Border crossing to Laos again, ラオス再入国
Got back into Laos and received 15 days again. Since I need to get into China by march 7th, it's about what I scheduled.


It was very tuff climbing to the pass as I expected.

But, still liked cycling mountain.

Until Lao border, its been foggy, so the road was very wet and muddy. I heard that the weather of this area was like that in this time of year.

It's not much heavy upping down until Muon Xen, but from there to after few kilometer of the border, the road became steep. I took 6 hours for 30km from Muon Xen.

Muon Xenまではアップダウンもそれほど気になる程はなかったが、ここから国境、その先ラオス側のNong Hatまで30キロ 胸付八丁の上り坂。この30キロに6時間かかった。。

In Non Cam where the gate located, got a stump for departure. Cycled 200m from Vietnam gate, got a stump for arrival at Laos gate. This gate was in good shape both side of countries.

Non Camのベトナムボーダーで出国スタンプをもらい、200mくらい進んだラオスボーダーで入国スタンプ。このボーダーは両国とも綺麗な建物だった。

In high elevation area, it was all fogged out, so I couldn't enjoy the view. But on the way up, the mountain view was pretty nice.


For my opinion for cycling in Vietnam, people were very friendly but i felt sometime too much. I got invited having tee several times.


Accommodation were very cheep, and food was perfect. I didn't feel people to try to trick me when I pay for something. I stayed there only 8 days, but overall, it was good cycling. I might have felt differently if I cycled in big towns.


For me, I still like Laos better so cycle again now.


Bye bye pho. Welcome to Beer Lao

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