leaving Shangri-La, シャングリラを去る日
An information I got says Chinese GV restricted Tibetan area, West of Sichuan and South of Chinkai province, in this year.


In tourist center in Shangri La, all tours for Sichuan had been canceled.


But, I have a dead line of my china visa and those area were what i was really looking forward to cycling, so i decided to take off.


Actually, I'm already Tibet area called Decheng but didn't have any trouble with police men so far.


I think I most likely face on police check point somewhere on the way. I need to move very carefully because cyclists are very conspicuous.


Anyway, I'm in day 2 since I left Shangri La.


At the first day, I had an opportunity to stay at Tibetian family in a village 40km from Shangri La.


They had a big house. I relaxed in sunshine, had a good conversation with grandma which we both didn't understand, and they gave me a very nice goat milk. I had a good day.


In second day, it was first time for me to pass a pass of 4000m upper sea level. It's very cold.


When sun came out, it's nice and warm but if not, very very cold.


After passed the last corner, the view I saw forgetting me feeling cold. I spent one hour in cold and windy.


There were rocky cliffs more than 5000m surrounded a valley. This remind me Yosemite N.P.


For tomorrow, Daxueshan pass is on my way.....will be cold again.....

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