My body function failed, 身体壊れる
I experienced this symptoms; fever and stomachache, when I was in Sumatra. Those always appeared when I was tired but couldn't get enough sleep for awhile.


At the guest house in Pornsavan, since it's located by main street, pretty noisy. I couldn't get good sleep for two days.


It's pain my ass I got into Lao without visa; 15days stay and already spent 5 days so far.


I wanted to move to quieter place so decided to take off. That day, I cycled 50km without meal in such crappy shape. Very difficult to cross mountains.


Eventually, I reached Nong Tang where a guest house was.


I run into my bet and slept like dead man.


Next day, my body recovered like brand new. I had a same experience in Sumatra, and that time was also same; my body recovered in one night with good sleep.


What a amazing human body is.


Anyway, I'm now in Phou Khou, 120km south of Luang Prabang.


I enjoyed cycling in mountains especially, when I cycled along mountain ridge.


Its regret that this month is for burning fields so very smoky and hazy. Also, many mountains in Lao are bolded out.


I thought there were used to be beautiful forest all around.

Almost I reach to Luang Prabang. I hope I can see Japanese; I haven't seen any since SiemReap. I miss speaking in Japanese so much.

もうすぐルアンパパーン。日本人に会えるかな~ シェムリアップ出てから日本人に会ってないから、久々に日本語喋りたいな~
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