Section Report for south east Asia , セクションレポート東南アジア編
It's a bit exaggerated title but this is a good point to brake down so far.


≪Term 日数 ≫

156 days : Sep 30, 2011 - March 3, 2012

Indonesia 30/09/11- 22/11/11
Malaysia. 22/11/11- 14/12/11
Thailand 14/12/11- 17/01/12
Cambodia 17/01/12- 02/02/12
Laos. 02/02/12- 12/02/12
19/02/12- 04/03/12
Vietnam. 12/02/12- 19/02/12

≪Distance 走行距離 ≫
≠ 9000km (9010km)

≪Expense : anything from Bali, not including air ticket from JP etc..

192,151yen ≠ $2400
※included everything; cost of visa etc...

≪Problems on my bike 自転車問題≫

①Puncture × 1 in Indonesia

②Broken a sensor for a cycle computer × 1 in Indonesia

※I got a new sensor that was mailed from Japan and received in Melaka.

③Stolen my cycling groves in Malaysia

≪Renewed parts 交換パーツ≫

Gear cable × 2
Chain × 1
Brake Shoe × 2 pairs

After cycling south east Asia.

The biggest thing I felt was how strongly people live here. I almost saw everyday real life of people here through bike tour. I have been impressed how strongly they live each single day, and I was pleased that I was born in Japan where people don't face much difficulty to survive.


Each countries I went through has different situations but in most of place I went through, small town and village, people work very hard to keep stabilize their life.


All family members have different part of job on their life. There were nobody who don't work; they are helping each other.


Also, their hospitality were incredible. Most of them are welcoming strangers like me.


I can't remember how many times I got helped by their smile, especially smile of kids were giving me super power..


However, I found a big gap of life level between cities and villages.


It appeared strongly in Cambodia and Laos. There were still many places without power, gas and water. People there live in very simple.


In such place, of cause there were no public facilities such as school, so kids can't go to school.


Even If there are schools, some kids can't go because they need to help their families.


I hope at least kids can get general education and make own decision in their future.


In Cambodia and Laos, I saw many schools that have been built by other countries' funds such as Japan.


Its very good development of them, but I don't know if there are enough teachers and also education programs for teachers.


Even if they built enough school, it doesn't make big difference if there are not enough teachers and teachers who just smart and won't be able to teach right things. This is the same to Japan.


I probably go visit this area again someday. I hope I can see their big smile again and their countries moved forward.

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> いよいよ次は中国上陸ですか?

4日には雲南省入りだ〜 最低3ヶ月は中国はしるZ!!
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