the first day of central Asia, 中央アジア幕開け
Day for out of China and also for going into Kazakhstan. My visa was bailed until today, so I was really hopping nothing happened, like gate is closed...


Well, the gate wad opened. Yeah!!


When I got to the gate for China side, there were already many people waiting. Then in few min, I was surrounded by exchangers. Of cause I need some Kazakhstan Tenge so changed some. 1050 yuen →20000T. 100T ≠ $0.6

中国側のイミグレゲートに着くと既に人集り。間髪いれずに両替人に囲まれ、あっという間にテンゲをゲット。1050元→2万tg。こんなもんしょ。100円 ≠ 200T

10:30am, the gate was opened. I pushed through my bike into a building. Then went through all process without problem. I was very nervous to be asked about visa deadline because i didn't leave any extra time. But no problem..Yes!!


To the Kazakhstan immigration, we needed to take a bus because all people were not allowed to cross the buffer zone by walking or bike. The cost of this bus was 70 yuen which I thought stupid because the distance was just 5km....


When we reached the immigration, I saw officers wearing a huge hats and militants who looked Russian. Those brought my feeling that i came to Kazakhstan.


The process of immigration was very smooth so took me only 10min to go out. However, there were more gates next 5km.


Then finally, I started cycling central Asia. Yeah!!!!


Well, my first inspiration is that people in here were super nice. I think it's because I came from China? Drivers, people walking and kids, all were welcoming me. I felt super super nice!!! Every time I asked something people tried their best I think.


It's really nice start for me..


From the border to Almaty, there were mostly grassland. I often saw nomads chasing livestock.


There were many Japanese cars, Mercedes, Audy and Russian old cars running. Also many donkey caring trailer goes on the road. They were very cute.



I usually don't make sure the destination of the day. This time also I didn't. About 100km from the border, I reached a town called Таскарасу.

いつも走りながら行き先を決めてる自分。カザフスタン初日の今日も、何処まで走るか決めていないまま、国境から100キロくらい走った Таскарасу ダスカラスという小さな村に到着。

Nomads came talked to me so we were having conversation. Then they told me that I might be able to stay at a cafe in this village. I went there. People in cafe were very nice so they let me stay in this night.

遊牧民少年に呼び止められて道端で話していると、「そこのレストランで泊まらせてくれるかもよ」っというありがたいお言葉。レストランへ行くとアッサリオッケー。ちなみに宿じゃなく、オーナー所有の空き家?ジム? しかもタダで良いよだって。

I met a lot of nice people in first day of Kazakhstan. I was 120% satisfied.


Well, I am now going to Almaty, a major city of Kazakhstan where 1.3million people live.

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