Going to Vietnam, ベトナムへ
I unexpectedly crossed a border of Vietnam.


I was supposed to stay somewhere before Vietnam border and get ready to be into it.


Its because I couldn't find any place to stay. Also had enough energy and time, so I just crossed and am now in Vietnam.


It's very nice mountain cycling and took me 3 hours to reach a pass. There was a small Lao gate before the pass.


Did departure process and cycled cross the pass. There was a monument of the border.


After that there were big and fancy Vietnam's gate that shows economy gap of between those countries.


Did arrival process and stopped by a restaurant. In there, I really enjoyed food which I was waiting for long time.


Since I had Japanese food in Siem Reap at Japanese guest house, I couldn't have anything nice except a rice ball that Gradma Kiumapharn made for me.


It cost only about $1. That price would give me only rice and cooked eggs in the village where I went through in Lao.


That day, I cycled 30km and found a guest house which cost me about $10; it was expensive for me.


In Vietnam side, it's cloudy and very cold during night and morning. This is the time I dig out my winter cloth I haven't used long time.

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