a small village. This guest house was with karaoke bar.


5 sisters? running this place so I was kind of shy being surrounded by young lady's


To be continued.
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