No.2 An adventure road again, 冒険路再び 続き
It was still ruff off road after Kengtapa village for awhile but finally got out of it and the road connected smooth dirt road.


This road went along beautiful canyon, and there were many nice clean streams camping out from mountains.


However, good mood was ended up in Ban Nabong. There was a pretty big river without any bridge and boat crossing.


I thought "How I should do...." then decided to cross by myself because I saw people crossing.


It took me 3 times going and back to move all of my bags and everything in other side of the river. Bags were so heavy, and I got wet until my waist so was very exhausted.


I was supposed to go right before Vietnam border. Since I took me awhile to cross the river, I ended up in a small village, Ban Senpang and stayed at somebody in this village.


People in this village also live in ancient way, but there were TV, Power and Phone. It's no doubt I really enjoyed cold pepsi.

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