Pilgriming Gomba, ゴンバ巡礼
There was a Gomba, the place where monks practice, 30km from Suchui. It's not on a map but really big.


I liked this place because i felt thick Tibetian atmosphere.


seemed this is the season when people sell Yak's skin, so there was some people selling it on a street.


There was a pilgrim trail around Gonba about 2 km and very nice view from the hill behind of Gomba.


After walked all the way of the trail, I was on my way back to my guest house. Unfortunately, I encountered with the police I met in Suchui city.


Seemed he was looking for me.


He said that he got a phone call from Ganze headquarter, and they told him to make sure to leave me from Ganze prefecture within today.


Kenta 「that's okay I will be Chingkai province tomorrow」

俺 「言われなくても、明日には青海省だから」

Police 「you must leave today, not tomorrow that my boss said」

公安 「今日中に出させろという本部の指示だから、明日は無理だ」

Kenta 「it's getting dark. No way to take off right now」

俺 「もうすぐ夜だから無理に決まってるでしょ」

Police「okay, let us take you to Chinkai by car」

公安 「じゃあ、車で青海省まで連れて行ってやる」

Kenta 「Fuck you!! I don't want to go by car」

俺 「車はイヤだ」

Police 「okay, so let us go behind you, so you can ride your bike」

公安 「なら、後ろから追うから走るか」

Kenta 「it's already 5pm, and next town is 70km away. Are you serious?? 」

俺 「この時間(17時間)から?青海省まで70キロあるから!!」

Police 「you don't have any choice. You want us to take you by car?」

公安 「なら車で送ってやる」

Kenta 「Fuck off!!」

俺 「車はイヤだ」

Police and I had been doing such conversation for awhile. Eventually, I was kicked out and needed to take off to Chinkai province.


I started cycling 14km/h with police car behind me.


I hate to cycle in dark, and also there were many bad dogs on my way.


It's so scary to be chased by dogs in dark.


Every time when I felt dogs coming, I stopped and throw rocks. Police also did that with me for 70km on the way.


There was a big pass about 4700m between Sichuan and Chinkai. I got snow. I could cycle up, but police car couldn't. So I pushed police car.


What an annoying police.


I got into a town in Chinkai about 12 am. My fingers got very cold and almost frostbite.


I couldn't move because my fingers are very hurting, so Police brought my bike to a guesthouse.


Then at the end, police forgot to gave me back my gloves and went back to Sichuan. They were really really really annoying me even at the end...


Next day, I cycled with wearing my socks on my hands because I couldn't find appropriate gloves in the town.


Anyway, I'm now in Yushu Tibet area, Chinkai province.


To watch out Chinese police and dogs.

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