Got a Uzbekistan Visa, ウズベキスタンビザGET
Got the visa for Uzbekistan visa which I expected to get end of this week. The term on visa was 8 of Aug till 10th of Sep. I thought I could stay 34 days but the guy told me only 30 days between those days.

先週火曜日に申請し、今週にはできると言われていたウズベキスタンビザ。今日月曜日に取りに行ったら出来上がってました。ラッキー。期間は8/6~9/10。ん?34日? 窓口の叔父さんに34日も滞在できるのか!って聞いたら、この中で30日だとさ。そんなうまい話はないよね。

By the way, I could change the term at the counter. At first, a guy asked me the term of visiting to make sure when I want to go. If I told him to change, he could. Because I saw a English guy changed.


Got the visa and saw enough beautiful kazakhstan women, I'm really to go now.


A bazar nearby my hotel where I frequently went. Ate a lot of fruits.

A bazar that is supposed to be the biggest in central Asia. I went there yesterday but couldn't see all. Too big to see all in one day.

The room I stay for a week.
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