Bad road and villages isolated, 悪路と孤立村
The road became really bad after Tomulan village. It's like hiking trail.


Pushing, of cause and also carried sometimes.


I recommend this road my previous blog but think for anybody really like off road and adventurous road. I think a bike need to be for off load otherwise the bike might be seriously damaged.


I took off 7am that day but only moved forward 40km until 2pm.


I was totally exhausted and finally got a small village. Actually i was supposed to go to Muang Pin, but it's already about the time to wrap up. Only my choice was to stay in this village.


Of cause there were no guest house, temples, police office, so needed to ask local people to let me stay.


Heavenly, I could meet a local person Mr.Sue Rao and he let me stayed his home.


He was native Lao, they are called "Rao Tun"and has 5 children. His job is to help a village headman. Those are accorded by a man speaking English I will mention later.


In his home, I could play with kids, and he let me join his dinner.


For about a man, I met him when I went to village well to take a bath.


He works in a big government project to develop these area supported by world bank and visited there for population survey.


He visited me that night, so I could hear very interesting things.


Included Ban Tasau village, there are many isolated village without social system in Laos. For people in this village, they need to walk in mountain for 4 hour to get a proper hospital; this hospital is in Tomulan where I stayed last night.


Its no wonder why some patient visited me to ask medicine. In that time, I gave them some kinds that I have enough. I hope they go hospital soon. I also got a person cut his fingers very badly. I did first-aid treatment as much as I could. He was carried to a hospital 60 km away by motor cycle.


Back to about the project a man speaking does, when this project got done, there will be a paved road, proper hospital, police office, school and etc. He said it takes about 4 years.


I like to visit this village again after this project done.

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