Section report for China, 途中報告中国編
For cycling itself, there were a lot of extreme switch-bucks and high passes in Yunnan, Sichuan and Southern Qinghai. I had at least 4000m< mountain passes every day on my way. Road condition were pretty bad in many part; bumpy, dusty and muddy. I got pretty of reason that made my body and bike abusing. However, super nice view from passes were forgetting my tiredness every time.

走行自体はというと、雲南・四川・青海南部までは4000m< の峠越えが毎日のようにあった。道もオフロードが多く、かなり自転車も身体も酷使していたと思う。ただその度に疲れを吹き飛ばす絶景が待っていた(悪天候の時は只々達成感だけだったが)

Also, I got pretty of trouble with police men and dogs. Now, I got a lot of scars on my rear bags. I really recommend everyone who want to go where I went through that be prepare for dogs. You might get killed. Now, everything over those problem became my sweet memories.


After cycling cross China.

During my stay, I had been fascinated by how various diversity of people there were.


People live with mother nature. In Yunnan, there were many different tribal village in each valley. Tibetian, their life go with Yak. They drink milk of it, use skins as cloth and even use shit as fuel. Their life stile was very interesting.


I met many nice people in country side. They invited me butter tea and let me stay at their home. Their hospitality was amazing.


However, I often met more ass-holes than any other countries I came through. Their attitude when I ask the map, went to a restaurant and guesthouse were sometime fuck... I couldn't believe how loose they were.


Some tourists I met on the way said same so that many think same way I think.


Now, more and more this country is internationalized. They should think that people from other countries look at how Chinese act.


Thus, I had a lot of good things and ass-holes in China. Those must make this part the best part of my journey.


Total Distance 走行距離:6250km

Term 期間 : 90days (3/4~6/1)

Expense 費用 : 14000元 ≠ 185000円
Living Ex生活費7940元 ≠ 104000 円
New Cam カメラ購入3000元≠40000円
Bike maintenance. etc自転車パーツ他 雑費 3060元≠40000円
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