Last day of China, 中国最終日
Tomorrow will be the last day of cycling China. Before finalizing the section reports, a bit about on the way here.


Scenery was pretty nice especially 100km before the border. There were some Yot?, traditional tents nomads use, on grassland so it was nice view those tents with snowy mountains behind.


I wished I could stay one night. This time I needed to give up because my visa is dead tomorrow.


Those snowy mountains reminded me Washington, Montana and Colorado. I expected desert and grassland before visiting here so was a bit surprised.


A lot of mountain i havent seeing long time are waiting for me on my way. Like areas where tibetian live, people live with mother nature crosely I'm so excited to see local people in central Asia.


Well, now time to go...hope the border is opened.

さあ明日はカザフスタン入りですよ~ 国境閉じていませんように
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