I ♡ Kazakhstan
I am now in Almaty.

えぇ~ アルマトゥに到達しております。

On my way here, I often met nice people. I wondered it was just lucky or it's pretty normal in Kazakhstan. I think Kazakh are very very nice people.

ここまで、神がかり的?に良い人と出会うのは偶然?それともカザフ人は良い人が多い? 多分、カザフ人は良い人が多いんでしょう。

Second day since the border, I was just pedaling without making sure the destination as usual. From 100km of the village where I stayed last night, I reached a village called Kokpel. Of cause this village seemed to be too small to find a guesthouse. However, i found one. I asked local people a place of sleep for tonight then they let me stay their home.. Very nice.


How nice Kazakh are. This family had 5kids. I felt a bit sorry for that they gave me space for me, so I gave them a few appreciation.


This village is in middle of nowhere. Only you can see was grassland and mountains which I thought very beautiful. They had a water from mountain. This water was very cold and nice.


For next day, I had been encountering nice people.
The neighbor of where I stayed invited me a breakfast so I had some bread and milk tea with them. A car driver gave me a big bread. A truck driver treated me a dinner.....


I love Kazakhstan!!!!!!

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