Life in Almaty, アルマティ生活
It's been 4days in Almaty. I like this place because people are nice to tourists and town is clean.

This is a big city in central Asia , so here is many shopping centers where good looking Russian women go.


My guide book and some web showed me the cost of live here would be expensive but it was not really. It's because now Ten is very strong; almost double from a few years ago. Now 100 Kazakhstan Tenge is about 200 yen.


As long as I can stay at decent cheep guest house, cost of the day should be about 3000T.


Example 例
Accommodation 安宿 1000 ~ 3000
Samsa サムサ 60 ~ 100
Kebab ケバブ 300 ~ 450
Restaurant レストラン 450~700
Orange オレンジ 200~350/kg
Apricot アプリコット 300~400/kg
Tramトラム 50
Internet インターネット 100~150/h

By the way, my guest house is close to Sailan bus station. It costs me 1500T/day. It doesn't come with shower but I can wash my hair on a washstand. I like this place because stuff is nice and quiet.


Impossible to find this place without asking people.

The restaurant I frequently go

Internet house nearby

The reason I stay in this town is to get a visa for Uzbekistan. I visited the embassy on last Tuesday, 5th, and they told me to come back on next week between 11th and 14th; They don't care detail of picking up time.


Embassy, 領事館

Central market, a lot of vegetable.

Enough trees to give us nice shade.

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