Accident again, またまたハプニング
I went back the same way. Of caurse it was hard to go up the stone paved road, but I was still excited seeing the view on the way back.

However, I got a problem again. I lost a screw on my rear rack due to heavy vibration.

Fortunately, I carried extra screws, so it was okay. But didn't have a small thing that goes between frame and rack, so I used some nuts as substitution. Hope nothing wrong for the future.

I should check screws on my bike once awhile.

In that day, I stopped at a guest house on the way to 錐西 city. In china, there are many guest houses for Truck drivers, so those are also very sweatable for cyclists.

In there, Mr. Fu, the owner of the guest house invited me a dinner. I was treated, by a man who lives in a small village on the way, yesterday also. I've been treated by people last couple of days.

Next day, headed Shangri La and passed by 錐西 city.

But, a bad thing happened again. I went the wrong way for 20km so needed going up same way...

For the last 3 days, I felt kindness of people but couldn't move forward much.
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