カザフスタンビザ申請にあたり・・・, Applying for Kazakh visa
The first priority is to apply for Kazakh visa.

I visited the Kazakh embassy on Monday. I researched the location and a process of applying visa in advance, so had a confident.

The embassy is located in Kunming road as the web information I saw.

After 9am, I talked to a security guard and went inside; foreigners can go inside without making a line with Chinese. A guy gave me a paper with a map of an another building and explained that I needed to go to that place to prepare applying forms. Actually, people could prepare everything in the embassy beforehand according to web info.

I was a bit confused but went to the building, only 5 min away from the embassy; the same Kunming road. The place called DOSTH on the 6th floor.

There were many Chinese people waiting already, but I could came in because I am a foreigner. I paid 20 yuen as documentation fee, and they did everything for me; I was sitting and sometime answered questions.

Finally, I got the all paperworks done and visited the embassy again.

I passed the all my papers and passport. They didn't ask anything like where I will go, why and etc...at the end, they gave me a paper that shows pick-up time of my passport. It will be next week of......


Next week??? Today is 21 Monday, and 28 Monday will be pick up time!! According to the web information, waiting term should be 3 business days.

Kenta; How come I need to wait for 10 days. Need to get my passport back at least by Friday.
俺; 10日も待つなんて聞いてない!遅くても金曜に受取りたい

A guy; Nope
係官; ノー

Kenta; Please could you...?
俺; 頼むから受取りを早めて下さい

A guy; Nope
係官; ノー

This guy was totally ass!! Very annoying attitude. He didn't even listen to what I said.
かなりふてぶてしい態度で相手にもしてもらえなかった。こんな初めから中央アジアの洗礼を受けるなんて(´Д` )

The pick up time is 3pm of 28. That means my schedule to the border will become very tight. My china visa will be dead on the 1st of June and 650km left.

Very difficult... Let me think a better way..
ん~ 何か良い方法があるはずだ~


I came up an idea that I take off on the 25th and leave my bike somewhere safe and then come back to Urumqi by a bus to get my passport back.

When I applied the Kazakh visa, they didn't ask my address and phone number during processing. It's a bit risky to move on without passport but much easier for my body.

Thus, I will take off on Friday.

I expected that there would be a lot of difficulty to travel in the central Asia but not expected from here....
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The first priority is to apply for Kazakhstan visa.重要事項1点目。カザフスタンビザ申請。I visited the Kazakh embassy on Monday. I researched the location and a process of applying visa in advance, so had a confident.月曜日になっ... まとめwoネタ速neo[2012/05/24 14:25]
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